Can I daily vlog?

Can I daily vlog?

so I think I’m gonna post some more I’m
gonna post more look at that going to document or just watching YouTube
scaredy g20 a lot of large watching YouTube charity P this morning
we were women I found quite a few women that are like badass doing what they the
badass just doing it like they’re pursuing YouTube hard need to do that I
would just activate Siri announce occur to write a note look at my calendar today it’s going to
be very busy meeting attention today Thursday missed it ever this week he’s
been kind of crazy but started by car ahead of time just in case you never
know never know if you want your seat warmer on when I start to notice all
these things I’m like putting off throughout the week college through the
weekend and weekend goes by and I don’t do them that’s when I need to wake up
and be like she’s really freaking make a list and smash it and then I will feel
so much better of course
Alex castaway let you check her out Oh anchor stuff somewhere around here so
you should really make sure to catch up on all of your okay guys so let’s take a
few days off daily with an Asterix vlogging situation earth documenting
it’s funny because the second I started thinking about this
it’s like wave links with other youtubers are just so in sync so Cody I
started talking about story we’re just documenting it was like exactly what I
was struggling with I’m like I want to create more videos but I work a 9 to 5
job so like where is the story there especially if it’s repetitive and I
can’t take my camera like with me like you to person could
ever like at a meeting you know like there and back it’s just that big chunk
of my day can’t really be touched so what can I have a story before and after
and like what’s the lesson and all these things but I’m just gonna I’m just gonna
turn the switch in my head from like story to documenting for a little bit
and see how it goes and I think it will allow me to push more out get closer to
daily and then see I feel I kind of related
right now I’m related to running because before running sounded so like so much
I’m like I have to wake up in the morning run get dressed get whatever the
temperature was I mean the summer was really easy was the same everyday go out
but I had to build up to that routines and I just see this video making the
same way right now I have to just like come up with story on Thursday shoot
edit whatever that feels like a lot more effort but if I feel just make it part
of my routine which Alex just talks about and like her video two days ago
about fitness in that way if you fit it into your routine along with your
entrepreneurship and making videos whatever it is it just will become one
so I’m basically going to try and have two jobs every day not every day not
yeah I’m practicing I’m practicing but I do have plans
for december to work how many jobs do you have how many jobs do you have chant just one job come on top really you’ve
served I use to write you and your it’s late and were your older siblings also

15 thoughts on “Can I daily vlog?

  1. Adrian cool video yes post more I love watching your YouTube channel your cool to watch, love your two dogs there so cute, Adrian thank u for posting videos I enjoy watching them, much love to u & your wife…

  2. I'm pretty sure the ARCrew will be with you all the way in whatever you decide to do.I know whenever I get the notification it makes my day.OK.cheers.

  3. The more you do it, the more it will feel natural. I am really looking forward to your vids ! BTW, your dogs are soooo cute !!!

  4. I love it! I myself have been constantly thinking about these things, about what my big goals are and how to practice and work my way up to them. This stuff can't always happen overnight and that's okay. I am excited to follow you on this journey always, you know I stand with ya, and I hope that by continuing to watch you grow I learn something myself. Thanks for always putting out content, creating or documenting, that inspires and sparks thought. <3 til next vlog

  5. you could tell Chance and Zoey (sp?) about the lesson of your day, like before bed. gather round, puppies–time for lesson/story time………… lame or nah? LOL mostly I just want your dogs to be in the vlogs as much as possible.

  6. Why not just film your morning thing? your wake up. your ugh lets go run. take cam with and if something interesting happens you can catch it and if not well nothing ventured. After the 9-5 your wind down thing. Time you spend with Blare if she is up for that. Time with the pouches. In this routine you might find your groove. I think you keep thinking along the lines of "event" style filming instead of just life happening filming. From my observations People want to see other people lives the peeps they get the more they want. Thank you for sharing

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