27 thoughts on “Decorating Our Christmas Tree! | VLOGMAS DAY 2

  1. Add some sugar to the water! Plants make food for themselves in the form of sugars, but when you cut them out of the ground they can't feed themselves. Adding sugar to the water and changing it every few days makes them last so much longer and you'll have waaaaay less falling out (so less clean up)

  2. Omg that shot of the reindeer at the farm and then cashew!!! 😂😂😂 loved it!!! Your tree will last longer bc you cut it fresh (vs getting it precut at the grocery store – if u ever do that just do a fresh cut so it’ll drink up lots of water).

  3. Too late now as you have already put it up, but we always let our tree sit for a little while, even a day after you unwrap it to let the branches fall and settle before you decorate! Just makes it easier so everything looks good once it falls 🙂

  4. I've never tried to drink green smoothe, but I want to try it anyway your green smothe look soo delicious😊. Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄

  5. real tree-girl. >_< better would be to use one to re-plant, but those are sooo expensive, and way smaller. put it into water, sure, check everyday, the real trees (sksksksk) drink up a lot esp. during the first few days… filtered water might be better if your normal water is very carbonate-rich…

  6. A super cute idea that I have attended in the past, an ornament exchange!! Everyone makes an ornament (enough for everyone attending) and than swap! So much fun and so many cute hand crafted ornaments for your new tree!

  7. Great vlog! Cashew is so BIG!! The tree looks great…just how I like to decorate ours – lights and ornaments only!!! Happy Christmas to you too!

  8. You guys are couples goals!!!!!❣️ I love watching vids of you two together, it’s like a perfect match and even better with little Ms. Cashew❤️💕 Happy Holidays🎄

  9. Just love watching your vlogmas this year!! ❤❤ excited every day for the new one! 😍🎅🎄 Happy holidays to you, Matt, Cashew and all the Healthnut family! 🥑🥑🎄💕

  10. We´ve always had a real tree but started to actually get a tree planted in a pot and water it regularly and once christmas is over we plant it outside! 😉 I feel like that´s a very sustainable christmastree 😊

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