Eliminate Gout and High Uric Acid Levels With Artichoke and Lemon Water

Eliminate Gout and High Uric Acid Levels With Artichoke and Lemon Water

Do you have problems with high uric acid? Find out how to treat it with a natural recipe! During the digestive process, uric acid is
a substance produced by our body when food is broken down. To eliminate it, our cells dissolve it and
carry it in the blood stream to our kidneys where it gets expelled. Next, the kidneys filter the blood and get
rid of the residue through our urine. When there is a build up of uric acid, there
is an imbalance in the tissue, either because our body is producing too much or because
it’s not eliminating it properly. This condition is called hyperuricemia and,
with time, it could form crystals that affect our renal and joint health. Thankfully, there are natural elements whose
properties help lower high uric acid by helping our body detox more effectively. Both artichoke and lemon help control inflammation,
due to their diuretic and purifying properties that lower high uric acid. Lemon and artichoke juice is a detox drink,
rich in vitamins and minerals that offers a variety of benefits for our body’s health. With very few calories, this juice helps regulate
the triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and also helps you lose weight. Its digestive properties are used to treat
inflammatory diseases like the ones that cause high uric acid. Furthermore, rich in antioxidants, this recipe
helps stop cellular damage and prevent premature tissue deterioration. Artichoke is a very healthy vegetable that
many doctors recommend to people that are looking to improve their eating habits. It’s not only a rich source of nutrients
but it also has very few calories. Artichoke contains: Minerals (magnesium, potassium, phosphor,
calcium, iron); Vitamins (A, B, C);
Carbohydrates; Fiber; Fatty acids; Protein; This nutritious
compound aids in the liver’s function, because it avoids any interruptions in the process
and helps dissolve the fats that build up in our tissues. The organic acids help lower the high uric
acid in the body and, consequently, makes its elimination easier through the filtering
process conducted by the kidneys. Because of these properties, the artichoke
functions as a natural diuretic, increasing urine production to remove the uric acid more
effectively. Furthermore, an artichoke has only 40 calories,
functioning as an excellent supplement to anyone who wants to lose weight. In this recipe, an artichoke is combined with
lemon to improve its results. Lemon is an alkaline food, widely known for
being an excellent source of vitamin C. Furthermore, it’s rich in minerals and natural
fiber. So, it helps reduce high uric acid and aids
in its elimination. The natural acids from the lemon become alkaline
substances in the body, which balances the blood’s pH that has been greatly altered
due to the high uric acid. The nutrients in the lemon neutralize the
uric acid by stimulating the production of calcium carbonate. Here’s how to prepare the lemon and artichoke
juice and lower high uric acid: Ingredients
2 medium artichokes The juice of 1 lemon 1 liter of water Instructions
Cut the artichokes and boil them in the liter of water. When the artichokes are nice and soft, add
the lemon juice and let it cool until the mixture reaches ideal drinking temperature. Strain the mixture and drink some half an
hour before every meal. Continue the treatment for two weeks, as part
of a detox routine to eliminate high uric acid. If you want to use this natural remedy to
prevent high uric acid, just drink it two to three times a week. The consumption of this home-made juice will
help eliminate high uric acid while aiding in weight loss.

16 thoughts on “Eliminate Gout and High Uric Acid Levels With Artichoke and Lemon Water

  1. i had pain in the same toe region for so many years. nothing helped until i read this same info on twitter. i have stopped eating chicken over a year now and i have no more toe pain.

  2. Why encourage people to buy expensive vegetables like artichoke when there is a plant that grows wild in some gardens and banned from some states that does an amazing job of ridding the body of excessive uric acid. This plant is the goutweed or Aegopodium podagraria it is amazing in smoothies, salads and can be cooked like spinach. Other names for this amazing plant are ground elders, bishop's weed and masterwort.

  3. The best way not to get gout is high dose vitamin C. 8 to 16,000 mg. per day. I do 8,000 mg of vitamin C and I do not get the gout…

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