DIY Polymer Clay Crochet Hook & Pen Tutorial (Cover Covered Clay Hooks Pens Grip Grips)

DIY Polymer Clay Crochet Hook & Pen Tutorial (Cover Covered Clay Hooks Pens Grip Grips)

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today
I’m going to show you how to cover your crochet hooks or pens with polymer clay. You can find
the written instructions on my website at For making a handle on hooks,
you’ll need preferably an aluminum crochet hook since they are usually oven-safe. And
with pens, I find this brand of pens works great with polymer clay, but other inexpensive
stick type of pens work as well. Because we have to bake the clay onto the pen, it’s important
to remove and put aside the ink cartridge – can’t put that in the oven. Some pull out
easily. Others you might need some pliers. You’ll also need some clay. Any soft oven-bake
clay will work, but I like this particular Sculpey 3 type the best with hooks and pens.
First, take 2 colors of clay, and cut a square chunk out of the first color, and then cut
another square chunk out of the second color. On a flat smooth surface, roll out your clay
with the palm of your hands. Try to make them into a long log like shape. If your clay is
crumbly or not working, try using the Sculpey 3 brand that I recommended. Put the 2 logs
together and carefully and slowly twist them together. Then take a knife and cut the twisted
log in half. Put one half aside for your pen. And continue rolling this log into a thinner
tube until it is about double its size in length. Take your knife and cut little slices
from this log. They do not need to be perfect slices. Next take your crochet hook and begin
applying these little bits of clay to your hook. Apply and press down a little bit to
get them to stick. Keep applying these bits down the hook. Leave a little space in between
the bits because the clay will expand when we roll and smooth it out. I like to put them
in random order to create a nice marble effect. After you get about the 4th row done of these
bits, lay your hook on the table and roll it very gently to smooth out the clay bits.
You will find that the two colors blend very nicely with each other. The clay also filled
in the gaps as well. At this time you can add a clay bit to the top of the hook. Press
and smooth it out. And give it another roll or two to smooth everything out. Continue
applying bits along the hook until you are happy with the size. You can make the handle
thicker by adding another layer of bits on top of the work you’ve already done. When
the hook is done, give it one more roll to smooth everything out. You can take a yarn
needle and write the size of the hook on the bottom, since you probably covered the size
inscription from the factory with clay. Pens are done pretty much the same way – take your
pen (remembering to have removed the ink cartridge first), then cover the case with bits of clay.
Start at the top and work your way down, adding bits of clay and then rolling the pen to smooth
out the seams and blend the colors together. With the pen, after you have added the bits
and smoothed things out, you’ll want to remove any excess clay that might have gotten into
the hole of where the ink cartridge will go. And here is the crochet hook along with the
matching pen. Now we’ll need to bake these objects to get the clay to cure and permanently
harden. Please be sure to follow the instructions on your clay’s package. First thing is to
preheat the oven. I’m setting my oven temperature to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. I like to use these
inexpensive foil pans to bake my objects. I reuse this foil pan for clay only and never
use it for food. I then take heavy card stock paper and fold it into an accordion or fan
style to create a nice holder for my clay items. You can also use parchment paper, index
cards, and anything that is oven-safe for 275 degrees Fahrenheit. I then lay my crochet
hook in one of the grooves and put the foil pan in the oven. Since mine is a bit thicker
than 1/4 of an inch, I’m setting my timer for 30 minutes. Now pens are a little tougher
to bake because of that plastic casing inside. The brand I used works great at about 265
degrees in the oven. And I usually leave them in for only 20 minutes instead. As always,
you might need to adjust the time or the temperature depending upon your oven. Be careful taking
the foil and hook out of the oven – both are very hot. Use your oven-safe gloves to protect
your hands. Let everything cool off sufficiently. With your pen, you can reinsert your ink cartridge.
And by the way, it’s a good idea to purchase extra pens, so that when the ink runs out,
you can just replace the inside ink cartridge instead of throwing away your clay pen. Take
note of this pen – instead of 2 colors – I twisted 4 logs together – a red, orange, black
and white. One of my favorite combinations is aqua, purple, black and white. Polymer
clay does not need any type of finishing or glaze, but some people do like to wet sand
their clay with 400 grit sand paper – and some, like me, just like to buff it a bit
with old denim cloth. I hope this video has helped you, and please visit
for more tips and tricks on creative, self-sufficient living!

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