東京と熊本で日本の静寂と躍動を体感してみた編【Japan in Motion 2019 #26】

東京と熊本で日本の静寂と躍動を体感してみた編【Japan in Motion 2019 #26】

Yahhoi ! We are in Komagome, now Yeah ! While being in Tokyo, there are a lot of places to calmly learn the beauty of Japan Are there quiet places in Tokyo ? There are ! You’ll be very surprised to visit there In Tokyo ? Yes ! Japan in Motion is the program to find the rule to live happily in Japan This time, they’ll feel the quiet beauty of Japan that you can’t think of in Tokyo At Aso, Kumamoto pref. they feel a lot of lively movement of the earth The attractiveness of Japan is not limited to just Tokyo We’ll tip off how to enjoy the region Japan in Motion The performers of this program are three, Yu-chan is a Japanese idol, but her Japanese is a little out of way Ale-chan is a Russian model and speaking native Kansai dialect Yuri-chan is an Italian cosplayer who loves animation First of all, they headed for “Rikugien”. It is a typical Japanese garden made more than 300 years ago Hello ! Hello ! Welcome ! Mr. Terui, the head of service center of Rikugien has the three guide around the garden This garden is called “A pond garden with small artificial hills” Unlike the garden where you gaze at the landscape being spread in front with sitting leisurely on a outdoor bench By walking step by step, the scenery will change The garden is very beautiful even if seen from anywhere This garden is splendid in that regard ! Rikugien is a garden made in 1702 by the Feudal Lord of Kawagoe, Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa In this garden, seasonal flowers are blooming from season to season, and Foreign tourists knowing Japan well, visit here It’s the place where you can find a variety of Japanese beauty everywhere and This landscape of the pond represents “Wakanoura”, the sea of Wakayama pref. This represents the sea ! The landscapes of Rikugien are based upon actually existing nature of Wakanoura in Kishu (Wakayama prefecture) The landscapes were made according to the sceneries composed in Waka (Japanese poetry) Eighty-eight picturesque places composed in “Man-youshu” and “Kokin-wakashu” were made here Persons of long ago expressed their feelings in Waka I see ! Such a way of thinking is very Japanese-like ! What’s that ? Is it a tea house ? Cute ! There are a lot of people over there With looking at beautiful garden you can enjoy authentic powdered green tea comfortably People visiting Rikugien often enjoy composing Waka (Japanese poetry) So, the three are challenging to compose Waka Let Mr. Terui has choose the best Waka Do you have confidence in your Waka ? No ! Yes ! Yu-chan gets started first ! At first, Yu-chan presents her Waka “Futositara, Zutto Mitetayo Sukinanoka Sonatatoiruto Polipoli Suruyo !” (When I noticed myself, I was staring at you, Do I like him, I do Poli-Poli being with you) Are you serious ? Don’t you think it is good ? I saw the teacher’s lips trembled ! He doesn’t know how to say ! Maybe too good ! Next is Ale-chan’s Waka “Rikugien Hitoride Sanpo Seminaite Anohino Natuwa Kakono Omoide” Taking a walk alone in Rikugien, Cicadas are singing Musing over memories of that summer day In the summer of the previous year, I came to Rikugien with my sweetheart, but In this summer I had to come by myself Which of the two is a Japanese ? Waka evokes my old day The last is Yuri-chan “Aishitemo Sukija-nakutemo Bokutachiwa Zutto-matteru Romanchikku-da” Whether I do love her or I don’t like her We have been waiting for her Very romantic ! I love someone, but the feeling of love is still a delicate stage Nevertheless, I want to be waiting all the time. Do you think such a feeling is romantic ? Is that the case ? Which the Wakas did reach Mr. Terui’s heart ? If you ask me which one to choose Ale-chan’s Waka is the most to our Rikugien’s taste Wow ! I used the name of Rikugien in my Waka I can be picturing the scene of Ale-chan’s Waka Are you sure ? Perhaps I may have many experiences of lost love Right I was ! Is this content of Waka applicable to your experience ? Yes, hold good completly ! It was a great place ! This is my favorite place all along I had you two know here I am so glad to let many viewers know about the goodness of Rikugien It’s great ! It’s the very picture of beauty Hum Wait a moment ! It was said this scenery represents the sea There is the place to be able to see a series of sceneries and landscapes Shall we go to an art museum ? That’s a good idea ! I couldn’t agree more ! They came to an art museum located very close to JR Ryougoku station Huh ? I’ve ever seen this picture ! “Katsushika Hokusai” painted this picture Eh ! This picture is famous in Italy, too Is it true ? Quite famous ! This is the Sumida Hokusai Art Museum It is said Hokusai’s works of art affected world famous artists such as Gogh and Cezanne The works of Hokusai, Ukiyoe artist can be seen in chronological order in this valuable museum Ah ! I was surprised ! Me, too ! I thought there were persons So did I, just this minute ! I thought “Huh” ! It looks like a real man Yes, it is ! It’s reproduced similar to a genuine man By the way, why is Hokusai’s work highly evaluated like this ? The attractiveness of the most famous his work, “Fugaku 36 Keis, Kanagawaoki Namiura” (thirty-six views of Mt. Fuji, The great wave off Kanagawa) is : Admirableness of this work is In the era that photograph has not spread widely yet, Hokusai could cut away the wave’s movement of a now and never moment and reproduce it vividely That is the greatness of Hokusai That is certainly true ! The wave is represented exactly In particular, the white part of the wave The three were satisfied with quiet and beautiful place unknown to public in Tokyo We are very surprised by the fact that there is such a quiet place in Tokyo In the calm surroundings, we experienced a variety of Japanese cultures I want to do something I’ll enjoy physical activity to the fullest, “Tiger, Tiger !” Do you want to do something active ? Yes, I want to do ! Yes ! If so, Let’s go to Kumamoto ? Where ? To Kumamoto Kumamoto !! The three were satisfied with quiet and beautiful place unknown to public in Tokyo Next they headed for is Kumamoto pref. It takes apporoximately 1hour 35 mins from Haneda airport in Tokyo to Kumamoto airport Kyushu is relatively close The three came to Aso, Kumamoto pref. Aso is called “The navel of Kyushu” The world leading caldera spreads out We came to Aso Amazing green ! Have you ever been to Kumamoto ? No ! For the first time ! Wow, uncool ! Have you ever been here ? I have never been, either ! Was that so ? Don’t you think the scenery is so amazing ? It’s wonderful Very nice ! Do you know what a caldera is ? A caldera ? Caldera ? English ? Castella ? It sounds like Italian now I seems to be in Italy No, it isn’t Is this Kumamon’s English name ? Something to eat ? If it’s Kumamon’s English name, it’s strange ! it should be “something bear” To explain for three girls A caldela is a huge basin made by volcanic activity People live inside the valcanic caldera Throughout the world, that is precious So, it is also recognized as a World Agricultural Heritage and Geopark Do you want to see the volcano of Mt. Aso ? Yes, I do Usually you can see it up close, but you can’t see it because its volcanic activity is very active now To JIM viewers, in particular, we’ll show you the video near the crater Nakadake is an active volcano and still in activity From the appearance of emitting smoke actively We can feel Mt. Aso is alive ! It’s just dynamic ! How about three girls ? What’s this ? Please get in this car Oh ! Are you sure ? Can we ride in this car ? This vehicle coming from Russia can be driven over any rough terrain and it’s a new activity in Aso The three got in with great joy, but Let’s go ! Dangerous ! I can’ t stand ! It runs mercilessly at 30~40 km/h on the bumpy road of volcanic terrain Hold on tightly, you three ! Wow ! This part is twitching Finally we jump over there Please hold firmly ! Here we go ! It was more exciting than I expected That’s right ! It was dangerous, but it was too much fun and I didn’t know if I was crying or laughing After screaming, they’ll be taken to the most scenic place Where the three got down It’s the secret place Wow ! That’s great ! Oh~ Isn’t it a super view ? It’s the super view ! This is the place you shouldn’t be allowed in Eh~ We are running that machine with special permission ! Now you can see Mt. Aso in front of you This is one of the one hundred top moutaines of Japan, representative of Kumamoto pref., Mt. Aso On your left, you can see the cloud-covered mountain That is Kujuu-renzan (Kujuu moutain range) of Ooita pref. We can see Ooita pref. from here ! On your right, you can see one of 100 top mountains of Miyazaki pref., “Sobo-zan” Miyazaki pref. ? Wonderful ! Ooita, Miyazaki, and Kumamoto We can see three of the 100 top mountains at the same time Great ! What a luxury ! The following recommended activity is Panorama-CyCruising ! They had an expert teach an important item and how to ride a mountain bike Okay go ! Let’s go ! Yeah ! They can be transported to the starting point of 1000 meters’ altitude So, you just go down the hill with great enjoyment That knobby mountain is cute ! Yes, it’s cute ! Yahhoi ! Yahhoi ! Yahhoi ! The green is beautiful Kumamoto is the best ! Kumamoto is the best ! Oh, cow ! Oh, cow ! Moo ! Wow ! Horses there ! Horses ! Cute ! They went down the moutain path in one go and they arrived at the roadside station “Aso” Here are local specialities What did the three girls notice ? Kumamon lemnade ! Kumamon lemonade , cute ! Oh, liquid yoghurt I’ve never seen this ! Aso milk looks really delicious ! Aso milk ? This is a pudding. Looks delicious Aso is famous for daily products What did the three buy ? First of all, they compared two types of drinkable yoghurt This is interesting Is this a little different in taste ? Oh, this is strong taste ! The different farm is making It tastes strong, but seems to be drinking milk Aso’s milk is characterized by its natural richness and delicate sweetness What about the taste of another yoghurt ? Different ? Completely different What’s the difference ? There is a great difference ! This is really creamy and sweet a little You are right ! This is much more creamy Yes, really creamy Not thin ! Agree ! They’ll Aso’s milk and cheese puddding, too The container is cute ! It’s really nice to be make of glass It’s really rich ! I’ve never eaten anything like this Like milk It feels like very milk By the way, aren’t you hungry ? Well, a little Let’s ask that clerk ! Let’s ask about the recommended lunch ! Are there any delicious restaurants around here ? Red beef bowl is very popular Red beef bowl ? There was a big cow when I came here Oh, that’s a red cow A red cows was named after the reddish brown fur It is raised without stress in Aso’s great nature It’s a premium branded-beef to be healthy and lean The three visited the speciality restaurant of branded-red-beaf At any rate they ordered the most popular menu of this restaurant It looks delicious ! It looks good ! All together now ! Let’s eat So delicious ! So tasty ! Soft ! I had really delicious food just now Really good ! Sweet and preasant sauce just fits the beef Red beef is lean meat You can enjoy its light taste Red beef is soft and contains a lot of amino acids and iron So, it’s light, healthy and very popular among women Kurokawa-onsen (hot spring) is one of the most popular hot spring in Kyushu Kurokawa hot spring village composed of 30 inns is surrounded by green mountains It’s considered all the inns and the landscape of Satoyama (peri-urban woodlands) as “one inn” The three girls changed into “Yukata”(an informal cotton Kimono) are walking around the town of Kurokawa Wonderful ! Cute ! This is along the river Don’t you think this came straight out of Ghibli movie ? It’s true ! There is something like a target. What is it ? I think this is “Shateki” (shooting) What is “Shateki” Ba~n (Bang) ! There is a gun here Do you want to try “Shateki” Eh ! Hello ! Open today ? Oh, it’s OK ! So they’ll challenge “Shateki” At first, stuff a cork bullet at the tip of a gun, Yu-chan with self-confidence will challenge The ballet found its mark What are you ? What’s happened ? Why ? I’m good at shooting. Yahhoi ! Thank you very much Yahhoy, thank you very much ! Did you really want this ? Amazing ! Did you really want this ? Very skillful ! And then, both Ale-chan and Yuri-chan Well done ! I’m very glad. Thank you very much All the three got gifts by unexpected talent Then, they discovered a trendy cafe They are selling ice cream Hello ! Hello ! Good ! It’s nothing special It’s a matter of course ! Although it is very thick, it’s fresh and thick What does it mean ? Something like steam is coming out What’s that ? Face bath ? Face steaming hot spring ? This is like a natural steamer I’ve never seen Natural steamer ! Steam comes out The face is enriched ? Somethng like that ! Moisturize ! Comfortable ! This feels great ! Seriously saying I’ve never seen a face bath A natural hot spring is really gushing out That’s why steam is coming out I think this simple facility is set in the middle of the flow That’s right ! A bit far away from Kurokawa hot spring village, in a quiet forest a isolated inn “Ryokan Sango” (Japanese inn, Sanga) stands quietly What are the three doing, here ? After cycling, I like relaxing ! Awesome, here ! Japanese hot springs have a different atmosphere from foreign ones I’ve heard, in Japan after the battle, Bushis (soldiers) soaked in a hot spring to cure their fatigue to heal the illness such as stiff shoulder I see ! The hot spring can heal something, I feel ! They healed the fatigue of the trip in hot spring and next is Cheers ! Looks very good Everything looks delicious ! Looks tasty ! Let’s eat ! “Basashi” (Sashimi of horse meat) is very famous here, I’ve heard Raw meat ? Yes, it’s raw ! Eat just like Sashimi. Therefore, Basashi “Ba” is horse in Kanji “Sashi” is “Sashi” of “Sashimi” I see So delicious! It’s really llike Sashimi Shall we try this (Yamame fish) ? This one ? OK Yes, soft and very good ! Very tasty ! The body is refreshed in Aso We eat more than usual There are certainnly a lot of fresh ingredients We are very satisfied with the meal It was undisputed no complaining Comfortable ! I fee like being sent back to a high school student Let’t get into a hot spring tomorrow, too Yes, let’s ! Sleep early for tomorrow Let’s sleep Good night ! Good night ! and Good night ! You, two Have a sweet dream Hi ! Our trip is over It was fun We went to the museum in Tokyo and climbed the mountain in Kumamoto Rikugien is wonderful garden full of nature in spite of being in a big city Cycling in the great nature of Kumamoto and other were really awesome Tokyo has great things for its own self We forgot time in Kumamoto That’ right ! We are always noisy, but we had a lot of time with becoming very absentminded since we came to Kumamoto That might be the first time Nature is “Must” for human being ! So, definitely come here Best regards from “Kumamon” Therefore, the rule of this time is Quiet in Tokyo and “Be in full play” in Kumamoto It’s Japan that you can enjoy various experiences

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