Asla Vazgeçmem 39.Bölüm ᴴᴰ

Asla Vazgeçmem 39.Bölüm ᴴᴰ

Murderer! Murderer! Aunt! -Yiğit.. Yiğit, I’ll kill that man!What does he do here?! I’ll tear him apart! All right, all right. -Breath. Yiğit, what is this? I’ll tear him apart! Yiğit!!! Aunt, please, come. Come, aunt, please. Come. Come. Damn you. Give this to my son.My son.. Yiğit! Yiğit, he can’t breath! Come quickly! I’ll call an ambulance! My son.. My son.. We want an ambulance. The man is sick. It’s urgent! My son.. My son.. I regret so much.. Regret so much.. Even Allah won’t forgive me.. Don’t blame yourself, love. My condolences.He was probably someone very close to you. His father.. -Nobody.He was homeless.Do a procedure according to that. All right, sir. You’re confused.I know.I wish I could know what to say. You two have so much distracted and hard mutual story of father and son. Even I can’t quiet understand what do you feel right now. Love, don’t hold your tears.Let them, let them go. Let them go for 9 year old child. For your mother, for your father. I’m with you.I’m with you to cry together with you. What’s happening with Mrs. Aytül? -I thought she’ll crash down the roof on our heads. I wish that Sir Yiğit didn’t leave. He didn’t leave anywhere. This is too much. I’ll talk without ending if you like. I’ll tell how much I love that 9 year old child who’s heart is broken. But if you like, I’ll be silent.I’ll be silent that much you won’t even know am breathing. I’ll share your tears with you. Just wish me to be with you, Yiğit. Just let me be your strength again. I’m the tear in your eyes.I’m the pain in your heart.Yiğit, I’m whole your pain. She’s stuck to that man and doesn’t let him go. -What shall we do if Mrs. Iclal gets out? But even this what we do is like spying. Sir Yiğit, mrs. Iclal is inside. Thank you, Nur. How he dared to come?Where from he came?With what courage that killer stood in front of us? Aunt, please, drink a little bit of water. Leave water!Why you took that beast out of my hands? He is murderer of my sister.I’ll kill him with my own hands! Aunt,you already have high pressure.For God’s love, please, calm down. My dear sister..She left and didn’t enjoy enough of her children. Why you took him out of my hands? Why? I would tear him apart! I would tear him apart!!! Come on mom,it’s all right.Drink this for me. I would kill him! Murder! How come he showed up? Yiğit, how come he showed up? Where he was hidding till nowdays? Why he came to us? I’ll kill him!But I will find him.I’ll tear him apart with my own hands! Have you heard me? He died, aunt. Died. May hell be his place now!May he burns in hell, my dear God! Number 19, Taksım. Where is it? Where is it? Nur, I was going to you. Something happened again. Mrs. Aytül curses someone. Cahit is with her. he doesn’t come out. What’s happening with that witch? Have you done something again? Elmas, Cahit needs you. Go home. You know? Their father died. They will even bury him.You can’t bury him beside my sister! Have you heard me? Don’t bury him! May he rots! Bury him on cemetery for homless! Aunt, is there any chance to bury him beside mother?! For Gods sake. please, calm down. Shall we fight here because of cemetery? We were children. I was so little. I remember I was so afraid every time I would seen him. You never spoke, but I saw how he was beating you. What he was doing to aunt. I’ve seen how mom and aunt were scared of him. He would never smile. At that time he was in my eyes like a giant. Grunchy giant who has never smile. At first sight I didn’t even recognize him. Giant man became so small. Every frozen glance vanished. Yiğit, I was looking, but I couldn’t find him in that old man. He was a monster of my childhood. I haven’t seen that monster today. So, the man literally died in front of your eyes.How come so? I thought he died long time ago. For so many years they didn’t mention his name.Ah, how stupid I am. At least I’ve should ask for their father. How stupid I am. I haven’t pay attention to it. Where that man was all of this time? It doesn’t matter. He died. Just don’t bother Cahit with those questions. Go and be beside him. He needs you. Go and share his pain with him. Than you know something about that man. Drop it, Elmas. Be with Cahit. He needs you. Good. I’m going. We’ll talk. All right. Number 19, Taksım. Where is it? Nur! What are you doing? Are you going to work? I’m… Number 19, Taksım. Where is this? I don’t know. But it seems like it would be good for me to know. What that suppose to mean? It doesn’t matter.Long story.Let it go.We’ll talk when I get back home. Stop, stop. You know nothing about Taksım.I’m going with you. Good.Come.We can talk in a car.Come. Cahit.. Cahit, I’m sorry for your loss.. You weren’t much close to your father.Actually, you weren’t close at all.I didn’t even know he’s alive. He wasn’t.. He wasn’t alive. Yiğit.. Come. I’m.. going to mom. How did it happen? It happened. Rapidly. He was probably ill. Did he hold your hand? I didn’t take it. He just left. Did he say anything? He said that even Allah won’t forgive him. Shall we go, Yiğit? We’ll go. I have a few words for dirt that will embrace him. We’ll do what we befits.We’ll do our last duty. What street is that? What’s the number?Give me that a bit. Ya,stop.I’m counting.Don’t confuse me. Why you didn’t give that to Yiğit if it was his last will? I have no idea too.I wanted to see it first if it’s something sad.He is sad enough. I don’t know what we’ll find there. We should go this way. And, when will you reconcile? Don’t get into that subject. Good.You didn’t get out of it at all. Allegedly he is your ex husband, but you have started this research so he wouldn’t be sad. A-a, here it is.It’s here. This is a classic bar.Could it be deceased was a bit drunkard? I have no idea.I’ll get inside to check. Stop, stop!I’ll get in. But, shall we look for someone? Maybe it’s some legacy? We know nothing. Seems we’re looking for trouble. Kinda. But I’m going to check anyway. All right, stop.I’ll go.You wait. The name of the man is Harun.Mr. Harun, Harun Kozan, Yiğit Kozan.I’ll figure something. All right. I’ll wait here then. Fine. Why am I acting silly? Watch out! Pardon, but you hit me. If you looked where were you going, I wouldn’t hit you fool! What?! What you just said? Emin, what’s happening? She hits me first than calls me a fool! What kind of a girl are you? Does this befits you? Look what kind of a girl I am! Does that befits me?! Ha, does it befits me?! Everything befits to this one! If Elmas could see her, she would miscarry! Shhh! Don’t talk like that! What kind of a man was your father-in-law? Would a decent man sent his own son here? Goths or how?! How do they call them? And it’s not important.Tell.What did they tell you inside? It’s a classic bar. Loud music. So far it’s pretty quiet, but tonight is going to be crowded. I asked bartender for Harun Kozan, Yiğit Kozan. He looked at me like he didn’t know what am I talking about. Look, Nur, you won’t achieve much this way. You have to give this paper to a brother Yiğit.He’ll know what to do. I will give. What else can do. Jağmur, just a moment. What was your surname? Why are you interested? Will you add me on Face?! Haa, how yes no. A moment ago was some jerk here. He asked for one man. I think he has the same last name as you. I’ve realized it later. Is your last name Kazan? He asked for some Harun Kazan. Yes.Kazan.Kazan for witches.Go and do some work! I won’t bother myself with you! Why am I trying, anyway. They already started, Yiğit. What? Let’s go. Father Adil also came. You have probably informed him. I did. Are you forgiving to decedent? We’re forgiving. Dad, please don’t hit her. Don’t do it dad! Don’t do it dad! Don’t do it dad! Look, how many people came to say goodbye to you. Have you seen it,hm?! We also came because it’s our obligation. We came because we don’t want to be ashamed of our ancestors. I see nobody who cries after you. Do you see, sir Harun? But here are only those you made cry. Now you will pay everything you wouldn’t pay to us for a hundered years. Today is your pay day. Let’s see will you be able to do that. Don’t you even dare to wonder am I crying after you, sir Harun. I’m not crying after you! Am crying after my childhood! The childhood I didn’t have, the one you stole from me! Not after you, sir Harun! We’re done here. You go brother. I’m coming. Come on. Look, child, I know you’re mad at me, but.. Father Adil, you’ve been like a father to me. Am not mad at you. But there is nothing left to be discuss about. Yes, there is, son. There is something to discuss about. I have nothing to discuss about with anyone who were involved with him. Yiğit.. Is that poor girl guilty? You won’t give her a hand because she was involved with his life? Does it befits you? Will you be serene? Father Adil, you don’t become brother and sister just like that. Her name is Jağmur. She lives in Istanbul. I visited her. I tried to connect her with her father. But in vain. She’s persisted. She tortured me.. How she tortured me. Look, Yigit, you’re victim of your father. She is too. Turn your backs to me, go! But don’t turn your backs to her! She’s your sister anyway. Known her or not, but she’s your sister. She works at bar. That tiny soul works on such dirty place. At Taksım. At a bar where young people get out. Father Adil, don’t make me regret I didn’t get mad on you. Listen, Yiğit, I won’t talk further. I know you very well. Again, you’ll be a hero and take care of your sister. Because.. You’re innocent and she’s innocent too. Don’t you dare to forget that. Because you’re are innocent and she’s innocent. ~Her mother died last month. She left alone. She came to Istanbul. I went after her.~ ~She didn’t want me. She’s very young. She’s crazy as you. She has noone. She’s alone.~ ~Your mother raised you . She raised you to love.. ~ be loved, to be gracious. Yiğit, she has noone. Noone but you~ ~My son, I entrust her to you.~ Mrs Aytül, may I put your hand on your backs? You’re very tense mrs Aytül. You have knots. Ay, give a good massage to my mommy. My sweetheart. Mhm, Iclal, like all I missed is massage. Mom, just relax. You’ll see how it will relax you. It’s enough! All right, I’m enough of it. Will you give me my mantle? Good. It’s enough for me too. May I have my mantle? Thanks. May your hands gilding. Mom, you’ve could take a little more massage. I don’t like these things. Watch this. Like maternity yoga is for her. Poor thing. She saw massage therapist came to us, so she didn’t want to feel humiliated. Look at her! Now she’s even waving! Rude woman. Insha’allah she’ll stay stiff! Ah, look! Oh, now her mother is coming. In a moment will mr Tayyar come too by jumping. Bastards! They made our home into circus. Where’s my phone? Nazan, where are you? Move your hand above ear and stretch. My daughter.. Why is that so? You should be careful. Mom, don’t disturb my concentraction now. Let’s open arms. Our knees are going to be right under breech. Look ahead. I’m breathing in and constrict myself while breathing out. But honey, don’t do these things. Baby will overturn. I’m telling you not to do this. Mom, this is yoga. Yoga! Don’t worry, I won’t give birth. You’ll give birth here if you continue. What yoga moga?! We didn’t give birth of you in such way. You just making up some novelties, my dear. Aaa, that’s not nice. Don’t pay attention to my mom. She doesn’t know what’s yoga. Mrs Elmas, don’t talk. Concentrate. Breath in. Ok, professor. No, I swear I can’t watch it! A-a! You’re not in the garden? Ha, I wanted to stop by at the company to see Cahit, but he didn’t come yet. Ah, all right. All right. I’m here. Have you missed me? My daughter is choking. Exhale mrs Elmas. That bitch will suffocate me! Bloody woman! They invited her here just to irritate me! Professor, this girl can’t do yoga anymore. Let’s get in the house. Ah, I will give birth here now because of them. I swear I’ll give birth here from anguish! Honey, speak nicely. Come on, get up. Take a shower in your house. Come. I won’t mother, why would I? Should I leave my teritory to that woman? Let’s go! Have a good day. Have a good day. See you. In which magazine she saw? So, she found out for maternity yoga. Poor thing, she’s just rolling on the grass! She left breathless when she saw me. That’s not enough yet, Nazan. I swear I can’t love this house. Seriously, I can’t make myself to like it because of these people. Nazan, we need to accelerate. Have you called that place I told you about? I have. I told them your name, so they get interested. But the woman wasn’t much positive. Procedure is very long. She said she can’t do anything before one month. But, they initiate procedure, isn’t it? They did, but she said it will take one month. I can’t stay in my brother’s home one more month. You just wait. At least they initiated procedure. They respect me there. Once I was very useful to them. May they start first, and than I’ll accelerate it. You don’t worry. Mom, I’m going to take shower first and than I’ll prepare myself. Cahit takes me to the dinner tonight. What a lie. Like Cahit is in the mood for dinner with her. Wait. Would be the best for me to drink my milk with honey in my living-room with overlooking on pool. Elmas, don’t put yourself down to their level. A-a! Mom, look! Owls have a meeting. Come, let’s sit here nicely. Dear! Dear, come here. Bring to my mom middle turkish coffee and for me milk with honey. Go on. Come on Yiğit, come on. Get yourself in piece.. He was gone yesterday, he’s gone today. Come on, Yiğit, get yourself in piece. What happened? You’re not getting out of car. Here I am, am getting out. What were you talking about with father Adil? About what we could talk? We talked about every day subjects, what else?! I don’t know. I’m just asking. You’re a bit tense. Never mind. We had dead father and we buried him once again. Like am not tense?! I’m just talking to talk something. Never mind. You’re right. He was dead for us and we buried him once again. No more discussion about him. We came to the company. Now, let’s talk about work. I think the thing about Germans will be clear in a few days. That’s right. Little by little. Ha, the other day we corresponded with them again. I forgot to tell you. We left between three sompanies. They said we’re qual. There’s one Turk who’s main in that department. That man will make decission who’s gonna be their partner on that project. Look out. They set Turk on the top of the important project. They intrusted him. Well done for them. That’s right. They said he’s an excellent engineer. He studied in Germany and worked everywhere in Europe. He’s very esteemed. They even call him ‘der Turke mit uberdurchschnittcher Intelligenz’. Integlas? Intelligence. Intelligence, son. Haaa, intelligence. Why don’t you say so?! You know so much. What does that mean? Of course. It means Turk with above average intelligence. I shall write that down to myself so I could tell him when he arrives. I’ll need it. Yes, he’s very conceited. I’ve learned it already. His nickname is ‘Uber’. Do you get it? Well, well.. Look out these Germans. Man’s last will has left in my hands. Come on, Yiğit. Look at her. She thinks she’s so important again. Rude woman. She waits. She has no shame at all. Don’t look too much. No use from that. Look what you have done. You set Nur as your secretary and now you can’t go without gossips. It seems like you get used to that Nur works here, isn’t it? Oh, my dear God, what am I talking about and look what are you saying for Gods sake. Yiğit! Sir.. I mean, sir Yiğit! Sir Cahit. Cahit. There’s no sir Yiğit here. He is your boss. Sir Cahit! You are his secretary. I.. Cah.. Cah.. I.. I understood. You.. Yiğit, wait. This is extremely important. First you wait, Nur! This morning you were witness by accident to the most weird moment of your life. I wish, I wish I could be more closer to you. What kind of nonsense are you talking? Yes, you’ve could be more close to me. But if you didn’t marry for that man while I was running after you and tried to talk you out of it! Yes, then you would be more close to me! You’re right. Whatever. Let’s get back to subject. What I was saying?! Ha! You may get out of here. Fine, I’ll get out. But.. There’s not but! I’m telling you to leave my room. Go! Look, since you’ve already made a mistake and came to this company, you’ll behave by rules of this company. Understood?! Not from me, not from you.. you won’t make main gossip topic, mrs Nur! Go on, now get out of my room. Who’s that girl? It’s not of your business! Wait a minute. I asked you who is that girl. Dear God.. She’s still asking. Go on, out! It fell out of your pocket and you got it back. Why won’t you tell me who is that? That’s not of your business! I’m telling you for the last time mrs Nur get out of my room! Fine. I won’t ask.. For now. She says ‘for now’… I.. Have to.. I have to give you this. What’s that? Ha?! What’s that? Your father gave this. I could tell he gave this with his last breath. Just before you came. Number 19, Taksım. He told me to give you that. He didn’t say anything else. I went there. What you did? I knew you will get angry, but I couldn’t stop myself. When I thought what were you went through I don’t know.. I couldn’t give you it just like that. I thought, if it’s something that will make you sad that maybe I could prevent it. Yiğit.. That’s the adress of some bar. Bar? Bar. Rock bar. Rock bar?! Emin and I went together. He entered inside. It was silly thing to do because we didn’t know to who or to what we’re looking for. Anyway, that’s all. Yiğit, If I can.. Nur.. please. Yiğit, it’s not something dangerous? Isn’t it?! It’s very dangerous. Sir Cahit. Tea was done so I wanted to bring you some. Thank you, Nur. How are You, sir Cahit? Drop that ‘You’. Here’s nobody but only you and I. Sit down. I’m worried a lot for him. He’s trying to solve everything alone, by himself, again. Look, Nur. You know Yiğit. Maybe you know him better than I do. He doesn’t open to everyone. His storm is inside of him. But he would open up to me. He would show me his wounds he didn’t show to anyone. But he closed up, Nur. Especially toward you. It’s so hard to be away from him when I’m this close. At the moments he lets me close.. and then in every further moment, he becomes more harsh and colder. Look, Nur, I wouldn’t like to ruin your hope but you’ve wounded him. I know. But he also knows that I’m keeping pain and cure for him. Doesn’t matter how much he resists, but he knows it. That means you won’t give up, is it? Ever! May he do whatever he wants. Ever. Good. Now go back to work. I… Cahit, I would like to ask you something. The girl from Yiğit’s photo.. Who is she? What do you mean by that? I didn’t understand. Yiğit is keeping some girl’s photo? So, it means you also don’t know. Nur, I have no idea what you’ve seen, but it’s impossible. That girl.. No, no. You missunderstood. It’s not about jealousy. The girl is very young. Photo fell out of his pocket. I asked him who is she, and he got mad. I mean.. I.. don’t know about photo. But if you want.. No! Don’t ask. There must be some explanation. Don’t let he wreak one’s anger on you instead on me. O, Allah, Allah.. Now I’m interested in that girl, but it’s better not to ask him about her now. Nevermind.. Nur, I’m going out. I need to get rest. You may leave too when Yiğit leaves, all right? All right. Who is that girl? Who? ~Your mother raised you . She raised you to love. To be loved, to be gracious. ~ ~Yiğit, she has noone. Noone, but you. She’s headstrong, stubborn and crazy like you.~ ~I entrust her to you.~ ~Her name is Yağmur. She lives in Istanbul. I visited her. I tried to connect her with her father.~ ~But in vain. She’s persistent. How she tortured me. Yiğit, you’re victim of your father.~ ~And she is too. Turn your backs from me, go. But don’t turn your backs to her. She’s still your sister.~ ~Know her or not, she’s your sister.~ Look, cancel all of my today’s discussions, meetings. All right? Necat and his people supposed to come. Let them know too. I won’t get back to company. But, sir Yiğit, papers for Germany.. Later.. Later, later! Ah, look at her. She’s picking herself after him. Mrs Nur? Have you got premission to leave from sir Cahit? We can leave after our bosses leave. That’s why I’m asking. My work is done. Finish yours, and then leave too! She’s making fun of us. Dear God. That’s too much. She can’t act unattainable one because of nepotism. I’m sure he goes to Taksım. What are you doing, girl?! You following him?! You gonna make him crazy. What else can I do?! It’s better he goes crazy then that I sit still and go crazy from curiosity. He got used to it. It’s not that you’re making him crazy for the first time. Smile like that when he asks you why are you following him too. Get back! Get back, Nur. Don’t push it. But what if he gets in trouble?! I mean.. May he rest in peace ..but how can you trust to that man? It’s about bar place. What if it’s some dirty job?! No, no! May he’s angry, may he goes crazy. I follow him. Mom, this milk with honey made me sleepy. What shall I do? Shall I enjoy in my bedroom after shower? Go on, honey, go on. You should. Your bedroom? Elmas, you have probably thought about guests room because you won’t stay here for too long. Ah, darling. How miserable you are. You three owls ecourage yourself with it? Who had to leave has left, Nazan dear. We’re not passangers here anymore, we’re anchored up. Come on, honey, come. I’ll nicely wash your backs and study on something against spells. If anyone cast spell on my grandson, may it returns to them. Amen, mother. Amen. Oh! Masha’allah mrs Hafize. Your tounge has much longer from the last time. Mrs Nazan, whatever my tongue speaks, speaks with nice words. It doesn’t curse or slander as yours tongue do. You’ve heard. Against your jealousy only prayer is effective. But, just don’t hope for prayers that won’t be answered. If I catch you.. Let them go, honey. Let them go. You’re pregnant, sweetheart. Come on. Ah, Nazan, darling. Mrs Hafize moved into neighboring house. Now they’re often here. Shall we ask your premission? Oooh, masha’allah! There you are. It’s not so bad for you. We’re very well, thank God, mrs Nazan. I wish the same for you but that will be a little hard for you. May dear Lord gives to everyone what do they deserve. Come on. Well done, dear mom. Just tell them. Just tell. How you’re right mrs Hafize. Dear Lord gives to everyone what do they deserve. Look at your daughter. Masha’allah, where she learned and started with maternity yoga. Means, birth isn’t that far, ha?! Yes, my darling. Only four months that will pass so fast. Hmm, I get it. I say so too. Only four months that will fly away, just like that. But God won’t give you a husband in that period, dear Elmas. Speak of the devil, a woolf at the door. Listen Cahit what your future ex wife is babbling. Iclal called me. My condolences, Cahit. Still, he was your father. Noone forgiven, but condolences should express. Thank you.. Thank you, Nazan. We weren’t only husband and wife. We were also children of the same hood, Cahit. Nobody knows that, but we know. We know very well those days we spent together. Noone but me can better understand what you have felt when you were putting your father in the ground. Never mind.. All right. Are you done with your performance, Nazan? And she says she came to express condolences, my dear God. Don’t listen to her, Cahit. You should heard what she said to my mom and to me before you came. My condolences, sir Cahit. May dear God forgive him all his sins. Come on, honey. If there’s no your aunt, I couldn’t get into house. Wouldn’t be able to be with you in your mourning. Nazan.. Don’t even you bother Cahit. You’re right, mrs Aytül. It’s time for me to go. It’s a long way home, it takes me a lot to get. Our hood is.. reall ghetto. The other day some thief tried to steal my purse. May God protects. That’s right. That’s right. Go before gets dark. Now it’s traffic jam. And driver has left. Otherwise, I would tell him to ride you home. Never mind. What can I do, I’ll take bus. Somehow I’ll arrive. Come. I’ll drive you home. No, you don’t have to. Don’t bother yourself, Cahit. Visit us again, Nazan darling! They inviting her to come again! Look what Cahit is doing! I’ll.. Get inside. Sit where you’re sitting. What will you do? Will you fall to his feet and beg him not to go?! Mom, can’t you see they do that for purpouse just to irritate me? I see, but you don’t see my dear daughter. That man didn’t forget that woman still. Mom, the thing is not about forgetting. It’s.. Cahit is good natured and can’t refuse. Name it whatever you want, but that man still loves that woman. And you’re having baby in your belly. He has to take your hand. But that’s all, honey. That is all what you will get from that man. He won’t take you. Do not mislead yourself, not us. Of course he will be father to your baby, but he won’t be your husband. Maybe he will if I deserve it. If I deserve his love. I’ve changed. I’m changing myself. Maybe he’ll be if he belives in it too. Ah, my beautiful daughter. Ah, my child. It seems like I forced you, Cahit, but I swear I’m really scared of this hood. And you will have to listen sermons now by Elmas.. in this painful day. If I knew things will be like this, believe me I wouldn’t come. If nothing, would give you a call. I’ve couldn’t refrain myself. I wanted to see with my own eyes are you ok. I wouldn’t do anything to upset you. What happened? Nazan, please, stop playing games. You came to the house today just to irritate Elmas, that well I know you. You know me, yes. Don’t do that. Don’t do that anymore, please. It’s not in my hands, Cahit. Don’t you understand? I want you. I’m fighting for you. Are you telling me to stop? To admit defeat and pull myself back into the corner and let you into the arms of that woman? Look , Nazan. The woman you’re fighting with is the mother of my child. I know.. That’s hers only antecedence. I can’t become the mother of your children, but she can. That woman wants only your money. She doesn’t love you with her heart, but only words, but she’ll be present in your life only because she can physicaly become the mother. And what about me, Cahit? Me, who gave you all of my years, my youth? What will happen with me? Don’t. Nazan, please don’t do this. I’m already in tough situation beacuse I couldn’t divorce you. Don’t bother me anymore with Elmas. Can’t you see all you do to Elmas you’re doing to me? You’re doing to my child. Cahit, that woman.. That woman doesn’t interest me at all! Do you get it? She’s not interest me. I don’t care if she deserved me or not, is she good or bad. I’m not interested. When Elmas mourning, my child is mourning too, Nazan. I don’t want anything, and I will not want anything, but my own child only. Please, understand it, Nazan. ~Her name is Yağmur. She lives alone in Istanbul and works in the bar. That tiny soul works on that dirty place.~ Pardon. Excuse me, just a minute! A-a, look at her. What you said?! Just a minute. I have something to ask you. Ha! Ask.What do you want? Let me guess. You’re a modern man. You won’t drink our drift beer. Let me give you one strong.. Soda! One strong soda. All right. With a lots of ice and lemon. I.. wanted to ask you something. Do you want soda because you’re ashamed to ask for some address? You don’t look like someone who would break off soda. Break off?! All right. You came here to ask for address. But you ask wrong person. I’m new here. I don’t know yet this beautiful city. No, no. I wanted to ask you for one person. My darling. For my ex? I don’t bother with him either. Bodyguards are talking care of that. But they’re sleeping at the moment because they work night shift. Come tonight. If I wake them, they’ll bite. Do you know Yağmur? Yağmur Kozan. Come on, Yiğit. Come on. Why come on? I’m asking for Yağmur Kozan. Can you hear me?! There’s no Yağmur here. She quit job. So, she quit job. Then you’re her work colleague. You know her. No, dear, what kind of colleague. How would I know that witch. Witch?! Reall witch. She’s not my colleague. Come on, get lost. Get lost?! Is your boss here? Call him, I want to talk to him. What for?! Will you buy him? My dear God… I swear I got headache. Wait. I’ll give you my business card. Maybe you will help me to find here since you know her. Here, my name is.. Yiğit Kozan. Why are looking at me? Do I look like I’m not reading news?! I know your name. Then you’re aware of that Yağmur and I share the same last name. Small world. But am having a lots of work so I won’t bother with you. Come on, leave. All right. I’m going. Why are you here? What are you doing here? I.. Louder! I can’t hear you from the bar noise! I.. All right. All right. I followed you. If you’re following me, why are you moving your head like them?! I was worried about you. That’s why I’m here! Yes, you’re worried. Come on, let’s go! Yağmur, casque is here! Wait. Yağmur. You are Yağmur. Yiğit! Are you crazy?! What are you doing? He attacked me! He attacked me! You are really, really crazy!!! Help!! Kick him out! Don’t let him in anymore! Get your hands off! Get your hands off too! Liar! She’s lying! She hit his head! Are you blind?! She’s crazy! Fool. We have to go to the hospital. Come on, let’s go. All right. Calm down. Calm down. Yiğit, I’m telling you we have to go to hospital. Why are you doing this? Your head is bleeding. That maniac hit you in the head. She’s not a maniac. You know her? Now, I will.. I don’t know her. And then you’re getting mad at me. I had some strange feeling. I knew something could happen. That crazy girl.. That crazy girl is my sister. My sister. Yağmur, give me two serving of snacks. You’ve become really conceited! ~My child. It’s all right. You don’t have to call me your father.~ ~But your brother.. Maybe you could call him brother.~ ~Brethren.~ ~My child, I’ve never been your family. Maybe they could be. Maybe they, my beautiful daughter.~ Cahit, how come you got out? Will you come in for tea? No, I won’t. Just wanted to wait untill you get into house. You’re very polite, but that’s not necessary. Mrs Nazan! Mrs Nazan, good afternoon! I’ve come running because I saw you with this mister, to check if something has happened. I brought this flowers too. Bouquet is for you. A few pieces fell out on the ground, but.. No, nothing happened. No worries. Thank you. I swear house has turned into garden thanks to you. These roses aren’t worth of mentioning beside rose like you. Nazan. What’s happening here? Mrs Nazan, who is this sir? He is my husband. I mean, ex husband. We still haven’t divorced, but we live separated. Yes. I heard you still haven’t divorced. What happened? Here for us, birds who get lost usually don’t go astray, but.. Nazan, who’s that mister? Let me introduce you. Mister is the boss of my brother. Sir Fahri. My name is Fahri Barut. Fire, barut (eng. gunpowder). From that aspect. Ba-rut! Fire and barut (eng. gunpowder)? Fahri Barut, you’re saying?! That’s it. That’s me. Cahit, dear, thank you for a ride and bothering. Thank you. Sir Fahri, thank you for the flowers too and I hope you’ll come over tonight for the dinner. We’ll enjoy smell of the roses. Tonight? Tonight?! Well, I go then to get ready for tonight. I’ve totally forgot. All right then. Wishing you both a good day. To you as well a good day, sir Cihad! It is not Cihat, mister. It’s Cahit, mister Barut, Cahit! Nice! Good luck with divorcing! What was that, ha?! Ah, you may also be a little bit jealous, sir Cahit. All right. It’s all right. Give me that. Sit down. I can’t believe it. I still can’t believe it. Me neither. My love, why you didn’t say anything to Cahit? Why.. Listen to me. Don’t bother me with that ‘love’ and ‘my love’ thing. I talk like that because my heart speak so! Excuse me! And you’re still performing! My head is injured and now I have to stand your performance! All right. All right. We’re not the subject here. You got the sister out of the blue. Mhmm.. and one of a kind! Have you seen her? What was that?! She looks like some monster. She has beads here, beads there all over. These are not beads, it’s piercing. I know what is it too. Piercing. I swear I would get scared if I seen her in the dark. You should be scared of her on the light too. How she just injured your head with a bottle. Father Adil told me she is dangerous,. When I saw her picture I thought how such girl couldn’t be dangerous. I can’t believe she’s the same girl from this picture. What an angel girl done from herself. Ruefully. But that’s a daughter of that man. Why should I care. Whatever. You couldn’t take off your eyes from the girl even when she hit you. Don’t lie to yourself that you don’t care. Don’t waste the time in vain. Look. You’ve already wasted too much time because you didn’t know for each other. What? What are you trying to say? What am I suppose to do, Nur? Shall I take that crazy girl to my home?! Ha, no! Or if you wish I could take her as a secretary in my company. Ha? She’s your sister. Just like Cahit. Like Yaren. Of course you’ll take her home. How yes no! God. You can look at me as much as you want. You can look at me till the morning if you wish. I won’t bring the daughter of that man into my home. All right? What? Why are you looking at me?! You better say what do you think, rather than you’re looking at me! Then I will say. I know very well the man I love. I know very well that you will take your sister tonight. Child got tired at the school’s physical education. He sleeps like a baby. Look what time is it, and he didn’t call. Don’t talk like that in front of them. Canan, Yeşim! Come over here. Yeşim, I didn’t like your today’s behaviour at all. I did something wrong, mrs Aytül? How can you listen Elmas orders while we’re also sitting here? Ha?! First tea for her mother, then milk with honey for her. But sir Cahit.. I don’t care what sir Cahit. I’m saying this to both of you. There’s no other ladies in this house apart from me and Iclal. Remember that and that’s how you should behave from now on! You won’t forget who’s in charge of this house! If I hear or see that you serve that woman one more time, you won’t have a good time. All right, mrs Aytül. Go on, do your work! You must not neglect them. They’re acting like a ladies, and they believe them. Like that interests me! Iclal, don’t be interested in anything! Absolutely anything, but Yiğit! Let to that other snake to freely place into our nest, and you don’t be interested about it! Mother, I prefer to take care of snake number one! Allah, Allah! There’s no her car, and if that woman is together with Yiğit again.. Looks like he forgot the keys. Don’t bother him immediately when he enters. Especially not tonight. Good evening. Are you shamelessly telling good evening?! A moment ago I spoke to Cahit. My uncle died. Yiğit isn’t here to express my condolences.. Is your right to express condolences?! Ha?!! If you care, go and lie down you too beside your uncle!! Iclal, watch your mouth. Let me go, mother! Let go! As much as I yell, it’s never enough loud for him! You’re bastard! Bastard! Look at me! Look at your handiwork! Are you happy now? Yiğit is with that woman now! Who knows what’s he doing! But because of you I can’t do nothing about it! Are you happy now, bastard? God damn you! God damn you! Whatever I do I can’t payback enough! Damn it! Shhh, dear. To whom she yells? That’s not of your business. How you talk to me? That’s not your concern, mrs Elmas. Better? You rude girl! I’m… Lady of this house? Really?! I think you’re not. You weren’t lady of estate and you won’t be lady of this house neither. You know what will happen? Let me tell you. Mrs Nazan will get back into this house! And you will have to find yourself a new roof over your head. You rude girl! I’ll ask you when sir Cahit gets back home! Whom are you fooling, Elmas? Whom are you fooling? Does Cahit respect you so they respect you too. What am I still waiting for?! What are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to leave? Didn’t I tell you for so many times that I won’t leave?! Look. Already.. You’re already sick of it. Look, Nur. Don’t.. To irritate you. All right. But you , please, stay away from troubles. All right?! Do I have greater trouble than you? Think twice. Look, Nur, wait for me in the car. Go on, Nur. Look at that people. Look! It’s like you don’t know they won’t let you in. What? Will I look for premission to get in?! Excuse me, but if they give you, I won’t give you premission. Nur, you really make me crazy. Please. Ah, thank God! Come on! Did you call Emin? Yes, I did, but don’t be mad. He knows nothing. He’ll just get in instead of you. Hello, brother Yiğit! Welcome, Emin and bye-bye! Come on, and take your cousin with you. Go on. No, brother, I came to the bar. Do you want to make me crazy? Do you really want to make me crazy?! For Gods sake! It’s because of Nur. Of course. Nur knows everything the best, anyway. Dear Emin, you’ll get into bar. There’s one waitress inside. Do whatever it takes to bring her outside. Come on. Come on, exactly. I was saying that all day – come on. How am I suppose to bring the unknown girl outside of the bar? Actually, you know her.. What? I didn’t hear you. I said nothing. Just get inside and do whatever it takes to bring her to us. Look, I don’t understand. Emin.. I’m telling you it’s very important. Very smart, mrs Nur. Indeed. Bravo. Pardon! Just a second! No touching! It’s not that I want it! Whats’ up goof? Have you become haunter here? Get lost! I’m not interested in you. I’m looking for one girl in your bar. You’re looking on the wrong place, goof! Are you sick?! I’m not looking for that. There’s one more girl who works at the bar besides you. You’ll looking her for long time! Look what I found! Is here anyone normal I could talk with? I’m the only girl who works here, you fool! Then I am looking for you! Who’s searching, finds the cure and the problem! Heeey! Who starts the fight? Are you?! Which one? Come here a bit. Go on. Come here. To come? Like this? Yiğit, police has arrived. Allah! Allah! Wait here. Emin. What is happening? Fight started. I barely get myself out. Are you ok?! Where is the girl? Why are you arresting me?! I didn’t do anything! The girl is getting out. They’re taking her. Girl?! You name it girl?! She’s not a girl, she’s maniac with a bottle! Yes, with a bottle. She’s psychopath. The queen of psychopaths! Emin, darling. She’s sick! All right. All right. Brother Yiğit, what will you do with her? Why do you need this fool? I don’t know how did I get out alive. If bottle hit me.. All right. All right. Go one. You both leave now. Go on. But.. but you?! Leave, I said. Go home. I agree. I agree too, brother Yiğit. What will you do? I’ll gonna take care of this sick.. I’ll take care of this girl. Go on. Emin, go home. Go on, go on Emin! Yiğit! Nur, will you please tell me what’s brother Yiğit has got to do with this girl, for Gods sake? He has, that’s it! It’s not important. I said he has. If just one bottle hit me… I won’t call! I won’t give a pleasure to that snake! Look what time is it! They don’t have a shame at all! Turn it down! You turn down! It’s all my fault, again, isn’t it?! Fault? You’re fault?! The biggest culprit and saucebox lies down. Have you heard me? Ha, no Yiğit. Where is he untill now? All right, he’s with that woman. Thanks to who?! You. You have no courage to call him by the phone and ask where he is. Why not? You’re static like a window decoration. Fine. Your hands are tied up. Who done it? Yourself! Go and rip out hair of that woman! Are you able to do that? Let me see. Where are your hands? Why you can’t? Cause of yourself! Whom should I objurgate now, Iclal? Whom should I objurgate now? Ha, snake has arrived! Her imbecile cousin is with her! What are they doing? Are they having family meeting with Yiğit?! What are they doing?! Iclal, how dissatisfied are you, girl. All right. Yiğit is not with that woman. Where is that man then? Where is that man? The girl is familiar to us pretty much, sir Yiğit. I red her file. You heard all. She’s our guest here for every ten days. Regulary. Disturbing public order and peace, insulting, scuffle.. All right, all right. That’s enough. Sir Yiğit, we know you very well. I won’t lie to you. I thought it’s some mistake with surname when colleagues told she’s your sister. I’ve already scold them. But than you’re saying she’s your sister. Right. She’s my sister. I have a report here. Luckily, this time she didn’t start scuffle. You have already payed hospital expenses for injured. People are worst then her, but noone complained about her. If that’s so, I’ll pick up my sister and leave. All right? Of course, of course. Take her with you. I hope she’ll make progress with behaviour with you. Insha’allah. Fine. Thank you. Good night. Have a good work. Shy girl, Yağmur Kozan, who is regular guest here.. What happened? You brought me here and what now? I drank one tea and that’s it. I got bored of your tea and you didn’t get bored of me. What are you doing here? Maybe I wanted to drink a tea, dear. I didn’t come here from boredom. I don’t care why you came! But I care! You have very interesting hobbies. You’re pretty famous in police station. You don’t have to care about my hobbies. That’s what I’ll decide by myself if you want. I don’t want! What are you think you doing? Do you know what time is it?! Is there a bus at this hour? What are you doing now?! Hitchhike! Are you blind? Come here! What are you doing? Keep driving! What are you doing? I’m saving your life! Can’t you see?! Get lost and don’t drive me crazy! Oooo, I’m having some work with you. Look at you, how you look like, how you talk! It all has to be repaired. I have a lots of work with you. Your bonnet’s gone, I have to put you in balance. Look at yourself! Son, are you comedian? I’m not your son! I’m your older brother! Your brother! Your brother! I don’t have a brother. Obviously that man sent you. But to be honest, I’m surprised. Great Yiğit Kozan left his cars and toys and went to search for illegitimate daughter of one murderer! You’re not illegitimate child. The man gave you his last name. God bless you! I didn’t know that! Why am I still discussing with you at all? Who are you? Listen to me, I have a homework for you. Go home, look at the mirror and learn that I don’t have a brother! Ok? And go tell to that man who imagine that is my father, that I don’t have a father! Now you don’t have anymore! He died. I buried him today. I.. You.. Are you.. Are you crying, Yağmur? Look, I didn’t know that you were that close. I actually know nothing. I don’t even know yet who you are. He just told me I have a sister. That’s all. I know nothing else. And I know you have nobody. That’s why I will take you as your older brother… Just because I have noone that doesn’t mean I’m poor. What do you think who I am? You think I’m a cat from the street, fool! Go home. Let me go! Come here! Come! Let me go!!! Are you crazy?! Yes, I’m crazy!!! Let me go!! I’m carrying cat. Mert loves cats! Let me go! All right. Maniac! We’re at the police station. Let me go! Police! What police? Everyone knows you already. I’ll put this right here. What are you doing?! Ah, I’ve done the same to Nur. Buckle up seat belt. Buckle up. Calm down! Buckle up! Let me go! Mrs Nazan. Mrs Nazan, good afternoon. I was running because I saw you with this mister, to see if something happened. I brought a flowers too. Bouquet is for you. Fahri Barut or Barut Fahri. Fire and barut (engl. gunpowder), there for Fahri Barut. Dear God.. What are you doing Cahit? Come to your sense! Forget Nazan! You’re gonna divorce. You’ll get a child! Think about your child, child’s mother. Let go of Nazan now, let go son. Let go! Let go! Dear God, please help me.. It’s good I called you. Who’s that Fahri Barut? Now I’m interested who is he. Iclal, don’t start with that subject. That was very good for Cahit. I swear, very good! Excellent. I’ll tell mom too to wake her up a bit. Good night. I’ll call you tomorrow. Ah,mom, do you know what kind of **** is Nazan. She driven mad Cahit. I’m not interested at all, Iclal. I’m going to sleep. You can’t, mom! Iclal, I’m telling you I’m sleepy. I’m begging you for an hour. I’m going to sleep. You can’t ! You can’t before Yiğit comes back. He’ll come now and he’ll see I’m waiting for him like an idiot. He’ll see in what mood I am. You can’t. May he thinks we can’t sleep so we’re chatting. I don’t want him to see me as I’m waiting for him. Dear God give me patience.. patience.. Good evening. Good evening. You still don’t sleep? Cahit, darling, where is Yiğit? Yiğit? I don’t know. God, there’s no sleep for me.. there’s no sleep.. Stop! It won’t be good! Wait a moment! Wait a moment! How weird you are! You spit, bite! There’s no thing you didn’t do! You know I’m that’s me! I’ll report you to the police! If you want you can sue me! We’re going home! Home! All right! You’ll sleep, then you’ll get up and we’ll talk like brother and sister! Like humans! After that I’ll take you to your home and you can do whatever you want! I won’t have a home, thanks to you! Why? You can’t pay the rent? I can’t pay because I didn’t get back tonight. What does that mean now? I’m living in the bar. That’s my home. What is it, you don’t like it? I don’t like it. At all. My **** boss won’t pay me this night because I left too early. I left without job too because of you! She’s abnormal. What are you babbling? I said we have arrived. Arrived. Let’s get out. Come here. Go on. Behind you! Who? Where are you running? Get back! I won’t! Don’t talk to me like that! Let me go! Are you crazy? Let me go maniac! Let me go!!! We have a lots of work! It’s so late, Cahit, and you don’t know where is Yiğit, right? You didn’t hear each other, Cahit? Dear God… If you’re so interested, call him and ask him instead you’re asking me. Let me go!!! What’s happening? Let me go! I’ll crash down house on your head! Let me go! All right, we’re here. There you go, that’s my house.Cruch it down on my head.Come on. What’s that? Yiğit, who is this? What’s happening , Yiğit? This.. Yağmur.. Yağmur what? What Yağmur? Yağmur Kozan. Who’s Yağmur Kozan?! My sister. Our sister. What sister? How? Who’s? Daughter from that dead man. Means, with that woman.. Daughter with that woman. She’s daughter of that ****, isn’t it? Take back those words or I will destroy you! Daughter of the murderer and that ****? Take back those words or I will crash you!! Get her out of here! Why did you bring her here? Get her out of here! Get her out! And you brought her here! It can’t be! What she’s doing here? It can’t be! Calm down. Calm down a little bit. All rıght? Look, Yağmur, she is my aunt. That’s why.. That’s why she hates me. Because I’m the daughter of the murderer of her sister. I am the daughter of the woman she called ****, that’s why she hates me. Why you brought me here? Is now everything all right? Look, what happened?! Tonight. Just tonight, all right? If you want you can sleep in my room tonight. Ok? Yağmur, I told you. Just tonight. And if you want to leave, I wouldn’t let you go. You’ve realized today that I won’t let you go. So, let’s not make a problem. All right. Just tonight. Child sleeps. We won’t fight now so we don’t wake him up. Just because of that. Come. I’m Elmas. I really don’t know why I brought her here. Why I didn’t let her go. Believe me, I don’t know. I wanted to ignore her when I found out she’s a daughter of that man. I was hidding that from you. That’s why I haven’t told you. She’s just a daughter of that man. Shall we call girl sister, daughter from the man we never called father? We won’t. But I have already called her sister, Cahit. The first time I saw her, when I met her, my soul wanted and I said. That’s why I brought her here. I didn’t leave her. I couldn’t leave our sister. That girl will leave! Immediately! I’ll die from angush because of my sister! She’ll leave! Here. Honey.. Don’t bother with that witch. She’s grieving now.. but if she’s not, she wouldn’t welcome you with an open arms anyway. You don’t know her. She’s very evil. You’re tired, of course. You laid down. What if you take off your make-up? That’s not good. Skin can’t breath. Here are my wipes. Will you take it off? All. And here. Now you look like a woman. Your make-up is too strong. You’re actually a little girl. A baby. Beautiful baby. How talkative you are, masha’allah. That in your mouth doesn’t stab you? Your piercing. Look, I found you pajamas. Will you change your clothes? Fine. Good night then. Ah, Elmas, you took her in your room. Great run-up. Darling, just a moment. I’ll tell you something. Just a moment. I’m pregnant. You won’t attack me while I sleep, do you? Dear God, help me.. Can’t! It can’t, as long as I live! Can’t! Aunt, please, can you speak a bit quiet? You’re not aware of what are you doing! You didn’t know what are you doing when you brought her here! I haven’t planned anything. It just happened. It’s not easy for me neather. She has noone. Her mother died too, aunt. May the ground where her mother and her father buried reject them. Aunt, it’s not proper for us to talk like that after dead onse. Don’t be so rough. I will, of course! I’ll talk! You were all just babies when my sister fighted with that ****, that bastard! You know nothing! As much that man was murderer of your mother, that much was that woman too! And what you’ve done?! You brought daughter of these killers, who has hands full of blood, in our house! Whatever they done, dear God has returned them, aunt. It’s not up to us to judge. To whom we judge? The piece of ground?! Or a poor girl whos only guilt is because she was born?! Look at the hero of my sister. Should your mother tumble under ground because of this? Mom. Aunt, don’t you dare. Don’t attack me with my mother. Send her and forget about her! She’s not your sister. She’s nothing to you! She’s daughter of murderers. Because of the milk of your mother, because of me. Send her. It’s burning! Where’s burning, Elmas? Cahit, the girl is very sick, she’s burning from fever. I got scared, closed the door and came here. Maybe it’s some flu?! God save us. What if it’s dangerous? Don’t get into that room anymore. All right? Quick, go into my room. Come here. Shower yourself right away. Damn girl! She brought her damnation with her. Yağmur, you’re burning. You’re burning. Mom.. Where are you?! Mom.. Is she very bad? I’ll call doctor. Yiğit, won’t you take her to the hospital first? I mean, she won’t stay here anyway. We’ll call doctor first. If will be necessary, we’ll take her to the hospital. It’s not time nor place to talk about it right now, Iclal. Damn it. I have to go to the company. Germans are coming today. I have a very important meeting. Ok, don’t worry. I will call doctor. I’ll take care of her, but mom? Iclal, I’m begging you. Distract aunt somehow. I’ll come soon as I finish with meeting. Just distract aunt. All right. Mom.. Sick? It’s nothing serious, insha’allah. Honey, I’ll go crazy. What if it’s hard flu?! I spent all night at the same room with her. God save you. Don’t do panic right away, but you should go to see doctor too. Anyway, you go and take shower. We’ll talk later. Turk is in charge. What’s his nickname? “Der Turke mit uberdurchschnittlicher Intelligenz”. Very conceited. Very conceited. But people are almost here and our boss still didn’t come. Sir Yiğit doesn’t care about Germans at all. I swear if our biggest project with european partners collapse we’ll have to say good-bye to someone. Don’t be afraid. You gonna get your amends. Sir Yiğit never neglects his work. He’ll come soon. You don’t have to cry. Look what conceit. No shame at all to call him ‘Sir’. It’s good we’re going with one car. We’ll talk a bit. Doctor will give something to Elmas too for protection. Don’t worry so much. All right? You won’t say anything? You didn’t say anything last night. Today you’re not talking. You just shut up. She’s not only my sister. She’s yours too.What do you think? What do you feel? Say something. About mom.. I’m thinking about mom. I’m thinking about tears she cried for that girl. Mrs Nur. Would you please like to help me to prepare room for meeting? Of course. Right away. They said the man has a nice opinion about company. What kind of a man is he? They say he’s a turkish genius. Shall we check on internet something about that man? Who is that man? It seems like he’s someone important. You don’t understand that, dear. Everything you know, I know too, darling. Excuse me, where you gratuated? College of models? Listen.. Isn’t this over yet? Sir Yiğit came. Come on, quick. Sir Fatih, is there any specific reason why are you interested in Kozan company? Yes. Of course I have a special reason. Come on brother. It’s time we get focus on work. Sir Yiğit, our guests from Germany have arrived. All right. We’re coming. You too get ready. So, only Germans are now existing. Let’s go finish this job. Come on, brother. I hope they’re not too arrogant. No, no. Welcome! Good afternoon! Welcome! Better you found. Welcome. Better You found. He’s very handsome. Charismatic. Welcome, sir Fatih. We heard a lot about You. Better found You. I also heard a lot about You. Let’s not wait anymore, if you like. Let’s get in the room for meetings. Impossible..

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  4. yiğitte artık sıkmaya başladı yaaa🤨🤔 orda nura sarılıyl burda iclala !!! Bıktım iclalın oyunlarından!!! NUR💙❤YIGIT

  5. The owls…..OMG… funny, but true…. but Elmas still needs a dose of karma…she wasn't to nice herself.

  6. NOR YAZID❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. هاي اختو لا يغييت راح تحب آمين ويارين كمان يعني الاختين راح يكونو اعداء

  8. توني ادري اني ضالمه للاطفال😢💔 ..مايفهمو كلامنا كحالتي انا الان اسمع أوأرى ولكن لاأفقه😢🇸🇦

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