Biceps Size Genetics Test (GET YOUR RESULTS!)

Biceps Size Genetics Test (GET YOUR RESULTS!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So are you ready for the hard truth about
how big your biceps are going to be? I don’t care how hard you train them. There’s a test. The test is the finger test. This could tell you everything you need t
know about how big your biceps can be. You ready to take it with me? Get your arm – sit up – get your arm here,
bend it 90 degrees, and then put your finger in the space here at the end of your bicep
and your forearm. Can you get one finger in there? I can’t. I actually need to put more than one, so I’ve
got two. Two fingers fills the space for me without
overlapping. Some people might even be able to put three
in. The idea is, if you can fit more than one
you’re in rough shape my friend, as far as how big your biceps can get. Before you start getting really, really depressed
about how big your biceps can be, let me ease your mind a little bit. The test is bullshit. See, a lot of times people will spew this
advice out – we like to call it “Bro Science” – but they’ll spew this advice out in the
gym and it does nothing but discourage you from wanting to train, and train hard. I’ve seen people tell me “Jeff, I can’t. I stopped training my biceps because I have
a three finger gap there, which means I’m never going to have a good looking bicep.” That’s bullshit. You never should have stopped in the first
place because the advice is wrong. All you’re trying to do here, and all you’re
actually getting information on, is how the muscle bellies sit in your arm, or how long
your muscle belly is genetically. It is a genetic component. Our muscle belly length is genetic. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t develop
what’s there. If you have a shorter muscle belly, supposedly
more than one finger – two finger muscle belly – you’re going to have a shorter looking
bicep. But guess what? If you developed it, it’s going to peak. It’s going to come up and become a peakier
bicep, which a lot of people prefer in the first place. If you have a longer insertion here, you’re
going to get one that actually fills this gap up. You’re going to have a one finger gap in there,
and if you develop that you’re not going to have as tall of a bicep, but you’re going
to have a fuller bicep. But none of this should discourage you from
training in the first place. Bad advice if you’ve ever stopped because
of that. So what you can do is, you can influence the
shape of your bicep because of the fact that your genetics are dictating how long, or short
your tendons are, but your development of your bicep, guys, that’s just hindered by
your effort level. The amount of effort that you put into your
workouts in training your biceps. So here’s the last little bit of advice for
you. Number one, obviously, don’t ever get discouraged
about it. Number two, if you happen to have a longer
bicep and you wish you had a peakier bicep all you have to do is start training that
long head a little bit more. We can do that by getting our long head in
stretch with an exercise like an inclined dumbbell curl. It’s going to preferentially hit the long
head of the biceps an allow you to get that backside a little bit taller, right? And maximize what you have. You’re already lacking that height because
you have a longer, fuller bicep, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to develop
the weakness, or the weaker area of your bicep. You could also do that by having your hands
in closer while your elbows are tucked while doing your curls, to try to hit, more preferentially,
the outer, or longer head of the bicep. For those that have the peakier bicep, but
are wishing they had a little bit more fullness, well, you could do exercises that place your
biceps out in front of you. Put your arms out in front of you. Like a spider curl. Right here, you could actually hit this short
head, which is going to add some more bulk, and beef to the biceps, as well as the obvious
hammer curls. You might have to do a lot more hammer curls
than somebody else, just to try to beef up the bicep, by bulking up the brachialis underneath. You see, there’s always a training strategy,
but you’re never waiving the white flag because of some test driven by Bro Science that’s
telling you you’re doomed because you could fit a finger, or two, or three, or four, or
whatever. Guys, I hope you’ve found this video helpful,
and most of all encouraging because you should never let that kind of stuff dictate how you
train. Always train hard and no matter what, I don’t
care how you look, what the shape of your arms are genetically – the shape of your
muscle bellies are – you’re going to look damn good if you train and eat right. Head to right now if you want
a training program that puts the science back in strength, tells it to you the way it is. No bullshit. It’s over at Day by day meal plans, workouts, everything
you need. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful, make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. Also let me know, have you tried the test? I did, I fell for it way back when I was in
high school. But I promise you, never again. All right, guys. I’ll talk to you soon. Oh, by the way, one last punchline. You want to know another guy who’s pretty
good? He had a two finger gap here in his biceps. I’ll leave you with a picture. You might recognize who he is. All right, guys. I’ll see you again soon.

100 thoughts on “Biceps Size Genetics Test (GET YOUR RESULTS!)

  1. My left biceps have 2 finger gap and has a great peak like an egg..But right biceps are gud in finger gap and nicely elongated can i make left biceps elongated..

  2. thank you so much I did some bullshit tests in middle of night and I cant sleep cuz of this tests its says me I have 3 4 finger gap I cant make muscles I gived my 5 hour to research and I find your video Im 14 years old my wrist 17 cm height 1.75 and Im 65 kg Im a little bit fat but bullshit test say Im thin wtf its this can my gap close later ?

  3. All bullshit aside, I can fit 2 on my right and 1 on my left bicep haha. My left arm does ”look” bigger when relaxed but right one has a more impressive look and peak when flexed

  4. I have a 2 finger gap too but seeing you Jef always encourages me to do more and keep training for my objectives. Thanks Jef you’re a great man

  5. But how does this relate to height? I would think the gap must become wider the taller you are, just because proportions! And it's not like peoples' fingers are all the same width either…

  6. Why is he taking shots at BroScienceLife? That channel is not actual fitness advice, his channel is suppose to make the gym more approachable for people.

  7. was about to start crying and pick up a career in cat owning when i had three fingers fitting and then he said "the test, is bullshit" and it felt like the world just became a better place

    i like ur videos but this video i m not agree with u bcos even aftr lot of true effort n good diet.. i hv not gained good biceps.. nor gud triceps.. in over 1 n half year of regular training rather my other body parts looks at best i can achieve naturally.. n without supplements

    I expected a good change a bit for my biceps n triceps.. but the fact n result is so demotivating only for my arms.

  9. This video is 3 years old but it's helping me right now. I got super depressed because I realized I had short bicep insertions.

  10. My 3 finger gaps make me recruit muscles I shouldn't be lifting with at times. I have a bad back, my bro & dad do also. They have gaps like mine.
    I'll shrug my shoulders when lifting something that should only require biceps, also bad for lower back, keeping a high center of gravity & not keeping planted. When my arms hang they don't look too bad, and I consciously made corrections to my posture to engage them more, & it feels nice letting them hang and stretch then contract & lift all the while my grip & forearms work well.
    I'm suspicious with my brand of muscles, which applies to my legs just as much btw, that these genetics make for a shorter pecker, too. I'm serious, maybe someone else can relate to that.
    Thanks man, a good deed; much needed 🐠

  11. i have a short bicep like you do and it makes my bicep look freakish like yours. Ladies absolutely love short biceps. My curl has been natural strong ass fuck and my bicep strength never goes away even i stop lifting for a long time. My bicep, triceps, and lats are unrealistically strong for my body build and body size. My shoulders are strong but nothing too impressive. My chest is narrow and my chest strength is nothing to brag about but not wimp strength. I fluctuate from 194 to 200 lbs at 6 foot tall and normal body fat percentage. I can curl a 50 lbs dumbell for 20 reps on one arm with out leaning back. 50s are literally light AF for me.

  12. When I first saw this video, the gap in my biceps was 4 fingers.
    Now it's 2 fingers.
    2 years, 2 finger reduction.
    100% broscience bullshit, grow your biceps and forearms to reduce the gap.

  13. thank you so much jeff i was so depressed when i found out that the biceps gap is the reason why my arms doesn’t look good till i found this video 2 months ago and I started doing the exercises you have mentioned and i swear its %100 better

  14. I always imagined I had a bad insertion for hardly fitting a single finger so I appreciate the tip on how to keep the bicep in a stretch to work on the peak I'm severely lacking 🙁

  15. This actually made me feel better and gave importance. Each time I workout at my bicep, my 3 Finger gap discouraged me, but I focused on hammer curls and 3 months later It was a 2 finger. I know it ain’t much, but goes to show you can’t be discourage by defected genetics

  16. Is it normal to have a gab on one bicep and then the other one be normal? That’s how mine are and I’m trying to figure out why I don’t just have gaps on both side instead of just one

  17. I guess I can fit 2 but my biceps look great. I have a nice peak growing and they look fine and thick. Your arms overall will look great if you’re building your triceps to being the proper 2/3 of your arm aswell.

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