Casually Explained: Being Healthy

Casually Explained: Being Healthy

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  1. 4:50 oh man, I was so expecting you to finish this sentence with "…or both because they have become one and the same thing."

  2. What I learned from this video –

    Pros to veganism: it's nice to the animals and eh… yeah…
    Pros to the carnivorous diet: very good for weight loss, autoimmune disorders, arthritis and certain types of depression

  3. I started doing workouts because it genuinely made me feel good and improved my focus and ability to sleep.

    The problem is that my body wants more, so I have to continually escalate otherwise I stop getting the feelgoods, when in reality I just wanna sit on my ass and play an RPG for a hundred hours while eating nothing but pizza and Chinese food.

  4. A blueberry smoothie would for sure have stopped Steve Irwin’s heart from getting pierced by a 5 foot barb

  5. All things considered, pretty accurate. No diet has really been studied long term!

    I'm on a carnivorous diet as it keeps my auto-immune issues in check.

    I've no clue about the crypto-currency link – think it's due to Amber O'Hearn once being married to the one of the founders of Bitcoin? Could be wrong!

  6. Why did i come across this video while making a presentation for bioligy about Carbon macromolecules (fats, proteins and other stuff)

  7. I love this guy’s humor, I’ve never seen someone give jokes so serious that makes you actually believe it’s true

  8. Alcohol has calories, but it wont make you fat. Burning it will create energy, thus it has calories. But its not digested in the same way as fat or sugar. This extra effort to digest alcohol actually drains energy from the body. Look at the male population of Russia. Is it fat?

  9. Keto diet studies have shown autistic scores improve over just a few months of the diet. (However being autistic myself I cannot tell you of the horrible shits this diet will give you.)

  10. His only argument against veganism was the factor that you may not get the macronutrients you need but if you do veganism the right way, you’re 100% fine and healthy and get your macros. GO VEGAN

  11. Vegetarianism – limited food choice unless you're in India where there's more choice between pickles and chutneys alone against all of European cuisine 😆 This video almost qualifies for a nutrition class.

  12. > Vegetarianism is nice to the animals
    Yeah, they totally don’t pay for grinding up baby chicken alive and for separating calves from their mothers, and later slaughtering said calves and mothers for rennet for their cheese and meat.

  13. Sometimes I truly think CE is just making a really snarky research projects for class and blessing the YouTube community by sharing.

  14. Dont you feel like your cortisol spikes and is out of wack for the rest of the day if you dont eat breakfast. The time you eat in the day doesnt effect nutrient intake or total calories but will effect energy levels. Eating too much at one time will also not be great for digestion.

  15. Wait. So if the human body Burns ROUGHLY 2000-2500 calories a day and ROUGHLY 3500 calories are in a pound. Does that mean that if I don't eat for a week I'll lose ROUGHLY 5 pounds

  16. As a registered dietitian, that was legit pretty good. I’m not sure if you’re trying to take the piss or not. If you are, you were accidentally pretty educational and accurate.

  17. Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal because it prevents fatigue and your sugar dropping but that all depends on what you eat for breakfast. Oh sugar dropped and cause you to crave something to give you energy really quickly and there’s usually fat sugars and carbs because that’s where your body gets his energy from which causes people to eat high calorie foods during lunch as a lot of people have sedentary jobs it also aid in weight gain and crash later on. Typically an American breakfast is very unhealthy would you want to eat in the lean protein of some kind some whole foods and a whole grain because the fiber and proteins digest slowly and will keep you feeling full longer and the slow breakdown of the foods and distribution of the sugars will keep you from feeling fatigue before lunch time. And this isn’t stuff I googled I’m an executive chef in the healthcare industry I work alongside a lot of dietitians and I’m also in school getting my masters in human dietetics.

    So it’s not really that breakfast is the most important issues helps with providing your body energy in a constant stream throughout the day as you work to go to school or whatever. All of your meals are equally important. But once you missed breakfast it has kind of a domino effect on what you eat throughout the day and how you feel

    There’s also on no proof that the keto diet does this this still ongoing research on and honestly is built just like the Atkins diet and I wouldn’t recommend it’s one of my clients.

  18. why did i go to college for a nutrition degree and waste four years of my life when i could have just watched this video smh

  19. what's interesting is that those with heart issues (such as myself) Doctors oddly recommend cardiovascular training to keep in shape. seems counter-productive but actually makes sense as it protects your heart later when it tries to explode on you.

  20. Basically new age cali diets .. In which is sold to the middle class to scam them out of their money 🙂 kinda like how organic food works.. When you look how "new age" works, its easy to scam people how of their money, once that scam picks up ground with famous people, then it becomes famous..kinda like religions, scientology good example, started out as new age, thus what we have today with movie stars……

    Since people have "wealth" now, they are allowed "options" to choose.

  21. I can build up muscle pretty fast, if I workes out, I'd be a fucking mountain, although not in hight, because in really fucking short.

  22. I take superfoods in pill form that claim to give you natural energy and I can honestly say it works. I feel great 😀 lots of nutrients have me feeling strong as possible, Naturally that is.

  23. How about the quick and easy diet?
    Fast food twice a day every day. Occasionally three times a day.
    That's what my roomie does. Literally I shit you not. And hes still lanky.

  24. I am not an expert, but I am good at biology.

    1 – Eat everything. We are animals who lived in constant fight for resources. We are familiar with eating anything at anytime cause most of the time there were no food. That means that you simply need to eat dvery time you are hungry and a little in reserve if you won't eat for a while. Simple. I eat whatever comes in handy. Mostly meat cause it has most of what you need (animals were alive because they had everything in them, duh) and I don't mind any sort of vegetables.

    2 – Yeah, I got weight with depression and headache and for a year was doing gym to drop from 138 to 105 kilo. 33 kilo in one year. For my 187cm height it is ok already. How you do that? Hate yourself. Excercise how your anciestors did. Run while you can, lift what you can for as lond as you can, do every sort of activities. That won't give you a perfect body but for sure make you healthier, cause this sort of things is natural. Just burn that shit like you are a fucking hunter and all'll be fine.

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