Escaped Prisoner Prank

Escaped Prisoner Prank

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what up everybody how you guys doing today as you can see I’m currently
dressed at a prisoner outfit we got the handcuffs
we got the shackles let’s go scare some people you know where I can find bolt cutters
okay seven electronics department I’ll go down there you better get me free
Caesar you know guys know where I can find bolt cutters yes upstairs upstairs they’re coming sir book cutters you
gotta get fuck out of here man Q take these off me please please I need
to get out of here sir Sir please please come on sir I need to get out of here
sir doctor hello please help me get out of these handcuffs please I gotta get
out of here the cops are looking for me they’re looking for me I gotta get out
of here please please please just help me please
please please where you going I’m gonna have like that what you got
you can’t do that here like she’s got it sir yeah sorry I gotta
get outta here please help me sir please please help me out here project you get
this off me please can you take this off please ma’am
just I don’t know how to get these off of me I don’t know what to do please
like that please just take them off however you can I don’t know what to do
I gotta run there you gums look at this Jeep
no you got a hump hump me oh I see the hand Brock come on Ron come on no I’m
good I’m good I’m good just help me out but I said I’m good all right I’m
fucking out it’s just a prank yo relax y’all can you on the out real fast just
quick in can you help me out real fast can you get these off Tommy no I called my friend I’m sorry
got to Michael yeah okay let’s go to my car I know it’s a big you know no video
now I’m pulling it we’re gonna go and we’re gonna go to my friend
and we’re gonna go to the next gate and I’m gonna open you up okay he said come
with me my friend I know it kept that was a reverse prank he had me scared I
thought he’s gonna rape me security security security Oh Security’s right there they’re easy
coming in hey what’s up hi how are you what’s up we’re trying to we’re hiding
from security he’s dressed up like a prisoner yeah yeah ask him if he has the
key to them what’s going on boss man the other he’s calling security second I walked up
he said target spotted God he said we’re targets target spotted he’s right in
front of me with the key I ripped the handcuffs on my dudes about to hop in
the car with us thank you brother I appreciate it have a
good night man hello here’s the security take it now you don’t leave I’m gonna
call them and tell them you’re here I want y’all props deal yo wait who’s
looking for us who’s looking for us yeah so just leave our property and we don’t
have a problem get in the trunk oh shit I’m actually back here hello wait I need
my flashlight all right guys 24 hours in the trunk
will he survive I don’t know why did I get in the trunk
stop he’s rocking the car back and forth take my camera in the light how you guys
doing dad bro copyright we just pulled up to
my house and there’s like people waiting outside my house I can’t get out
what the huh what I don’t know is the owner
what’s up guys what’s going on all righty guys that is gonna wrap it up
for today’s video I hope you guys enjoyed if you did make sure to smash
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next time

100 thoughts on “Escaped Prisoner Prank

  1. Second time you copied a prank lance first time was from Ed Bassmaster and now from FouseyTube give at least credit to the people who you coping from man!!

  2. bruh, you gotta be more strict. These ppl coming to your house want clout and clearly have no respect. that ain’t cool

  3. Sorry can't help you I can't watch your videos of much cuz muffin my dad were trees I wake up at 6 and get back at home at 9 this morning so I can watch your videos as much I like watching a video of the days and I don't feel as bad as a question you

  4. Lol, what's funny is if there is multiple stores in a parking lot, they cant call the cops on you without contacting the owner of the parking lot, as long as you are outside… only way a store can call em is if you are inside the store when they call, or it is posted that the parking lot is private property which belongs to that store

  5. Your MERCH is the most comfortable MERCH in the whole universe

    ps: subscribe to my channel and give me a shout out if you want


  6. Do you people not know what don't show up to his house means? Like so some respect. Ya hes a YouTuber but hes still a human.. for real people

  7. I wish stores stop saying stop you can't record here we want too see action these you tubers are doing this for us😞 yessss if anyone says anything just say ohh is for my school project homework to get a good job someday4:50 that man😨

  8. How do people believe this if a cameraman is right there? Your videos are going to garbage, especially is you have Luzzi in it.

  9. It would have been funnier if you didn’t let everyone in the store know there was I guy clearly recording you for a YouTube prank.

  10. that's right Lance tell them but seriously guys don't go up to any other YouTubers house like that it's weird creepy they will call the cops on you and your trespassing and it is illegal and you'll probably end up in jail probably with or withnot parole

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