Andrei Deiu l Training, supplements and bodybuilding goals – FIBO 2019 l GymBeam

Andrei Deiu l Training, supplements and bodybuilding goals – FIBO 2019 l GymBeam

I am at FIBO here with Andrei. Andrei you have got amazing shape, a lot of followers on Instagram, a lot of fans in general. But if we go back in time, why did you start bodybuilding? To be honest? A lot of people that followed me They need they know my story Like when I was a kid like around 12-13 years old I was overweight and basically I have moved to the UK. I wanted to get in shape. I wanted to do it for myself, you know , like, to lose weight because I used to get, like bullied in school because I was overweight. So, once I came to the UK, I needed to do something about my shape Awesome So, I went there and then you know, we know how is it once you see results you become addicted, addicted, and then I keep going. And now it’s my passion. It is crazy to believe that you’re only 22 years old you know, it’s just like you look really good, Twenty two, twenty two now… Yeah twenty two years old, you look incredible. Alright, so what is your main goal in fitness, is there anything you want to achieve? To go on Olympia stage and public winning, that is my latest goal. And then business I also want to open my own gym. ok, nice, in England? In England, or, yeah in England i guess, because I live there. Alright, anything special about your training something that you do differently than people…? The thing is I always been training a low volume, volume, volume a low reps, supersets and dropsets and that way I stayed out of injuries. I don’t train really heavy because im no powerlifter and to be honest it doesn ́t work out for me. and lately as the guys whoever follows me I have been training with Hany, Hany Rombod which is a ‘’the pro creator’’ he trains every and all the Olyimpians They call him ‘’the pro creator’’ right? Exactly, yeah, ‘’the Olympia pro creator’’ and since I have been training with him, my training it’s like from here to here the intensity is next level, and a lot of things like, i have been learning a lot of new things with him. Sure, alright, your favorite music, what are you listening, your playlist or? To be honest, when i’m going to the gym, if you like, meaning to the gym. I don’t have like a playlist, I don’t like training with headphones to be honest so whatever music they play even if they don’t ́t play I just train I’m just there , get my station and then i’ll see. If you would have to pick one supplement that you wouldn ́t go without never, never one thing , what would that be? That ́s a hard one because I actually have.. It’s a good question 2 or 3 maybe, but if i choose 1, I would choose BCAA. BCAAs? alright last question, your average day when you do not actually train, what is your thing to do, you know like hangout or? That’s the thing because actually train every day, 2 times a day. But whenever I feel like ok ok, 2 times a day? Yeah 2 times because I do classic cardio In the morning and then weights in the evening and then… But whenever I feel too tired, I take a day off and in that day like to meet with my friends, go to the cinema, go for dinner, or get content? So it’s nothing special. You know? Alright man we will wrap it up here, thank you very much Thank you very much, i appreciate it Hopefully you get to the top. One day, one day definitely, thank you. No problem bro

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  1. Normal ca aia steroizi nu ai cum sa cresti atat doar natural cu supkimente.. o sa vada mai incolo dupa cativa ani ca sanatatea lui va fi varza.

  2. Cu steroizi sau fara oricum trebuie sa muncesti mult sa ajungi departe. Respect pentru munca, folosirea steroizilor e doar o alegere personala.

  3. Meseria romanul = ciuda,răutate,vorbe de rău dar aia care stau prin baruri se alcolizeaza,se droghează,fumează la aia nu ai ce sa le spui frate :)))) aia sunt the best ! Invidia e mare la Romani asta i adevarul și mai ales puturoși . Se vede la ce sportivi avem

  4. Ma, eu zic ca fiacare face cum doreste, dar daca vrei sa arati asa, bagi un pic stero apoi te linistesti. Iti revi si gata.

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