Carbohydrates – Part 1

Carbohydrates are not your enemies. Hi, and welcome back to my channel. If you
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going to talk about carbohydrates. Because this is a big topic, I broke it
down into three videos. Therefore, in this video, I will talk about simple
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Thank you, and let’s roll! Carbohydrates, or carbs for short, are made of carbon,
hydrogen, and oxygen, and they are the major source of fuel, or energy, for your
body. Their general chemical formula is (CH2O)n with n representing the number of
CH2O units in the molecule. There are two main types of carbs, and they are the
simple carbs, which are sugars, and complex carbs, which the starch and fiber are, and in this video we are going to stick to the simple carbs. Simple carbohydrates. Simple carbs are the sugars formed in
fruits, milk, and other foods and they are divided into two groups: monosaccharides
and disaccharides. Monosaccharides consist of a single sugar molecule and
the most common ones are glucose, fructose, and galactose. Glucose, also
called dextrose, is the most common of the monosaccharides. Glucose is found in
vegetables, honey and fruits, and it plays a key role in your body as it provides
energy to cells for vital body functions. Glucose in the form of glycogen is also
the only fuel that your brain uses to function except during prolonged
starvation where your body uses fat for fuel instead because of the scarcity of
glucose in that instance. Though glucose is a monosaccharide it usually joins other sugars to form disaccharides. Fructose, also called levulose, or fruit
sugar, is the sweetness of the monosaccharides. It is found in fruits
and vegetables, and is also used as an additive to sweeten many foods such as
soft drinks, fruit beverages, jams, candies etc…. Galactose, which rarely occurs as a
monosaccharide in food is usually chemically bonded to glucose to form
lactose, the sugar found in milk. Disaccharides consists of two
monosaccharides that are chemically joined by condensation and the most
important ones in your nutrition are the following: sucrose, which is mostly known
as table sugar and is composed of a joint of two molecules: glucose and
fructose. This is also the sugar usually referred to when listed on food labels
as sugars. Lactose the milk sugar is composed of glucose and galactose as
previously stated. It is also worth noting that because it has a higher
concentration of lactose human milk is sweeter than cow’s milk. Maltose,
sometimes called malt sugar, is composed of two molecules of glucose and is formed
when long molecules of starch break down. to summarize, carbohydrates are the major
source of fuel for your body and they exist in two categories: the simple
carbohydrates, which we covered here and the complex carbohydrate, which we will
cover in the next video within this series. Do you enjoy simple sugars? If
so, let me know in which form in the comments
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