Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry (CARB)

The Division of Carbohydrate
Chemistry offers enormous opportunities for leadership
training and professional development. I took advantage of
these opportunities as a young academic investigator. Early in
my career, I was elected Secretary of the CARB Division,
and within seven years, served in essentially all leadership
positions in the division. And I am not unique in this
regard, today for example, the division is led by a group
of very capable young scientists. CARB actively
engages scientists of all ages and experience in the chemistry
and biochemistry of sugars, and sugar-containing molecules.
This is an area of science undergoing rapid development
because of its potential impact on human disease, and CARB
scientists at every level are contributing to progress in this
field. We are especially proud of our engagement with young
scientists, who are encouraged to give presentations in
organized symposia at regional and national meetings each year.
This experience helps our young members meet established
investigators, and grow as independent researchers. Our
division understands the importance of continued
career development for all members, and nurtures the
personal and professional connections in our international
community. This community is the best home for interdisciplinary

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