Acid Reflux Relief: The Truth about Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux Relief: The Truth about Acid Reflux

dawn carswell is eating and drinking
whatever she wants again as a result of her experience at the detroit medical
center she suffered from chronic heartburn as
the result of gastroesophageal reflux disease commonly known as a bird uh… at one point in time didn’t matter what a eight secretary
class a lot and i look at the s_p_ facts with garrett the muscle or stinker at
the bottom of the esophagus doesn’t function normally and stomach acid and contents backup
into the esophagus causing irritation and pain in addition like many gerd patients dawn
also had a high it’ll hernia which resulted in a large bowl to between her
stomach and esophagus i kept medication around no matter where
was that because i was afraid that if i didn’t i repeat something and then i
would have bet reaction and it would be in all my options that come into those
are some symbols the uh… burning the coughing the exploration on some people even as severe as
portions of the voice those that are symptoms of pestering
flaps dawn was a good candidate for a highly
specialized minimally invasive procedure this unfunded like asian and doctor king
and is one of only a few surgeons in the country uniquely trade performance this unfunded like asian involves
wrapping part of the stomach around the lower its offer this this strengthens
the muscular valve between the two that prevents the backflow of acid
include from the stomach into the esophagus who gave dawn so much
discomfort but hernias corrected during the same
operation dog did not want the traditional open
surgery it requires a very long incision that results in a star like this also
love open surgery a seven to ten days hospital stay and afford a six-week
recovery but at the d_n_c_ dr ang operates
through very small incisions and then utilizing this new technology
and highly specialized instruments something amazing happens dr ang actually goes through these small
openings to seoul and tied tissue to complete the procedure the difference for patients like dawn is
astounding as few as two days in the hospital and
one week recovery before returning to normal activities this procedure is just so cell what it means you’re not downtown and so greatest the staff is great perhaps the they’re good people the future of surgery is definitely
going to be smaller and smaller incisions more more
technologies forward to accomplish somewhere things that we’ve
got that we’ve done for reno decades misinform the plication that you’re on
balance i my hospital one of nine hospitals of the detroit
medical center for many of our doctors are ranked among
america’s very best positions the d_n_c_ we just think it’s a better way to get
better and everything

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