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  1. It's been a couple of years since I released a video of my live presentation. I hope you enjoyed in this one! You can pre-order How Not to Diet here – https://nutritionfacts.org/how-not-to-diet.

  2. I began using the Daily Dozen app for my diet and nutrition on October 1, 2018. Dr. Greger's advice has changed my life completely for the better. I lost the necessary weight to have a BMI of 24.0. I went from semi homebound and semi disabled to an active life and can walk 12 miles nonstop.

  3. I cannot adequately express my great admiration of and appreciation for your wonderful work, Dr. Greger. In particular, I especially value the links to the cited source material at NutritionFacts.org. For people like me, a physician and teacher of healthcare students, the time saved in exploring the primary literature for life-saving nutritional science is invaluable. I use the information from these articles to guide my patients and students. Many thanks for your gift to humanity.

  4. As a scrawny boi hitting the gym hard, trying to gain weight, I'm loving this as well. I'm going to start eating less water-rich foods (oven-roasted crunchy chickpeas instead of hummus, for example). I'll start overcooking my greens. Maybe even cut down my fiber intake. I was trying to eat 3500kcal/day on a WFPB diet and I was feeling like those prisoners, dreading every meal where I had to shove more food down my throat when I wasn't hungry.

  5. We loved your video, i had the pleasure of speaking with doctor essilstine, hopefully i will some day have that pleasure with you .

  6. thank you dr.greger for that video, you're so generous. Just know that some months ago you saved my life, sir. The emergency at our hospital in town didn't wanted to let me go 'cause they though I was danger of dying that day..I went my way and told them I'm going but I'll comeback in a year and you won't recognize me. On the 6th of january of 2020 they won't recognize me i would be down at 120 pounds lost. I went from a bad habit eater to a healthy vegan, excercising each day with the same passion as i did on that day of january when i decided to gave me another chance at life 💖

  7. is a tablespoon of black cumin too much? side effects? have been using a table spoon for a while (with my legumes) and feel good about it. one of the few spices that do not dilute blood and do not inhibit platelet aggregation (which would be bad since my platelets counts are low). black cumin may have benefits for some kind of leukemia if i remember correctly. mine is HCL. not sure if this applies …

  8. Wow. This is the next-level mode of doing a presentation. May it become a standard. My (testable) prediction(s): How Not To Diet becomes a bestseller and talked about a lot, and people become even more interested in this practical advice than that in How Not To Die (since seemingly people care more about appearances than health, that is until a disease hits them hard). 2020 (coupled with the nutrition guidelines that are likely to be significantly more WFPB, as well as the The Game Changers aftermath) is gonna be a milestone.

  9. Amazing and super informative presentation, Dr. Greger! Can't wait to see you on your book tour next year! ❤️❤️

  10. I really appreciate the work you're doing, but when Dr. Greger does these talks, especially the call and response thing, and over-emphasizing the catch-phrases, he's becoming a parody of himself. It's not good.

  11. Dr. Greger can teach us a lot about public speaking and engaging an audience, with the constant excitement, quick shifts in tone, and inflections for dramatic effect.
    I wish professors, preachers, & politicians presented similarly.

  12. 47:15 – I don't like the term "Designed." Better to say "Best Equipped to deal with", something that doesn't imply God created us, but doesn't rule this out, and goes along with adapting based on evolution as well, since we evolved this way for a long time we would be best equipped to deal with food that our body has been mostly eating for a long time, well most likely, I mean there is still factors which means our body still hasn't found or lucked out on a solution, but the science kind of implies that we do best eating Plant Based, so it would assume practice makes perfect. It's little less triggering to people that don't really believe in evolution, and to people that know science heavily supports evolution and it does make sense to say people didn't evolve. But that doesn't mean some kind of God didn't design us to evolve. But I just think generally speaking it's best to avoid words that imply that we have no proof of. Just my opinion.

  13. Since the most common Problem of people start eating plant based is not eating enough calories, it would be better to tell how not to lose too much weight. Sorry, but people do not need information about how to lose weight, they need to know that they have to eat enough calories to not lose too much weight.

  14. Love you Dr. Greger. You are saving more lives than you will ever know. Me one of them. Have preordered the book and can't wait. This was the best presentation ever. Thank you!

  15. Very much looking forward to the book. I went plant-based 2 years ago and lost some weight at first, but it all crept back. I'll admit the family has found ways to go back to old habits using newer plant-based versions of our favorites, so I'm sure it's a result of old bad habits creeping back in. Still healthier than how we ate before, but boy it sure would be nice to finally take advantage of that weight loss benefit everyone claims is so damned inherent in plant-based diets. I just don't want to have to go back to eating as bland as Dr. McDougall recommends. I'm still eating 70+ grams of fiber a day but it doesn't seem to help. I struggle horribly with it. I love Dr. Greger's little tips and tricks. I'm going to start trying them this week. 🙂

  16. Most doctors show their true nasty colors when you tell them you're engaged in plant based preventative treatments. Thank goodness fro Dr. Greger.

  17. I would sure love you to discuss Dr. Lustwig. His findings were that carbs were bad, but he didnt differentiate between processed & not processed.

  18. I am amazed how many people live up to Dr Gregers recommendations. I wonder how you all do it? It's not like I don't know whats healthy and not (thx Dr) but I find it quite hard to eat wfpb. Vegan is easy for me, I do it for the animals, I will find something vegan, I eat it. I can veganize much so I can still cook together with my non vegan partner. There are millions of yummy vegan recipes out there of food that me and everyone around me already likes. But there is little way to healthify our everyday favourite foods and therefore tastebuds, proven recipes and partners food suggestions win most of the time. :/

  19. The problem is that I need to eat over 10 pounds of food a day to feel satiated. Oh well I still got visible abs year round 😄

  20. 15:35 a lot of these are not vegetables they're technically fruits like cucumbers, bell peppers, okra, pumpkins, tomatoes(technically a berry)

  21. Hey there!, I love this video. But I got a book here that will complement what you've watched here. Honestly
    You can check it out here


    Best regards

  22. Very much looking forward to this book! I have had to veer off from my whole food plant based diet as I have no kitchen and little money (moving to a country where you can't buy dry beans has been a huge hit to my poor wallet 🙁 ) but soon that's changing. I lost a significant amount of weight eating plant based and look forward to doing it again!

    Recently I've just been mostly vegan rather than WFPB and it's definitely added a few pounds back. Can't wait to take them off permanently 😀

    Excellent presentation.

  23. Was that acted? False presentation? Or are you a narcissist who can't even take a shot at the people who attended the talk?

  24. i probably shouldn't drink three green teas if loosing just 3 hours of sleep per week causes more loss of muscle mass. 55:00

  25. Very informative video! Protein powder spikes my insulin like crazy! I think it may be because, despite the fact it's vegan, it's high in BCAAs! This just blew my mind.

  26. I'm glad we are learning chemistry and algebra and reading Shakespeare in schools (things most of us will never use) but not learning nutrition- something that ALL of us need in our daily life. 👏👏

  27. I don’t understand why people dislike this guy. He pours all his hard work into researching all medical literature and studies to help the world heal from all forms of food related diseases. And he gives out all this information to the public……FOR FREE!! He’s not charging us for all his hard work, he has been doing it for years, unconditionally. Yes he has books, but his seminars are literally based off of his books and his website costs nothing and has all of the same information.

  28. Love it only 37 mins in soo much info lol… Dumb question and maybe its in your book but I'm assuming you can combine multiple methods for more weight loss & what are thoughts on fasted cardio?

  29. This is the volumetrics book approach- focus on low calorie density foods like fruits and veggies avoid high density foods like oil and animal foods. Problem is if you ate 40 cups of strawberries you’d still have inadequate nutrition.

  30. This book looks like it could also have very unhealthy methods, -one of the chapters "weigh yourself TWICE a day" ,
    This dieting mentality can lead into eating disorder behaviours very quickly and I know that in a lot of cases if the person starts out overweight the eating disorder cannot be detected as everyone thinks it is healthy weightloss!
    When I was anorexic I would use many of these methods… Water before meals, copious amounts of vegetables. When dealing with this area I think it should be considered!

  31. I initially disliked his presentation style because his voice sounded kinda arrogant, but after a couple of minutes it is just really entertaining and great. Thanks for the talk, the beard looks amazing by the way.

  32. Eating only plants mimics starvation so it's no surprise that it's a great Weight Loss diet. But after a few years the constant starving begins to take its toll. This purveyor of death gleefully gives his speeches with glib enthusiasm. Enjoy your superstar status sir. Nevermind the lives you ruin with your bullshit long term. Sure some people can thrive on plants long term. But the vast majority can't. Period.

  33. to bad you were not able to make a case that there is nothing harmful with the carnivore diet when interviewed in the UK on London Real – ANYTHING is better than the S.A.D. but plant based diets are NO WHERE NEAR as nutrition dense as animal meat – also PLEASE stop with the dis-info propaganda (started by Ancel Keys in the 50s) against fats and cholesterol


  34. I lost 20kilos reducing my energy intake on a healthy diet that includes meat and dairy. You don't need to be vegan to lose weight. Weight loss is what makes you risk of heart disease lower. So you are not giving balanced information. Meat is very nutritious and having gone vegan I can say I got anemic very quickly and needed an iron transfusion. My haematologist advised against a vegan diet and I reckon he knows what he's talking about. Perfect health thank you.

  35. Does Dr. Gregor talk about insulin or hyperinsulinimia? Or diabetes? Just curious and thought I have could have missed something about it if he did talked about it.

  36. Yeah but it kills type-2 diabetics because it's all high in Carbs those low calorie density foods. Sorry high fat Keto that turns off the hunger response is far better. Lost over 200lbs in 2 years not counting calories not even trying and went off blood sugar meds in the first week of being on the diet.

  37. One day I’d like to meet you dr Greger to thank you in person for saving my life. Thanks to your advice I lost 112 pounds and have never been healthier, I’m the person I always wanted to be but never believed I could be. Thank you 🙏

  38. What a shame that such an important message is clouded by the most annoying voice and cadence. Please reconsider your vocal presentation.

  39. This guy's delivery is so sarcastic and annoying and could only get through about 20 minutes. I'll have to try and read the book.

  40. Preordered this book when I first heard about it. The study towards the front about the fat producing more weight with 10k less calories really opened my eyes

  41. Dr. Greger, a question: Has there ever been a double blind/randomized/placebo study done on the effect of CHEWING? (not chewing gum – I'm talking about chewing your food rather than, for example, drinking your food in smoothies or something like that)

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