#AskDrBob: Fatty Liver, Eczema, ARSACS

#AskDrBob: Fatty Liver, Eczema, ARSACS

– Hello Everybody, this is Dr. Bob DeMaria with another episode of #AskDrBob from Naples, Florida and Westlake, Ohio. Tremendous questions, here we go. “How do you reverse hyperthyroidism?” I’ve not had that asked before. So I’d need to know a
little bit more about you before I’m going make a definite answer. I don’t think you’d be wise to get half of your thyroid gland taken out. It’d be interesting to know
what you’ve been eating, what kind of chemicals
you’ve been exposed to, a little bit more about you, yourself. This is for anybody
that has a hyperthyroid, so you may consider scheduling a personal consultation with me. Now, next question. Their husband was on medication
for high cholesterol, started taking omega-3
oils for several years and then your triglycerides
were some elevated and they said he had a fatty
liver about three years ago. Now, I wrote a book, “Dr. Bob’s Drugless
Guide to Detoxification”. So much about diet. I don’t know exactly what your
husband has been consuming, which has a lot to do with everything. Because see, this is
a rough rule of thumb. When cholesterol is up and your triglycerides or fat are normal, the cholesterol could be
elevated because of stress. I see that half the time. If, on the other hand,
your cholesterol is up and your triglycerides
or fat are elevated, it’s poor dietary choices, usually carbs. So you may consider getting, “Dr. Bob’s Drugless
Guide to Detoxification”, helping you create a plan. “Dr. Bob, I was reading a study about omega-3 fats and it was suggested that they are converted to triglycerides. And then with the fatty liver
and elevated triglycerides, they should be on possibly a supplement. Now, what we have found when
it comes to liver health, we take digital films of our patients, of our practice members. The liver should stop
right about the bottom of the right chest, the right ribs. Now when we look at it, if it’s enlarged, we always talk about fruit because fruit will cause a fatty liver. We look at medications. We have successfully
helped fatty livers shrink and I had a lady just
yesterday that her liver shrunk about two inches backing off
of fruit, maybe medications. I know a lot of people like
to drink wine and alcohol. I’m not saying for you not to, but it places a demand on your liver. We use phosphatidylcholine,
that could help it. You may consider the castor oil pack. I’ve had people take six to
nine phosphatidylcholine a day. I’d need to know a little
bit more about you. You may consider having
the Omega Test done to check your omega-3, -6 and your other inflammatory
items like arachidonic acid. “Dr. Bob, I just saw the
episode on fatty liver. “I’m menopausal, 53, with diabetes. “Had my gallbladder removed 15 years ago.” You want to know about the bovine bile. Well we have a product that we use from Biotics Research Corporation, so please go to our website. It’s called Beta Plus. I would take one with each meal. But as I told the last couple
individuals, you might want to get “Dr. Bob’s Drugless
Guide to Detoxification”. Ladies, you might want to get “Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to
Balancing Female Hormones” because we address those issues there. Look into the castor oil pack. It’s really very good. Someone just heard me interviewed. They were really happy with it. They wanted to know about fruit. I only eat a half a apple a day. That’s it. I don’t do pears, I don’t do plums, I don’t do pineapple, I don’t do bananas. I eat only a half a apple a day. I prefer honeycrisp. You could do Gala, you could do Fuji. I eat it in the morning. I don’t take it after a meal. When I’m here in the office,
when I’m seeing our patients, I would use it for my “snack” kind of a food if that helps you. And it really becomes very sweet if that’s the only thing
that you’re doing sweet-wise. And that’s all I do. Question about my grandson having eczema. Now that’s a very good question. In skin irritation, Blackcurrant Seed Oil. That’s what I have used. That’s what we use in our practice. We have a great product from Biotics Research Corporation. You might want him to do two
or three a day to start with. That’s really good. No orange juice. No sugar. Because his liver could
be compromised also and that’ll just add to it. This is gonna be my last question. “I would like to know if
you have any recommendations for being able to walk again.” This individual was diagnosed with a condition called A-R-S-A-C-S which is a chromosomal challenge. And I’m gonna have the actual
wording and what’s going on with that for you in the written note. I would find a skilled
chiropractor in your area. I would definitely have
some blood chemistries done. I would rule out any maybe parasite issue. But for sure you want to
see a skilled chiropractor, have him evaluate your spine, go through a series of
adjustments and I would pray that would make a difference
in your overall health. I’m Dr. Bob DeMaria.

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  1. Half an apple a day that's it, that's all Dr Bob …why ? …Fungus ? Isn't it safe to say that most are gut compromised today, therefore fungus overgrowth is a unidentified common problem ?

  2. What is your view on time restricted eating / intermittent fasting to help trigger autophagy and neurogenisis?

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