Chetosi fisiologica e Chetoacidosi Quali differenze #Bernardisintegratori

Chetosi fisiologica e Chetoacidosi Quali differenze #Bernardisintegratori

one of the most frequent questions that although you/they are set us it is if the chetosi were dangerous now the chetosi you/he/she must be distinguished from the chetoacidosi they are two conditions metabolic exactly opposite 1 her chetosi in which the body produces in way physiological the bodies chetonici when for a fast prolonged both eliminates the quota practically of carbohydrates and therefore him sugars and therefore you miss that glucose what once entered inside her/it cell suffers agricultural he is then one following determination ossidativa of the in general piru because from the grigoli him of the glucose you/they are formed two molecules deprived that then decarbossilasi therefore it is almost a trial putrefattivo her of gabor quotation ossidativa practically you/he/she is detached the atom of carbon and a atom of carbon and it is formed to the citt the coenzima this there is the coenzima practically the point becomes then of departure together with the zsa the acetate practically to form the citrato and to give away inside the mitocondrio to the cycle of craps to produce energy in presence of oxygen practically producing divides carbonic of it and water and producing so many molecules of atp her chetosi since sugar doesn’t arrive anymore practically from the from the blood in way this way the plentiful one but it owes but the glicemia curtains to lower you/he/she must be practically reconstructed the quota glicemica inside the blood therefore the difference among a normal glicemia maintained by a continuous relationship of sugars it is instead a release of mine that you/he/she is reconstructed by our organism and it happens really to level mitocondriale where the cep of the coenzima practically what it arrives instead from the beta oxidation of the of fats it practically comes to be without bones the acetate because it comes to to be without you/he/she will be quoted because him same br will practically be thrown to to tie with the alone one quoted that it is not in degree to cross only the barrier the barrier mitocondriale comes transformed uniting himself/herself/itself to the Scottish skies but in citrato and brought inside the cytoplasm to be transformed in mallon the coenzima the malone the coenzima turned into fruit and surrender windy the what from what practically it comes then to do practically departs you the synthesis of the glucose and therefore the mole I browse genesio group neurogenesi whose and by it is one by metabolic exactly opposite inverse better the exact term inverse to that of the agricultural ones him that it brings to the formation from the glucose of molecules active therefore what it happens inside the mitocondrio he/she knows him/it the acetate is subtracted for to reconstruct her/it the glicemia but this is only acetate it arrives not through the sugar glucose but it arrives from the quota of amminoacidi that we introduce with our proteins then the difference between an and we diabetic which is a difference substantial that that of the diabetic not he/she succeeds in entering the sugar practically the glucose to the inside of the cells and they don’t even succeed to to practically enter clear way him aminoacidi and the sugar he/she remains all to the of out practically of the cell and practically we will have then one condition of my well different matrix from that that happens in the state of what you shear physiological in which instead from him aminoacidi that penetrates to the inside some cell is practically formed that quota of or I am approved that then it will practically serve in the by neogruppo genetics for pre to synthesize the glucose and they put again in circle then in the diabetic we have one condition than for decades to and the incapability of the glucose to enter inside the cell in the person normal we will have the transformation instead of the aminoacidis in glucose maintaining constant the glicemia and the difference among the chetosi to I ask her/it if he is not just in this mechanism fo substantial and her that the bodies chetonici is practically for us they will be her/it physiological condition to produce energy and to save glucose because the our organism saves the glucose in the diabetic there is not instead the use of the glucose there is a condition iperglicemica that hands then to the glicosuria for which inside the urines of a patient diabetic we won’t find only the bodies chetonici as we have us you condition physiological but we will find as of it and we will practically find above all also the glucose glucose anybody her 250 unities therefore we are speaking of one opposite condition exactly among her chetosi and the metabolic chetoacidosi her church metabolic acidosis is one condition typical of the diabetes insulino dependent that is the diabetes type 1 that it doesn’t depend on the feeding but from the incapability of the cells the lack insulino and therefore rich page to make to enter the glucose her cells in aspires him and the other case shown to believe instead if we won’t have only a production beginning from her circulation of bodies chetonici because we have inside my account and one reduction practically of fossano acetate that has been used departing from the aminoacidis they cost quoted product has brought the threats that it comes then used for the metabolic street neroblu cogenerativa to reestablish that glicemia and materials there and my constant because we must maintain us my constant because our red globules they feed him of sugar of grape the show so also white globules and partly also the brain as the retina as hard of and smeared that as the tubules renal as blades nothing adrenal and the crystalline of the eye for which it is also practically the brain and the brain however after a po that us we produce a notable quantity of it snatched tectonic it will use here these we owe well it distinguishes the stalemate of what you shear from the state of what I believe it ciclosi metabolic inside the urines of the patient in that I/you/he/she shear we will find only the bodies chetonici

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  1. Salve io ho fatto la dietta chetogenica ..perche insulino resistenza ed emicrania finito la dietta sono stata peggio con emicrania

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