Ancient Aliens: Alien Messages in Our DNA (Season 9) | History

Ancient Aliens: Alien Messages in Our DNA (Season 9) | History

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  2. There are those that know quite a bit more than than the average scholar and have kept hidden the truth for their own agendas in my opinion.

  3. The human genome redacts and unredacts in samsara through continuous concious abiding as the univese consist of dna fractures and light concious resonating to causes and rebirths.

  4. We are light carried on from the previous samsara. That is because we are the previous genome. We are the next genome as time carries concious.

  5. "HISTORY serves as the most trustworthy source of informational entertainment in media. HISTORY has been named the #1 U.S. TV network in buzz for seven consecutive years by YouGov BrandIndex" – So this is actually from an american TV channel, that wants to be taken serious? xD

  6. My God! It's hard to believe how way behind scientist are. Way, way, way ridiculously behind. Nothing here on Earth is from Earth,, you jerks! The Creator put everything in place and order with rules and regulations in our bodies, on earth and in the Heavens.

  7. HISTORY Ancient Aliens ADN season 9: Son muchas preguntas y no muchas respuestas; pero sabemos de un UNIVERSO INFINITO de millones de GALAXIAS; todo es posible; se han encontrado codigos, dibujos rupestres en paredes, se ha estudiado hay unas personas en India cpn rasgo de pequeñas colas etc. Yo pienso que no debemos de negar la gran posibilidad de existencia de una vida parecida o similar a la humana. Creada por DIOS o por combinacion de GENETICA de SERES HUMANOS con Animales. Dios bendiga a todos aquellos que buscan i gormacion y estudian cada detalle en cuanto a los codigos y todo y nos dan a conocer a la humanidad. Gracias por los videos. Karina4ever/la hija del Altisimo

  8. The codes are, pages in the Alien's book of earth development .
    They were never meant to help us understand how to build space ships and communicate with them. That makes no sense.

  9. I'm not Christian but as an agnostic it's interesting how there's a possibility that a God can definitely be behind it all especially with the #3 representing everything in geometry and the very structure of our universe. Even God in the bible is 3 Christ, the holy spirit and God aka the holy trinity.

  10. The way social media has dumbed us down we’ll definitely never figure it out now. But at least we’re aware it exists

  11. If you are truly looking for the secrets to the universe the most truthful answer that you will find in the universe is so simple even a child can understand, instead of looking out for your answers try looking within, you, because the answers to your universe are within you, and try not to be misled by anyone else who is not within the universe that you are looking within, because after all, it's your universe


  13. Ancient Astronaut theorists say, yes!
    Children that believe in Santa say, yes!
    Any religious person says, yes!

    That’s like asking Tom Cruise if Scientology is embedded in facts. He’s gonna say yes. Lol

  14. Lol oh man just stop explaining ways that God made us we all know we were created or we should doesn't disproove our God just means that yes god created many lives and yes things came here

  15. The Human Being was Designed to Go to the Movies and Eat Tones of Junk Food and Drink Alcohol and Do Drugs and Worship Fraud Celebrities Like the Ones that Keep Killing Over .

  16. i think is not just message, is kinda insignificant to the aliens to send u a message. i cannot find the right word for it, but is definitely something even bigger then a message. A state of being. Being so will let us travel to the new earth and join the others in a more cosmological existence.

  17. Is there messages stored in ourdna put there from ancient aliens or a few writers cherry picked a few 'facts' woven into a narrative that Joe average would take as kosher to sell books. Anything is possible but as the old saying goes… Follow the money

  18. I knew this awhile ago, im not sure where I got it from but im going to try and explain this. It is said that our DNA is like a computer of the past, present and future and our DNA are encoded with our destiny. Every some years the human race receives a very intelligent being to help move forward and it is put into our DNA so eventually in time there will be another Nickolas Tesla, Albert Einstein or even a Elon Musk given to the human race. That is why it is said to be fruitful and multiply. Im just scratching the surface but that's how it goes. Im not saying it's true but I just had to share this somehow.

  19. Using means to disseminate info.. Spread truth mix with lies… I tell u… Look straight for the answer u are searching for lies within u and only u

  20. then what the……….. are you trying to tell you can imagine everything like that but the problem here is its all foolishness … pyramids are there … every one knows the story behind it.. in the universe there is no place for aliens to have fun ….?

  21. in the Philippines, the elders say that the old belief is that the Triangle is the strongest shape of all. The shape is also commonly used for talisman.

  22. That day isn’t far when these people will start relating something basic called as tissue papers also with aliens 😂😂😂

  23. That same message is hidden within a US one-dollar bill; just take a careful look at the currency's top border. You might want to use a magnifying glass when examining it. 2:58

  24. Wy can't Caucasians just admit that they are children of the devil, Satan's offspring, Cains children and grandchildren and from fallen angels?. This is why you come up with all of this stuff, I know you aren't fully (HUEMAN). And you gentiles Europeans know it too. '

  25. Muslim people always say Allah's number is 3 and they always keep this number in their daily life and during praying practices like when they take woodoo they usually wash 3 times every limb. And keep 33 on the counting prayer beads 3 times eventually 99 timed. Also Allah have 99 names which 3 is the root.

  26. It's called God. He is the One who Created us with amazing design!! This is some brainwashing of our youth! Fake "HISTORY CHANEL".

  27. Do you remember the Voyager probe golden disk? It had some info to help the possible aliens read the message. Perhaps, our DNA may have the same encryption key.

  28. 1. Start episode with "is it possible-?"
    2. Explain why aliens is the answer
    3. End episode with "we may never know"

    This is the formula for every Ancient Aliens episode

  29. All types of aliens are demons. The godfathers of Ufology, Dr J Allen Hynek and Dr Jaques Vallee, both sceptics, under took a study for the US government, both concluded the phenomena is real, inter dimensional and demonic in nature. Look at the demonic 'spirit guide', Aleister Crowley summoned, Lam, its basically a grey alien, the artist who sketched from the account, changed the eyes from black wrap around, as they were too scary for public consumption. 98% of all 'alien' encounters are horrific in nature and unwanted. They are all demons, period. Not our saviours or space brothers. No coincidence, when the name of Jesus Christ is invoked, the encounters end. Please understand there is a coming great deception coming with this alien phenomenon. Repent, ask God to reveal his son Jesus, believe he is Lord and God and died for our sins and is risen.

  30. Yes the aliens created Adam and Eve. They used to live hear on earth. They live on in a different world, in different universe. They are diverse, just like people. Just remember too, that, the devils are physical beings from another world as well. Forces, that are much more powerful, in technology, and , in every sense. More advanced than we are. So yes
    They can destroy us at will. From a long way away.

  31. -DNA helix discovered in the 1950’s -Ancient astronaut theorists say yes there could be messages within the dna that was discovered in the 1950’s😂

  32. Our world is based of off intellectual perfections such as the sun being at perfect distance . Moon affecting the ocean . Our brains and the extremely intelligent dna code embedded in your blood . I could go much deeper but the proof of the existence of God will not register with someone who has already rejected God in their heart. Jesus is real he did exist in fact I want to remind you what the year 2020 is actually two thousand and twenty years after the death of Jesus Christ we currently live in 2020 AD. The Bible has prophecies of nations in our current time that would have been impossible to predict in such an accurate direct way. Again the proof is everywhere around you but the man who rejects God will find 1,000 reasons to deny it . And before you try to explain how evolution created all these things I want you to think how it would have been possible for non intelligent gas and dust particles to create such a purposeful brilliant world like honestly it blows my mind people believe some kind of super gas particle created all life… like the ability to feel joy, compassion , love , happiness clearly these have been purposely placed in us humans but the devil has covered the eyes of the unbeliever to not understand the truth of God.

  33. I like this series, but, some times they overlap the facts to a level of pareidolia. I like the ancient aliens theory because I find it more believable than religious answers to the unknown. But its ok if you don't find any more facts or peculiar archaeological evidence and admit it instead of filling the gaps with whatever looks similar. Is ridiculous to claim that the spirals carved in a rock has anything to do with the DNA chains. Please don't jump into stupidity just for the sake of extending the life of the TV show.

  34. Francis Crick the scientist in the beginning of the video admitted that he saw the molecule of DNA during an LSD trip. There’s for sure some sort of message or print in our DNA. One of the Apple engineers also saw the unique coding that Apple has whilst tripping on LSD. Whatever dimension becomes available to us or we see whilst on psychedelics it’s for sure super interesting and needs to be studied more.

  35. You have no actual burden of proof or any real evidence for that matter, it is stated that there are facts behind this theory but the facts are never directly stated, only ominous questions asking if this could be true. By knowing the theory of evolution, this idea would not make sense. Scientists have been able to study and observe DNA close up and have discovered that human DNA is closely related to apes, meaning that we are descendants from the ape family, not from alien life. All organisms have double helix DNA, so the probability that organisms have descended from other organisms is much more likely than the possibility that humans were created by aliens. DNA is a code to life, but seeing it as a code from extraterrestrial beings seems like a stretch, a slippery slope if you will.

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