Benefits Of B Vitamins | Critical For Good Health

Benefits Of B Vitamins | Critical For Good Health

In this video you’ll discover the benefits
on B vitamins. Hi ladies and gentleman, I’m Dr. Zyrowski
and welcome back to the channel. If you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe,
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and your life. In this video, we’re talking about the benefits
on B vitamins. B vitamins play such a huge role in our overall
health. They have a huge role physiologically, biochemically
in so many different aspects of our health and well-being so, we want to make sure that
when we look to B vitamins, that we’re getting sufficient amounts of them and so, what we’re
going to do in this video is, we’re going to talk about all the different conditions
that are highly related to B vitamins, and then we’ll also talk about some of the major
heavy hitters that you need to know about and then how I go about bringing B vitamin
levels up in the body. So, once again, when we look at these B vitamins,
it really tears me apart to see how many people are turning to very heavy treatments that
have different side effects when simply we can look at the root cause of the problem
that they’re facing and it really comes back to B vitamins. So, let’s go ahead and uncover some of the
major issues that come out of this and discuss those. First here is, immune function. So, when we look at B vitamins there’s studies
that correlate a deficiency in B vitamins to have depressed immune function and immune
activity and immune response. So basically, when we look at the immune system
if we want it to function well, if we want to stay well and not get sick from the flu
and viruses and all these different things out there, keep our immune system on alert. B vitamins are very helpful in that process. Next here is, cardiovascular disease. Whether it’s stroke, whether it’s high blood
pressure, whether it’s cholesterol, B vitamins play a huge role in our overall cardiovascular
health. So, cardiovascular conditions, cardiovascular
disease is in many times related to B vitamins. Now, I’m not saying that B vitamins in any
of these things I’m going to mention here are the sole cause, but what research has
found is that a deficiency in B vitamins is often found when they have these problems. The next here is, oxidative damage and oxidative
stress that is causing damage to the DNA. So, when we look at our DNA, our environment
is very important and if we want our DNA to express health and also express longevity
and well-being, then we want to make sure that we reduce oxidative stress in the body
because oxidative stress causes oxidative damage on the DNA and so, we want to make
sure that if we keep those B vitamins up in the body, keep those B vitamin levels up then,
as a result we’re going to have more healthy functioning DNA. Next is, neurodegeneration and I’m going to
do cognitive function, talk about those both at the same time because what studies found
is that people who have Alzheimer’s, people who have dementia essentially they also in
many times have B vitamin deficiencies and when we look at neurodegeneration, I’m using
that as a blanket statement however, there are many neurological conditions that actually
come out of a deficiency in B vitamins. So, we have to take that into consideration. When we look at cognitive function, what is
found is that people who have a B vitamin deficiency, their mental stamina seems to
be a little bit more sluggish, they’re just not as sharp. So anyway, if we want to really stay sharp
and keep our brain active, we want to make sure that we’re getting sufficient amount
of B vitamins. Next here is, chronic fatigue. So, if you’re someone who has a lot of muscle
weakness, muscle fatigue or maybe just can’t find yourself to get out of bed in the morning,
people who have big crashes throughout the day, a B vitamin deficiency can play a role
in that. Also, rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve seen first-hand what happens when you
start taking someone who has rheumatoid arthritis and they start supplementing with vitamin
B because it really helps a lot and these same people who have rheumatoid arthritis,
it’s often times sad because they’re getting every treatment thrown at them except looking
at, you know, do they have an inflammatory problem that needs to be worked on, oxidative
distress, deficiencies and healthy diet and so on and so forth. And so, we look at rheumatoid arthritis once
again, studies correlate that to have a deficiency in B vitamins as well. Next is, carpel tunnel. This one was a little bit unexpected but carpel
tunnel is associated with a decrease in B vitamins. When we look at pregnancy, what was found
is that women who are pregnant essentially what happens is, throughout their pregnancy
as the pregnancy progresses what happens is, their B vitamins actually become more and
more low in their body so they start to develop a deficiency and so anyway, making sure that
when you’re pregnant, you’re getting suffice amounts of B vitamins is always very powerful
because there’s a lot of different congenital health issues that can come associated with
B vitamins and so, we want to make sure to avoid those different congenital anomalies
that we go and make sure we have proper amounts of B vitamins in the body. Now, the last one here is, stress and anxiety. And, this one again, is one of those issues
that tear me apart. There’s so many people who are experience
just chronic, chronic stress on a daily basis and instead of going to their doctor and finding
some simple solutions, more natural solutions that are really looking for the root cause
of some of these problems, they typically find themselves on all these different prescriptions
that are leading to all types of different side effects. So anyway, recently just had an experience
with a patient where they’re like, I can’t go on these different prescriptions because
they’re going to take away my job if I do that. And so, as a result, we started using some
different natural methods, you know, what’s your diet look like, what about B stress vitamins? You’re stressed out of your mind, what about
B stress vitamins. So anyway, it helped him significantly to
go and reduce his stress by going in and taking a B stress complex. So, once again, it’s very important to make
sure we have sufficient amount of B vitamins in the body. Now, when we look at B vitamins, you know,
we look at these issues, a lot of the issues and the research is citing these specific
B vitamins, B1, B2, 6, 9, 12. These are like the major heavy hitters that
are associated with a lot of these problems and it’s not all of them together and it’s
not just one single B vitamin single handily, maybe it’s like a B1 and B6 and a B2 and a
B12 and so, basically when I work with people and we used supplementation there’s two way
we do it. For one, what we us is a B stress complex
that has these heavy hitters in it, okay. But then, we also for people who have more
B deficiency problems, we use something called B 16. B 16 actually has all 16 B vitamins. Now, there is more than 16 B vitamins however,
it has 16 B vitamins in it. So, like if you get the B stress complex that
we use, it’s going to have these heavy hitters in but if you’re someone who needs that extra
support, then the B16 is great and I have reason to believe too that when we look at
the B16, it’s powerful simply because when we have all these different B vitamins, they
support each other, they have like a synergistic effect in raising each other up, raising the
level of B vitamins in the body. So, for the average person the B vitamin stress
complex that has these ones right here in it are really great but then for the people
who need that extra support, the B16 that has 16 different version of B vitamins is
really, really powerful. I’ll put a link to those in the description
below. But what you need to know is that B vitamins
are very, very important to the body. They play an enormous role in your overall
health and they’re very important. So, give this video a thumbs up. If you have any questions, put it in the comments
section below. Be sure to subscribe to my channel here and
then, check out my other videos as to how you can improve your health. I’ll see you in the next video.

33 thoughts on “Benefits Of B Vitamins | Critical For Good Health

  1. I take the b complex of SOLGAR but because it has high amounts of b vitamins, I take 1 pill every other day. Dr. Nick what is your opinion in that?

  2. This info is vital for those who feel weak and to boost their immune system . I just started taking this supplement. Hoping to feel a better me ! Thank you so much Doc for imparting this info ๐Ÿค—. GOD bless you ๐Ÿ’•

  3. Thank you for sharing. My cousin is pregnant and she has carpal tunnel i did tell her to increase b vitamins what would you recommend?

  4. Hi doc .I m trying for pregnancy .now shall I take pills for vit B complex or shall I take through food. what are the foods are supplying vit B complex

  5. You can very easily make a basic salad dressing using nutritional yeast, extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce. Almost every store-bought salad dressing uses some cheap unhealthy oil and added sugar.

  6. If you want to take it back further, gluten causes malabsorption in the gut and therefore is common in all those conditions (as well as many more). Just google Gluten followed by the condition. Dr Perlmutter wrote Grain Brain (Neurologist), Dr Wm Davis wrote Wheat Belly (cardiologist) and Dr Peter Osborne has a huge website showing all these links to gluten. Hope this helps.

  7. METFORMIN used to treat diabetes blocks B1 (neuropathy) and decreases B12 (energy).
    Try Berberine instead.
    Less side effects.
    I have no diarrhoea, nausea or stomach upset/pain which at times was excruciating. It can exhaust the pancreas and then you have to upgrade to insulin. Berberine is natural and is more effective especially for weight loss. Research it and aim for 3 x day (total 1,500mg).
    In Australia, Flannerys will order it for you. It is made by Thorne. It is expensive at $67 with 500mg each. 60 capsules/bottle.
    Online, Piping Rock company has a great deal with two bottles for $34. Each bottle contains 120 capsules with 400mg each.

  8. I love your vids man. I have a question. When I pinch my skin on my stomach or leg I feel these little bums under my skin. Recently I have been doing internment fasting. So are those little bumps fat reserves? And I losing weight or gaining

  9. Hi Doctor , i like brewer yeast but it cause me some gas , should i still take it or the gas is an indicator that its not safe to me ?

  10. Thanks doc.
    What can I do when im taking about 7 different vitamins,, for different things do I just carry on wth all these&does it matter how
    many vitamins I take? Isnt their just one big multi vitamin/mineral tab I can take for everything? Thankyou so much..frm uk england.

  11. Dr Nick I have a question like always.
    Can my husband take his daily multivitamin with a B complex?
    Hope you may answer my question I would really really appreciate it.
    Thank you!

  12. Hi explain clearly about vit.b how it is importannt to our body..
    Do you think that vit. B12 is ok with person having drinking a tuberculosis medicine..tnx doc

  13. And if you don't mind me asking what is the recommended dosage of vitamin B complex you should take

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