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today I want to talk about the idea that
the type of carb you eat actually matters hello everyone welcome to
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subscribing so that you’ll know when my next videos come out it’s a very basic
idea eating feels your body yet we can’t seem
to agree on what we should eat to fuel our body so today I thought I would talk
a little bit about the different types of carbs and the things that I’ve
learned along the way of doing a ketogenic lifestyle that I feel can help
people who are not sure how to apply their ketogenic lifestyle in a way
that’s helping them to be at the weight they would like to be cows typically eat
grass and when farmers allow their cows to eat only grass they end up being
quite lean grass is a carbohydrate ok when a farmer wants their cow to be
fatter so that the the muscle need which is what we eat so the the steaks or
whatever can be nice and marbled and tastes delicious when we cook them the
farmer starts feeding the cow grains grains are carbohydrate so if a cow eats
carbs depending on the carbons eating it affects its body differently now one of
the things that I constantly hearing people argue about is this idea that
carbs are healthy and we shouldn’t be limiting ourselves on carbs but I want
to point out that in this particular example what we’re seeing is that the
cow which is not eating anything else it’s eating carbs vs. carbs has a very
different physiological reaction to eating grass versus grains another
example we have is that if you feed a duck grains its liver becomes fatty
that’s how we produce foie gras now the reason I’m talking about this is I want
you to stop and consider cows are animals humans are animals it only makes
sense there would be certain carbs that affect
a human one way and yet a different carb could affect a human a different way we
are all animals and different foods affect us differently and I’m a great
example of that I can’t eat nightshades some reason I eat a nightshade and I
have a huge reaction there’s something in nightshades that affects me
differently now I know this because I’ve gone periods of time without eating any
and then when I eat them I have a big reaction well you know plants don’t want
to be eaten so for some reason I think that I react to those lectins that they
put into that are in nightshades so that I shouldn’t be eating that there are
also people who have reactions to lactose again myself being one of them
and so I have to avoid lactose as well again not everyone has a scenario some
people can eat dairy no reaction some people can eat nitrates no reaction
every person is an animal and as an animal we have reactions to certain
foods and we’d have don’t have reactions to other foods
what’s important is understand that not every food is created equal so then not
every carbohydrate is gonna have the same reaction for us one of the major
sugars that has a huge reaction for humans is fructose and every human has a
reaction the same reaction to fructose that we’re not aware that we’re having
so let’s talk about that reaction you see unlike those other things I named a
few minutes ago where some people react and some people don’t everyone only
metabolizes fructose in their liver that’s a huge important detail that is
often overlooked when people are talking about the carb versus low calorie
situation because if I only focus on bringing my calories down and I’m not at
all focused on whether or not I’m allowing myself to eat carbs then I’m
not even gonna be focusing on what kind of carbs I’m ingesting why it’s
important that our liver is the only part of our body that metabolizes
fructose is C let’s say for example I did eat a fruit what
I wouldn’t do but let’s say I did I eat an apple half of that Apple is fructose
and half of that Apple is glucose that means it when I eat the Apple my whole
body is able to metabolize the glucose but only my liver is Rima Taba lysing
the fructose we are not aware that this is happening but every time that our
liver is metabolizing fructose it’s taking it it’s breaking it down and it’s
storing it as fat in the liver now the liver is not a place that should
be collecting fat and unfortunately there are a lot of people who end up
with fatty liver disease from two sources that the most prominent being
two sources it’s not the only reason I’m sure but david moore is alcohol because
alcohol again only metabolized in the liver turned into fat and then fructose
only metabolized in the liver turned into fat so i want us to understand that
when we allow ourselves to eat fructose we are actually allowing our liver to be
overloaded because it has to process that fructose because remember if FERC
toast is still a sugar and it needs to be taken out of the blood like right
away so what’s frustrating is that the liver will try to you know ship out the
fat to ourselves and it will also try to ship out the fat and it will store
something and eventually when it can’t store it anymore and it can’t ship out
anymore the liver will try to ship it off to the pancreas and when that can’t
store anymore then we end up with diabetes and it’s a very frustrating
situation because now we have to take a medication to force our body to store
the fat that it needs to store but remember we’ve already overloaded our
liver and our pancreas and our body cells so we’re actually now it’s like
we’re blowing a balloon up and we know we’re blowing it up past the point of
which is gonna burst but we have to keep blowing it up because we have to get the
sugar out of our blood and into something right for safe storage so in
the news we’ve been made aware that high fructose corn syrup is very dangerous it
contributes to fried liver disease and most doctors most people
in the health world will tell you do your very best to avoid ingesting high
fructose corn syrup which means you should cut down on soda which means you
should cut down on anything and even eliminate if possible anything that has
harmful descriptor it is accepted that that is not a healthy thing for you to
eat what I find frustrating is high fructose corn syrup which is comprised
of 55% glucose and 45% fructose is being focused on and being and we’re being
told don’t ingest this when sugar so table sugar is 50% glucose and 50%
fructose it actually has more fructose in it than high fructose corn syrup and
we are not being told to run away from table sugar like the plague we are not
being told to stop eating cookies and cakes and why we villainize high
fructose corn syrup although I don’t think we should ingest it obviously but
we don’t equally villainize table sugar is beyond me I’m not sure if it’s
because table sugar is used in almost every product that we produce and so if
we villainized it then we would really have to stop purchasing almost
everything that we purchase in stores and that would harm finance that would
harm governments that would harm everything but table sugar actually has
more fructose in it than high fructose corn syrup
it’s important for us to understand that sometimes we’re getting information
that’s contradictory it’s important for us to understand that if we’re going to
take care of our health we need to educate ourselves and then do the things
that are going to help us to make the best choices as I mentioned earlier
fruit is the other food that has a super high concentration of fructose and
interestingly most fruits that we eat today have been genetically engineered
to be sweeter to encourage us to eat them unfortunately then decreasing the
value of the actual food so yes fructose in a fruit is about half of the fruit
being fructose except when you get to those better
glycaemic fruits like the berries they they have a bit less sugar in them I’m
encouraging you you need to take your decisions about how much fruit you’re
gonna allow into your life vegetables also have fructose in them but it’s such
a smaller amount as you can tell by the flavor of vegetables it’s a much less
amount of fructose so carbohydrates in general much less amount so our body can
process some fructose it’s when we overload our body that we get into
trouble if we’re having vegetables and we’re not eating fruit and we’re not
eating excess sugars as processed sugars then our liver is more than able to
process the carbs that we’re eating and excrete what we need to extry and be
healthy I’m asking you to pay attention to what you’re eating I’m asking you to
pay attention to the type of carbs that you’re eating so that you can make the
best possible choice foods impact on the body has to be taken into consideration
the same way that changing the carb fattens the cow changing the carb fat is
a human it’s normal to eat fruit it’s normal to eat vegetables but in our
history we wouldn’t have eaten the amount of fruit that we eat today and it
wouldn’t have been extra sweet like it is today in our history we wouldn’t have
had access to these things year-round in our history we didn’t have access to
processed sugar like syrups and sugar and you know we had only access to the
sugar in a natural food so changing the carb source does matter we’ve created
the situation where most people on the planet have insulin resistance it’s
actually more common to have it than to not have it and we have to accept
responsibility for that the fact that we have increased the amount of processed
carbs that we eat has led to this scenario and the only way to address it
is to be conscious of it and take actual decisions to change the way that we’re
eating that means limiting the amount processed carbohydrates that we eat as
well as worries is important for us to understand how food affects us and then
make our decisions about what we’re going to eat that means that we need to
pay attention to the source of our carbohydrates the type of carbohydrates
that we’re eating glucose versus lactose versus whatever else and the amount of
carbohydrates that we allow into our bodies I really hope you found this
video helpful if you did please consider subscribing and I want to thank you for
watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet
I’ll talk to you in the next video

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