gallon of water a day. for nine days leading
up to the show she doesn’t need any solid food she only drinks shakes
containing powered egg two days before the show she stops
drinking the gallon of water then 12 hours before the show she stops drinking
any water at all she says and I quote no liquids at all so you dry out sometimes
you can lose up to 8 pounds just from that that is one determined dedicated
dehydrated model so there you have it I guess just swear off the solid food and
water and you look great you know if you don’t drop over dead
Models’ diets are one of the most searched topics millions of people
search the internet hoping to find the ultimate diet secret today we’ll discuss
the diets of some of the most famous models and determine if they are the
healthy way to go we have very intriguing information in this video so
you don’t want to miss out! “yeah and then you got to get back on your diet though” because you know in Paris and Milan they
like the girls just a tad on the skinny side before we start I would like to briefly
introduce myself I am finishing my last months of my nutrition major to become a
registered dietitian I have a passion for human nutrition and body physiology
so this is my thing and I’m so excited to share this video with you guys so if
you are as excited as I am just keep on watching “what? they make you gain weight like crazy” our first model today is going to be
Victoria’s Secret model Romee Strijd Our model has opened a
YouTube channel where she shares what she eats in a day oh wait let’s
underline as a model *models diets are better than regular people’s diet* she starts her morning with 40
grams of oatmeal, chia seeds, I believe she meant hemp seeds, pumpkin
seeds, goji berries, blueberries,cinnamon peanut butter and half a banana “because
I feel like it’s a really nice source of protein and it just makes it super yummy” I
don’t think you’re getting a lot protein with a little amount… so let’s
look at the macros: first thing that is a red flag is the carbohydrate content: 53
grams of carbohydrates for just a meal is a lot I recommend to not over pass
the 50 grams of carbs a day I will explain why I recommend to not overdo
curves in a moment, just bear with me. I’m going to insert a graph which shows how
each macronutrient effects insulin. the reason why we need to know about this is
because it will measure how much blood sugar rises after a meal and this will
depend on whether we eat protein carbohydrate or fat if you look at the
graph you can see that carbohydrate is a macronutrient that spikes blood sugar
the most and very short after,it comes a crash. whereas protein and fat don’t
spike blood sugar as much and keep your sugars stable for longer
instead of just giving you an instant energy and then crashing. so going back
to her macros if Romee increases her protein and fat and lowers her carbs she
will be able to keep her blood sugars stable and feel satiated for longer
without the need to constantly snack due to the constant fall in blood sugar.
‘I’m that kind of person that loves to eat 5 to 6 times a day because otherwise
I just got hungry” “so it’s 11:00 now and I felt like some
fruit so I’m doing strawberries and I love to pair it with almonds I love to
combine it with almonds because when you eat your fruit with something that has
fat in there it helps you to like balance out your blood sugar”. yes fat
does help stabilize blood sugars which we saw on the graph previously however
she wouldn’t have to worry so much about it if she didn’t rely so much on
carbohydrates lunch is two slices of bread,
avocado,egg,hummus, pepper, salt, chili flakes and sprouted watermelon seeds. I
like the fact that she’s having avocado since it’s a great source of fat and fat
soluble vitamins which remember are the vitamins that are only absorbed with fat
and that is why fat is so important then egg not only provides essential fatty
acids but it’s also a complete protein meaning it provides all the amino acids
profile but just one egg is not enough one egg and actually a big egg has just
7 grams of protein. “I stay pretty much full until dinner” FOR SURE…
and when we look at her macros for lunch she just has 13 grams of protein and
then looking at fat those fats are coming from the avocado the hummus and
the egg yolk 5 grams of fat is okay not for the entire day but for the meal is
fine still not high enough for my keto friendly people but for those with fat
phobia it’s a start and then a 50 grams of carbohydrates for just a meal is a
lot those carbohydrates are coming from the bread which is a poor source of
nutrients anyways. at least you get some vitamins and minerals from fruit.
but bread is so nutrient depleted!! at four she has a snack and of course she
needs to snack to keep that constant spike a blood sugar the snack is not bad
in the context that veggies are fine the problem is that she needs to snacl
because she’s constantly hungry and that’s what we need to fix. so we’re not
gonna count the calories and macros here but the few calories come from the small
amount of hummus. the ingredients for dinner are two eggplants, brown rice,
FYI jut because it’s brown it doesn’t mean it’s healthy.
lt’s still a very high index carbohydrate. carbohydrates which will raise insulin
remember how it so previously that eating carbohydrates lead to a big sugar
spike raising insulin levels insulin blocks fat breakdown fat burning and
stimulates fat storage since hormones dictate our hunger carbohydrates will
only make you hungry and then you can either just pull up with that hunger and
not eat, or eat and get fat. gain weight like crazy feta cheese
Georgia Heaney pomegranate fresh mint rest all fancy movie and seed mix just
looking at this I can tell this is not enough food if you notice from the 75 grams of feta
cheese she uses a spoon away so lunch is basically one eggplant cut in half with
a spoon of cheese and a bit of rice let’s see the micros first of all 200
calories is a joke okay fat and protein are very low so we can move on you we
add all the calories from all the means for the day and get a bit over the 1400
calories which is the low the 2,000 calories needed for someone who doesn’t
need to lose weight it’s recommended to have 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per
kilogram based on her body weight which I was able to find on the Internet she
needs at least 81 grams of protein and is the first someone who is not even
active I usually recommend 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight and
then 2 grams for those who are very active otherwise your body will start
breaking up your own protein to keep with the demands I can’t stress enough
the importance of protein protein is an important building block of cells
enzymes muscles skin cartilage and hormones you also use protein to repair
your body how is someone going to meet all those body demands without enough
protein any of you thought protein is important let’s take a look at fat
because I don’t think fat gets enough credit
fat is critical for all your cell’s membranes all your organs the heart the
new system and pretty much every living system in your body did you know the
brain loves ketones which is a metabolite of fat and what about fat
soluble vitamins which are only absorbed in conduction with fact when it comes to
carbohydrates the lower the better carbohydrates are cute
a motorcycle of hookahs dependence and hunger remember how we saw previously
that eating carbohydrates lead to a big sugar spike placing insulin bubbles the
same way carbohydrates is spiked blood sugars very fast
blood Sugar’s drop very fast as well and this crash will stimulate hunger and
effect insulin insulin blocks fat breakdown by
burning and stimulates fat storage since hormones dictate our hunger
carbohydrates will only make you hungry two models that I want to discuss are
the Hadid sisters I stay are one of the most well known models nowadays and
their weight loss and dieting is a bit controversial here’s why let’s start
with Bella Harper’s Bazaar asked Bella about her diet and I quote right now my
diet is pizza so recently that’s all I’ve been eating
I promise you it’s like everyday or burgers french fries and grilled cheeses
really the less credibility is questioned when we go back to the Real
Housewives of Beverly Hills this show was aired when the two sisters we’re
starting her modeling careers and we can say not only they have lost obvious
weave but also they were following a very strict diet I’m so excited for the
food pretty much all the food that we’re eating is like a heart attack in a meal
it’s like but it’s gonna be so good it’s good you can have one one night of being
bad yeah I was actually really good this week
yeah and then you gotta get back on your diet though because you know in Paris and Milan they
like the girls just fits had on the skinny side yeah
volleyball is a very masculine sport modeling is a very feminine thing no
Gigi wanted to model all this time these girls they train four hours a day
after school so their bodies are big and bulky and I mean they eat like like men in third grade and memories too
whereabouts while close to school every day yes Lily could Jersey write down
school everyday I thought that my daughter was this is the hardest from
being on our diet simply look up their before and after pictures the wave loss
is pretty obvious and while some models are not fully disclosing their true diet
others have decided to speak the truth and explain how strict dieting and
low-calorie diets have affected their mental and physical health and what I
worry the most are the young audience they are at a higher risk of developing
nutritional deficiencies as well as negative or distorted image of
themselves simply because they don’t have acquired maturity yet so don’t be
fooled they are not eating pizza or fries every day just based on
biochemistry and body physiology we know mixing carbohydrates with fat and
protein promote fat storage and stuff fat burning but there are models who are
being honest about loosing weight such as this model from Victoria’s Secret
Brigitte Malcolm took to Instagram to open up about losing her fear of food in
her post Bridget compared photos of herself at the height of her severe
eating disorder to healthier images in 2019 she even posted more pics two days
later to further show the difference between a healthy model and one who felt
pressured to look a certain way she captioned the girl in the first three
photos was afraid of doing cardio because she was told that it would be
better to not eat if she needed to lose weight fast even supermodel Cara decided
to take a break from the model industry she gave a speech about body image and
how much she hated needing validation from everyone it’s not it wasn’t nice
you constantly are told that you’re not pretty enough and not tall enough and
not skinny enough next model is Miranda Kerr and we’re
gonna see everything she eats in a day as I was watching this video I realized
how little food she has anyone with things she is in a very low-calorie diet
but I’m gonna let you judge that after the refreshing and alkalizing lemon
juice she has a smoothie it has almond milk papaya spinach blueberries
raspberries and alma mater another thing that keeps popping up is
the idea that almond butter has protein me Rhonda is saying she’s getting
protein from her almond butter almonds do have protein but the protein amount
is very small and me Rhonda’s having a teaspoon of almond butter
she doesn’t reach protein requirements some fat that comes from the almond
butter and then the vast majority of carbs and sugar come from the fruit and
the next recipe is pancakes oh my god this recipe is a
metabolism destroyer she is mixing carbohydrates and pure sugar with fat
and protein protein from the egg whites and fat from the coconut oil the egg
yolk and the almond butter carbs and sugar are coming from the oatmeal the
banana which is by the way one of the most sugary fruits and the coconut
nectar and what a lot of people think is that if they have sugar that comes from
a natural source is okay but again it’s still sugar thinking as a decision I’m
already having a heart attack so I suspected looking at the mockers
ratio we can see the imbalance carbohydrates are over the roof while
not enough fat or protein she is probably thinking she’s having a low
calorie meal but we know what this does to her hormones we don’t care about
calories this imbalance of macros only triggers hunger and that is why our
models are constantly eating and to contract that frequent eating they eat
small quantities of food and low calorie and who wants a life of constantly
thinking about calories that’s horrible not to mention how irritated and cranky
you’ll be you are fighting against your own metabolism and it’s lunchtime lunch
seems healthy because of the salmon and the veggies the problem is the amount
not enough salmon to reach protein fat and calories required even though salmon
is a fatty fish she needs to increase the amount if she were to have more
protein throughout the day I would tell her she can do those 3 or 4 ounces of
salmon however she has a very small amount of chicken for dinner and again
at dinner we encounter the same problems as we did at lunch
look at those amounts looking at the total mark rose we can
see fat and protein or low for the day but this was suspected basically because
of the tiny amounts for fat I’ve seen worse
so fat intake is not that low then 75 grams of carbohydrates are high but the
sugar intake is even worse and then look at the calories they are extremely low
and lastly we’re going to talk about another Victoria’s Secret model who has
opened a YouTube channel where she shares what she eats like the others she
titles her videos as what I eat us click we pose any of you notice the videos
show a skinny body as a cover or a thumbnail which to me translates to
follow my diet and you’ll be skinny there’s nothing wrong about that as long
as the diet is healthy and that is what we’re going to find out her breakfast
ball has gone bananas strawberries or NOLA oat milk and a few blueberries
basically a carbohydrate based meal with poor nutritional value and remember this
will affect blood Sugar’s and actually I challenge you to stay all day with just
that breakfast meal and see if you don’t end up eating your own hands in the
process not to mention how cranky you’ll be I can’t go to Taco Bell I’m on an all
carb diet God Karen you are so stupid and then another day have a high-fat
high-protein breakfast you’ll see how long you can last without another meal
lunch is a salad with vegetables and cheek peaks and a few olives with lemon
and olive oil which will add some fat but still not enough and yep that’s
pretty much lunch lastly dinner is salmon with sweet
potato puree and green beans someone is the only true protein she has for the
day chick Peaks have some protein but not enough and it’s not a complete
protein and their protein absorption is a bit controversial based on research
they’re mostly carbohydrate I estimate she’s having 22 26 odd max of protein
from the 90 grams she would need for whole body weight and not only she’s low
in protein she’s low in fat and calories so to wrap it up let’s review what we’ve
discussed 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram and this will depend on app 2
level so if you’re an active person you go regularly to the gym you do a lot of
weights or do you do a lot of high-intensity workouts or even you are
an athlete you’ll do better with 2 grams of protein I would recommend to just
play with those numbers and see which one works best for you 50 grams of fat
and remember the less carbohydrate or fat you can have and lastly try to stay
long carbohydrates remember the golden standard which is 50 grams but if you’re
very active you can still be okay with the 70 grams of carbohydrates but I
would say to play with those numbers and see which one works best for you so
that’s all from me stay around because a lot of videos are about to come all
about nutrition I’m obviously open to suggestions and
yeah steroids because I’m so excited great things are about to come and I’m
not gonna lie it was a lot of hard work there were days that were literally ten
hours of editing to the point that I wanted to quit because at the same
time I had to study for my major so I had to sacrifice oh and other things
that I wanted to do another day another an egg they see the satellite out there
because I haven’t seen it in days it’s starting to get very mentally intense
because it’s just I get to the SONA like it’s a bit more dead it’s very time
consuming and all there’s very negative emotions that you think when things are
tough but I have to remove myself having editing for literally 10 hours already
and I am so exhausted I can’t see wages so time-consuming why tens but I think
that when you have a passion for something you just gotta keep going even
though sometimes it’s just like very mentally and physically intense you got
to do what you gotta do and keep doing what you love and eventually it’ll pay
off it’s starting to sound like an
inspirational channel which is not I mean of course we want to inspire people
to take care of their health and everything but like starting to rumble
I’m just a note leave thank you thank you so much for watching from the bottom
of my heart thank you whoa that’s pretty close
don’t feel awkward when like someone comes like too forward
it’s like to closer to you it’s like dude I mean don’t want to lose like that
pretty much see I need to do believe he gets to point that like people start
doing weird stuff when they get time alone and they’re like talking to a
camera if you start doing like freaking stuff but toys again again goodbye
and this time for like for them for real like


  1. Hello! Just find you on YouTube and LOVE your content!!! Wish you to go far and start making those VIEWS 👍🏻👍🏻
    I have a question…I train as a bikini/bodybuilder amateur, and my cals today are around 170P 80F 190C total 2160kcal…for the purpose of my Prep I need to reach 2160kcal as I am bulking. How and what would happen to my body composition if I swapped to like a 170P 140F 60C?????
    Thank you and keep it up! 😘

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