An Introduction to Quorn – Part 1: What is Quorn?

An Introduction to Quorn – Part 1: What is Quorn?

Welcome to Quorn. That’s Quorn … with
a “Q.” We have a unique name – and a big ambition
to deliver nutritious, great tasting food all over the world. We’re not just any ordinary food company
– our products contain innovative ingredients that help millions of people live more sustainable
lives. Our story begins over 50 years ago, when J.
Arthur Rank – a British visionary – saw a protein shortage on the horizon. He knew
that conventional sources would be unable to support the demands of our expanding population. And he was right. By the end of this century,
scientists estimate the number of people on our planet will reach an average of nearly
11 billion people. This reality challenges us to think differently about how we source
the protein we need to feed future generations. Meat, of course, is where most people turn
for protein today. But meat production is hard on our environment, and the access and
availability of land required to raise it will continue to diminish. And the growing
body of evidence suggests that over-consumption of certain types of meat, like beef, can lead
to potential health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Solving these problems requires us to change
the way we think about protein. It requires the discovery of sustainable sources that
can replicate the great taste of meat, one that offers people greater choice and variety
– and be better for our environment. Too good to be true? Introducing Quorn. Quorn is a revolutionary
food brand. Our products offer a delicious alternative protein source that is more sustainable
than meat. Our foods are non-GMO. And most are high in fiber and low in saturated fat,
too. We make a wide range of great tasting foods
that are easy to prepare and incorporate into everyday meals. All of our products are loaded
with nutritional value and contain the same essential amino acids found in meat. And the
sustainable way we source our protein minimizes our environmental footprint. At Quorn, we dream big. Since our founding,
over three billion meals have been sold in over 16 countries. And we’re just getting
started. Delivering nutritious, responsible food products
is what we at Quorn do, every day. And we hope you’ll join us, as we endeavor to change
the way we think about the food we eat, for the benefit of the world we all share.

40 thoughts on “An Introduction to Quorn – Part 1: What is Quorn?

  1. When you stated that Quorn is "non-GMO" I lost a little bit of respect for your brand.

    As a company that specializes in biology and lab-grown fungal protein you should be well-aware that there is nothing inherently bad with genetically modified foods and that plant breeding, which has been used to create 99% of our food since the advent of farming thousands of years ago, is essentially the same as GMOs.

    What I am saying is that it is pointless, idiotic, and actually venomous to the advancement of our society, to state that Quorn is non-GMO as it is only perpetuating the myth that GMOs are dangerous or otherwise undesirable.

    Had Quorn been what popular opinion considers "GMO" you should have stated it proudly and explained why that is not a bad thing at all and that it can actually be beneficial to the environment, our health and can help combat famine in less fortunate countries when done right.

    There is of course companies abusing the creation, sale and use of GMOs but that doesn't mean that GMO = bad, it just means that there, as always, will be people and companies who prioritize greed over the benefit of the human race.

  2. "Beef can lead to potential health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer"??? Can you provide references to published scientific based evidence? Else, your statement is just a bold claim.

  3. Quorn is overpriced. There is other options if you dont want to eat meat.
    I know the brand since i turned Vegetarian, and the price were ok back then… But i refuse to eat dead cadavers in any form of food.
    Just make it more accessible to others to try it out.

  4. Thank god for Quorn! I am mammalian meat free (I know I do once a week eat fish and/ or chicken) eater since the late 80ies. Just like humans in future will have to resort to insects for cheap and sustainable (yet healthy) protein sources, quorn is also a fantastic alternative. The texture is very 'meaty' and the entire taste is in the plant derived ingredients of the sauces and other ingredients anyway. People need to get to grips with the fact that meat on its own has almost zero taste, until you season it. Most seasoning is plant or mineral derived. So all you carnivores get over yourselves and start eating more Quorn!!

  5. Thank you so much for the creation of the Quorn Tur'ky Roast. It tastes great! I am a huge fan of the Quorn brand. Even my dad who is a meat eater, loved the meatless Tur'ky roast. Now we vegetarians and vegans can have turkey too with our holiday meals.

  6. The thing about quorn is it tastes of nothing on its own without sauces/flavourings. Its purpose is purely to bulk up food. If you ate sawdust with the same flavourings/sauces it would taste nice

  7. So Quorn is for people that don't like eating meat but they want to eat meat but can get the tastes of meat but not eat an animal.A bit fucked up like the snowflakes that eat it don't you think. You either like eating meat or not lol.

  8. I would like to politely caution viewers about this product..You may be OK with it,or you may have severe allergic reaction to it..please do your research before consuming it..also be aware that even if you are OK with it,friends or family with whom
    you share it at mealtimes may be seriously affected by it..

  9. Quorn in chillis, it tastes better, the more you eat it and you don’t have to slaughter an animal and strip its flesh off. Think about it!👍

  10. Why is quorn so damn expensive if it should protect our Environment? Is it Only for rich people?? Its the best product to avoid meat. So you should make a normal price for everyone! If you have a genius idea it should help Everybody.

  11. The population stuff is wrong, /smh but the product is a great idea, if I could get it anywhere near me.

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