100 thoughts on “2011 Chevy Aveo with a P0171 caused by a cracked air intake tube

  1. I just found your videos and I’m thinking about paying my subscription to see how much I can learn from you. Thank you very much, you’re the best.

  2. Cold? I'll send you my old forty-niner sweatshirt and knit cap. Those won't help you much with SI matters, but will greatly aid you when laboring on the CI stuff in your RV.

  3. Wtf at 2:00 frz frame failure shows ambient 80f . yep light just came on after you changed oil the customer will say with snow falling.

  4. We deffently get a couple in the winter time for cracked intake tubes here at the dealership. I haven't done a video yet on my channel Great video!!

  5. Love the easy ones! Wish I'd get some, LOL. Today I was wiring up a USED Fisher plow harness … for the WRONG vehicle. Had to de-pin and change around the headlight plugs from a 9004 to a 9007 – figured I had a slam dunk … and then I had no low beam on the left, and on the right, high/low were backwards! Grrr …. I've got power going into the isolation module on low beam, but nothing coming out. Tomorrow's another day! I'll figure it out eventually!

    I didn't even think about the intake tube! I was trying to figure out what in the heck would cause it to be lean only in drive, under load, but not at idle or in reverse. Now I've got a clear picture! That was an interesting failure there. I haven't seen too many tubes bust like that. Those little 4-bangers sure move around alot! 

    I've got the same nasal issues Paul, lol – I haven't got my waste oil burner hooked up in the new shop yet. I figured I'd have this plow truck wired up in a half hour, LOL. Now we're going on day 3 – I'll have heat some day .. just not today! 😂

    Great vid as usual Paul!

  6. You know it's gonna be bad, when you see a crack so big in the intake snorkel, it reminds you to pull up your pants!!


  7. This guy I know named Ivan would just wrap it up with some electrical tape spray some WD-40 on it and call it fixed!

  8. Paul, great video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, this car also needs motor mounts, that is more than likely what caused the induction boot to crack.

  9. Had a fine crack in the intake tube on a chevy sonic that gave me some trouble. Lean condition, no response to rpm increase, apparently good fuel supply (wide open test run showed rich O2s). Ended up going old school brakeleen while watching fuel trims, I won't forget that one any time soon. Couldn't even see the crack even though I knew it was drawing in the fuel there, had to remove and flex it in my hands to see it.

  10. Thank u again MR. Paul Danner….btw….those tools I sent you on part numbers I got tha hang of them …thank you so much ….for keeping the techs that follow you in mind ….your the best

  11. Awesome shots! Great to have the visuals. I already had an idea that unmetered was probably the issue through that data… engine torque being the variable.

  12. I've learnt so much from watching your videos I really like how you breakdown your thought process through out your videos you really are gifted as a trainer…..one of the best I've experienced….my wife has one of these, over in Australia they're called Holden Barina they really are a piece of shit but for whatever reason she loves it

  13. Thanks again for educating us, Paul!

    This is the first time I actually hear someone adding LTFT und STFT together and calling it the total FT. Is that really the case or was that a small mistake on your end?

  14. ScannerDanner Premium is a goldmine. I've learned more during the 14 day trial than I did in 3 years of studying Automotive Electronics at a College in Eastern Europe. Teachers like Paul are few and far between.

  15. Smart kids stay in school! Caleb was sitting in History class thinking "Boy, I sure am glad I'm not standing out in the snow holding a camera…".

  16. Nice video. You can see the torque stress point of the tube is always at that spot. Bad design. Problem will always recur if the design of the tube is not changed. Also what condition are the engine/tranny mounts in? I can see worn mounts contributing to more flex on the tube.

  17. Paul would you buy a Verus with 17.2 now knowing it can’t be updates? I went it for its 4ch scope mostly as I have a Autel elite. Would you buy a Verus today if you didn’t have one?

  18. Paul thanks so much for giving us a video under less than ideal conditions. Shows your dedication to your viewers. Much appreciated. Will always support your channel. Thanks for emphasizing the importance of a visual inspection and always appreciated when you show and explain the engine parameters. A big plus to troubleshooting the issue, Thanks much ❤️️

  19. Interesting, in the Trans business we see vehicles stall in reverse and not in drive or stall in drive and not in reverse. Good job Paul. Paul call me and I will tell you how to deal with a TCC performance stuck off hot only.  This info is for junk vehicles and customers with no money.

  20. You are, without a shadow of a doubt, the master of all this stuff. Much respect Paul. And the $11 a month subscription is just amazing value.

  21. Helllo
    I love you work
    Have a question
    How can I get a software that I can read data in my tablet
    And about how much is it

  22. You need to up your prices on everything so you can by new gloves! Lol or maybe we can get a go fund me page going for you lol

  23. and people bring it in for that… you don´t need a shop or a technician to do a visual inspection to find damages hoses or wires

  24. Always impressed with your troubleshooting techniques Paul!! You didn't have to spend too much time in the cold, on this one!

  25. Great video Paul! So cool to see that air tube opening under torque. Love your premium videos too. 1 month and counting. Thanks for all you do!!!

  26. Thanks Paul – Awesome. I am now much more clear on the "Cell" functions and how they relate to certain conditions. So as you mentioned, under load the vacuum leak increased due to the greater bending of the intake hose , therefore the cell for that load and RPM was requesting more fuel for the unmetered air and therefore the long term trim # was high as well as the short term cell #. However, at Park conditions there was no twisting of the engine therefore no large gap being created on the intake hose. Now since previously for that Cell at those same RPM and load conditions the memory a very "big" # to add fuel. Now however, there is no un-metered air into engine and CPU is countering the PLUS ADD FUEL #s from the memory cells.
    Paul you're an absolute outstanding "teacher", you have a great way of putting yourself in your students shoes by the way you explain and associate engine principles. I've learned so much from your Premium Channel and by far is the best bargain on Youtube.
    Keep up the great work !!!

  27. Premium content is the best deal going.
    I do not know anywhere else where you can get that type of information for the price of one day’s lunch.

  28. I love how Paul absolutely loves what he does. Does not matter what patient he gets in make or model he treats them all with full attention. I love his method of teaching. Subscribe and check his channel. Thank you Paul!

  29. Totally agree working in the cold, but sometimes we go where the music plays. God bless you man, you are a hard worker.

  30. Hi Paul, another great video many thanks. Sorry this question isn't directly related, but I was wondering what if any scanner tool you would recommend to someone (me!) fairly new to all this and not wanting to initially spend too much. Just to let you know I'm based in the UK – I get the impression that some stuff has software more focused on the US models – here we have a lot of European models. Thank you in advance – also to anyone else who might be able to help.

  31. Paul I have one for you. My friend has the 2004 aveo that when it is below 32° it has an extended crank time, but when it is above 32° it starts fine. My gut tells me it is the fuel pump, but I don't want to have him buy a part and still have the same problem.

    Love the videos. I have learned so much over the 3 years I have been subscribed. I saved not only myself but friends and family a lot of money by doing repairs I have never felt comfortable doing before watching your videos. Thanks alot

  32. Awesome video as always! Always love to learn the "Why" as to reasoning behind the breakdown of system components and you provide just that. Great job! Thank you! 😆

  33. When the engine was given gas it rocked on the engine mounts causing the Gap and the lean condition in the intake. Fascinating.

  34. I will always keep saying that you are the best instructor and trainer I have ever seen. By the way, I bought your book, man.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  35. Paul, I use to work out in the cold, but then I got older and a little wiser, or my body just wouldn't function in the cold. Thanks for all your videos. Stay warm!

  36. I work at a Chrysler dealer and I was given a 2013 Nissan Rouge 2.5L. It had a P0171 code. The first thing I checked was for un-metered air entering the intake manifold since it had a MAF.. I found a hose, from the air intake tube, had been left disconnected from a previous repair. Just from watching a video of yours, on lean codes, I found this problem in less than 10 minutes. Thank you.

  37. on those Aveos and non turbo sonics that is the first thing I check when I see a P0171 on those. A cracked air Intake tube is a common issue on those.

  38. Once corrected, will the check engine light turn off on it's own? If so, how long does it take? Or do you need to clear it yourself?

  39. Your video is awesome
    You deserve million sub
    I have same aveo 2011 my air intake hose top part is leaked it's cracked , so can I just replace the top part of air intake hose not the other part.
    Let me put this,way if you buy air intake hose it consist of two parts one is small which is place on top and one you are showing is other longer part. My longer part is fine and only top part is cracked can I just replace top smaller portion of air intake hose. I will appreciate your reply.

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