Carb guide – About carbohydrates and glycemic index

title won one seat over here and i’m back with another informative video and today i’m going to talk about carbohydrates as you can see guys I have all kinds of precious cards on the table and these are my main carbohydrate sources let’s start with glycemic index every carbohydrate source has a glycemic index […]

Guava Fruit Nutrition Facts

Guava fruit is rich in vitamin Guava fruit is rich in minerals Guava fruit is rich in amino acids Guava fruit nutrition facts Data source: United States Department of Agriculture

Boost Your Nutrition with the Lifelong Vitality Pack

Awareness about healthy living continues to grow but even with increased knowledge and our best intention it can still be difficult to get all the nutrients we need. When taken together, the three components of the lifelong vitality pack are a comprehensive daily nutritional supplement that gives our bodies an extra boost. Microplex VMz is […]

5 Vitamins That Can Control Premature Graying Of Hair

Although your genes actually determine the age when your hair will start losing its natural color, in a number of cases, deficiency of certain vitamins can lead to premature graying of hair. When vitamins that are essential for production of melanin are missing from your diet, insufficient melanin synthesis will turn your hair gray. However, […]

Organic Chemistry 51C. Lecture 17. More Structure, Stereochemistry, & Reactions of Carbohydrates.

>>Good morning.>>Good morning.>>So, today I’d like to continue our discussion of the structure and stereochemistry of sugars. We’re going to then talk about reactions of sugars. And we’re going to come back at the end to look, everything works out, how Emil Fischer originally determined the structure and stereochemistry of sugars in what really was […]

Nutrition Optimization for Climbers! Ft. Eric Horst

If you haven’t known yet, I injured my finger a few weeks ago from climbing. After reading your comments, I realized the road to recovery is often in months instead of weeks. Therefore, I have been researching what else I can do to speed up the recovery besides resting and doing rehab exercises. I came […]

Making t/ Connection Chp 3 Nutrition

I’ve been working for the NHS for over 15 years now and it’s wonderful, because when I get patients sent to me who are overweight or have got heart disease or high blood pressure, I can talk to them about all the plant-based foods they can eat that will make them a lot healthier by […]


Yes guys, how we doing and welcome back To another YouTube video So if you’re new to my channel My name is Nathan Collins


Hai semuanya… Welcome back to my channel Kali ini aku mau buat donat kentang Buat kalian yang mau tahu resepnya Stay tuned terus ya Jangan lupa di klik tombol like, subscribe, dan loncengnya untuk update – update resep rumahan terbaru bahan – bahan yang diperlukan adalah 1 sdm susu bubuk 1,5 sdt ragi instant 40 […]

Watch This Before You Ever Eat At Golden Corral Again

Golden Corral is the very definition of a guilty pleasure, and sometimes, you just need all the comfort food you can eat. Whether you see it as a challenge or as something to never mention again once you walk out the door, here’s what you should know. Even if you steer clear of Golden Corral’s […]