Evolution FAILS in the Human Body

Evolution FAILS in the Human Body

Hey smart people, Joe here. Bodies. We’ve all got ‘em. Couldn’t live without ‘em! But why are they so dumb and unreliable?! I don’t know if it’s because I just got
over a sinus infection or because my wife just had knee surgery, or maybe it’s just
me getting older and hurting more… I’M A MILLENNIAL!!
but I have been noticing lately that the human body… it’s got a lot of problems. And this video is a big long rant about a
bunch of ‘em. I mean don’t get me wrong, humans are really
awesome. Look at all we can do! It’s just that, there’s so much about
our bodies that is flawed. Like, so many of our parts wear down or are
easy to break, and others look like Ikea furniture would look if you accidentally threw away
the instructions before putting it together… in that it basically functions, but you’re
pretty sure something’s backwards and somehow you have like three of those little twisty
things left over?! The great American poet John Mayer once said
“your body is a wonderland”, but I think he meant “your body is a blunderland”. From eyes that don’t work right and backs
that ache to needy diets and extra bones… what I’m saying is… sure, our bodies look
cool–especially if they’re wearing an awesome shirt–but who the heck designed
these things?! Well, no one did. We’ll get back to that, but first, instead
of talking about how great we are, let’s talk about some of our critical weaknesses. The first example… it’s staring right
at ya. I mean, I don’t wear these things to look
cool and smart. I mean, they do make me look cool and smart,
but I wear them because I can’t see! Like nearly half of Americans and Europeans
or nearly 7 in 10 people in Asian countries, my peepers don’t peep right. I’ve worn glasses since elementary school. Space shuttle. Nice! Very on brand, younger me. Anyway, before the invention of corrective
lenses a few centuries ago, people who couldn’t see just… couldn’t see. And back in our prehistoric hunter-gatherer
days, that could’ve meant starvation and death. Bad eyes, empty stomachs, you lose. Thing is, even if you don’t wear glasses,
you have eye problems. While looking at this image, cover your left
eye, and look at the dot while keeping your face centered in front of the screen. Slowly move closer or farther from your screen
and the cross will disappear. Did it work? Around 30 cm or 12 inches away works for me. Pretty weird huh? You can try it with the other eye too. Cover your right one, stare at the cross,
and move until the dot disappears. That’s your blind spot, and every animal
with a backbone has a blind spot in each eye because of how the eye is built. The light sensitive layer inside your eye
is filled with tiny cells called photoreceptors. They’re like little microphones. One end turn photons of light into electrical
signals, and the other end’s a wire that carries the signal away. Except our retinas are built so the cables
are pointed towards the light, like talking into the back of a microphone. The cables from all those little microphones
have to pass through a hole in the retina to get to the brain. And where that hole is, we have a blind spot. We just don’t usually notice it because
our brain lies to us and fills in the image. Why do we have it? Because at some point way back in evolution,
when our ancestors started to evolve the first light-sensitive tissues, that’s just the
direction the cells were facing. And later, when those patches morphed into
actual eyes, it was too late. The backwards pattern was already set. Evolution can’t suddenly flip a whole eye
around. It can only make tweaks to what’s already
there. But cephalopods–like octopuses, squid, and
cuttlefish–they don’t have a blind spot. This branch of animals evolved eyes completely
on their own, and in early octopus ancestors, the cables on all their microphone-shaped
light-sensing cells pointed toward the back, so their retina is unbroken. Am I saying that cephalopods have better eyes
than us? Mmm, yes. Point, cephalopods. And another point for having eight legs. Ok, enough about eyes! Why is there so much empty space in our skulls? You know I can take you off the set any time right? Watch it, globie. When we breathe, air enters our nose and passes
through four chambers called sinuses where the air gets warmed up, humidified, and filtered
by mucous membranes. The mucus then drains ure is plenty in YOUR
skullout and back down your throat to your stomach. Mmm, gross. That works pretty well for the sinuses on
top, they have gravity to help them. But the big ones behind your cheeks? They drain up. Up! And that difficult drainage is why humans
get so many head colds and sinus infections. You know who doesn’t get sinus infections? Dogs. Dogs and other animals that rely mainly on
smell tend to have elongated nasal cavities, which drain down and back with gravity, the
correct way. But as our ancestors became more dependent
on vision and less dependent on smell, our snouts got smushed up into our flat faces,
and now we have tiny noses and get sick all the time. If you accidentally eat some air, no biggie. You can just burp it out. But if you breathe in your food, you’re
gonna choke and maybe die. What’s up with that? It comes down to the fact that like most other
vertebrates, we breathe and eat through the same throat hole, another one of evolution’s
amazing bright ideas. But I once saw a bird swallow a fish as big
as its head. It did not die. If I did that, I would die. But snakes and birds can swallow huge meals
whole because their nostrils connect directly to their breathing parts without going through
the throat. Like an alternate breathing system. But in every mammal, we’ve just got the
one tube, and all that separates the digesting part from the breathing part is a little flap
called the epiglottis. Epiglottis open? You’re breathing. Epiglottis closed, you can eat or drink. Mess up that order, here’s how to do the
Heimlich maneuver. Now, lots of animals can choke. Even whales can choke if fish get stuck in
their blowholes. Yes, that actually happens. But humans are especially prone to choking
because our voice box, or larynx, has moved up so high in our throats. I tell ya, these throats were made for talkin’. Some languages even make vocal sounds using
the epiglottis, like in some African languages. That higher voice box has squished up the
swallowing parts of our throat so there’s not a lot of room for error. But on the plus side, we can yodel. So maybe we can call this bad evolutionary
trait a tie. So. Walking upright. Pros: We can run, kick a soccer ball, dunk
a basketball, do sports things with all the other balls, ride a pogo stick, surf, ice
skate, dance, and dance dance revolution. Cons: So many unique and painful ways to injure
ourselves. Some of your body’s joints are beautiful. I’m a huge fan of the jaw. And the hip? That ball, that socket. It’s like Michaelangelo sculpted it. But the human knee and ankle look like an
elementary school art project held together by rubber bands. Back when our ancestors walked on all fours,
they had twice as many limbs and muscles to carry their weight. But when they transitioned to walking on two
legs, it put a lot more stress on our knees and ankles. When you quickly change direction while running,
the anterior cruciate ligament is basically the only thing holding the two halves of your
leg together. It has basically no blood vessels, and if
you tear it, the only way to fix it is surgery, which we only invented like a hundred years
ago. I have personally known at least a dozen people
who have torn their ACL. If we were hunter gatherers or ancient hominids,
every one of them would probably be dead. I don’t even know why I’m laughing, that’s
horrible. And right under that is the Achilles tendon. Since we walk on the balls of our feet, that
tendon takes basically all the force of the lower leg like a big fleshy rubber band. If you tear that one, you also can’t walk. It’s maybe the most important tendon in
your body, so of course it sits there on the back of our leg completely exposed, waiting
for the person behind us at the grocery store to ram it with their cart or your mythical
arch nemesis to hit you with a poison arrow. This is not how you’d engineer bipedal legs
from the ground up. This is way too many weak spots for any crucial
structural system. But when the assignment was “turn an animal
that walks on all fours into a fancy dancing ape on two legs”, evolution had to work
with what it was given. Body parts are one thing, but evolution has
messed up our insides too. Like, we are really poorly cut out for eating. Pretty much every animal needs the same nutrients
in order to function. Stuff like amino acids, vitamins, a few minerals. But most animals make most of these things
for themselves. But we have to get a literal grocery list
of nutrients from our diet. Take “vitamins”. That’s what we call essential macronutrients
that we have to get from our diet to survive. Vitamin C, for example. More than half a dozen proteins need vitamin
C around to do their job. Without it, your bones get brittle, your tissue
breaks down, you just bleed. Oh, and your teeth fall out. Scurvy is no fun. Pretty important stuff, this Vitamin C! So of course, we can’t make any. At all. We have to get every bit we need from our
diet. Almost every animal on Earth makes their own
Vitamin C. My dog never has to drink orange juice. Neither does a cow, or a cat. But I do. Strangely, humans have all the genes necessary
to make vitamin C in our DNA. Yet somewhere in our evolutionary history,
in some ancestor of all primates, one piece of the vitamin C machinery mutated and broke,
and now we have to eat it or die, along with all these. Of the 20 amino acids we need to build proteins,
our bodies only make 11. Many animals can make all twenty, but we have
to get almost half from our diet. Needing to have ready sources of these essential
nutrients has placed restrictions on where and how our species could live, at least before
we could walk into any pharmacy and get them all in pill form. Pretty much everywhere you look, it seems
like our body has room for evolutionary improvement. Our teeth? Most people grow a third set of molars–wisdom
teeth–that won’t fit in their mouth and have to be removed. Do I need to mention the fact that a male’s
gamete producing organs sit dangerously exposed outside the body? And the pelvis? Most women can’t deliver a baby without
medical assistance because the human head is so large. Who came up with all these bad ideas? The answer, of course, is no one. Thanks to science, we know that the human
body isn’t engineered, or designed. It’s evolved. Everything is the way it is because it got
that way, making tiny tweaks to what was there before. That means that our backs hurt because we’re
walking upright with a spine that used to be horizontal. We get fooled and we fool ourselves because
our brains evolved in a different world than the one we invented in the past few decades. Sure, our bodies are full of parts that barely
get the job done, full of things that could be built way better. And that can be frustrating, sometimes even
painful. But nobody, and I literally mean “no body”,
is perfect. Because surviving isn’t about being perfect,
it’s about being good enough. It’s about being imperfect in the perfect
way. If you’re watching this today, then you
are good enough. Because you’re a survivor of a 4 billion
year story. Our flaws make us who we are, because evolution
and natural selection made us who we are. Flaws and all. Stay curious.

100 thoughts on “Evolution FAILS in the Human Body

  1. Your body is perfectly imperfect. Thanks evolution!
    What's your favorite/least favorite evolutionary body flaw?

  2. Evolution is not about being a perfect organism. Evolution is about being fit with your environment. In other cases, there is no intelligence in the intelligent design of the human body.

  3. As you mentionned the gamete producing male organs being outside the body, this actually has a purpose since it makes the temperature significantly lower than the 37.5°Celsius inside the body which allows better cell division with less errors during DNA replication .

  4. Dear Scishow,
    Serious question: What is the point of a sphincter to control waste, but NOT a sphincter to control menstrual flow? Seems an obvious necessity.
    Consider that first 'cave-baby' & the level of care it must have taken not to constantly be covered in wretched stench for both baby & mother without diapers or running water. We don't 'groom' or lick ourselves clean like the other animals. If human mother tried to clean her baby like that, she would die of hepatitis. (Or we would all be immune to hepatitis by now.) 'Potty training' takes a year under optimal conditions. But it works because the mechanism is already in place. How did early humans figure out what IS counterintuitive to instinctive knowledge? When we get scared, we clench & all waste wants to come out (with enough adrenaline it does) in preparation of fight or flight. This makes sense because it is harder to run with a full bladder, & a fresh poo left behind might have distracted whatever predator had surprised us into sprinting for the hills. But without some form of potty training as a youngster, they would never have had full bladders because that is not how kidneys work. They would have constantly dribbled. (Caves full of grossness) Anatomically, we grow our anus before many other systems. So that sphincter is in place long before birth. We are animals, but most animals clean themselves so their own bodily waste doesn't interfere with hunting (using those sensitive noses we don't have) or draw predators to them. Digestion takes time & makes sense that we feel when we need to leave the cave for elimination, & that we don't do it near the cave- because it would draw predators- & to appease the community. But that is more about relaxing a muscle that would otherwise not be used or trained to retain in the first place. It is a social & learned behavior. & while females 200,000 years ago might not have reached sexual maturity until their late teens or even early 20's, & while they may have only had 2 or 3 periods per year (depending on nutrition) it is still essentially a waste product. I even read somewhere that the group may have benefitted- by using the menstrual female as bait to lure predators to hunt- as blood has a stronger appeal to most predators from farther away. & it possibly is controlled by pheromones that all the women in the cave at the same time 'synced up' to hide which one was ready to breed, but All these arguments are after the fact. We don't control flushing of cheeks or redness of lips to draw a sexual partner's interest, but we do only naturally select for the strongest males historically- not just whichever one was around to take advantage of the situation. Or is this another breakdown of evolution?

  5. I had myopia and started to wear glasses since 7-yrs-old, and wore them until I was 28. Then I implanted lenses behind my cornea to correct my nearsightedness, and it's been 7 years now(my cornea shape was not fit for lasik or lasek surgery😭). I can't be more happier now with the freedom to be without spectacles(don't get me wrong, glasses are awesome, I was just really lazy taking well care of them). My 10-yr-old son comes from school with a note from the nurse saying that he needs glasses. My heart sunk. So we got ortho-k contact lenses. He wears them during sleep, and voila! His vision is good during the daytime. I'm so happy with them!!

  6. Least favourite evolution is the foot. I cant run long because it would start hurting so gradually I hated running and moving around. And then i got fat

  7. The human body has been adapted over and over again through the process of evolution. If it works good enough design changed stick around even if not perfect.

  8. Now I have a theory as to why I am so squeamish about my ankles and knees. I mean…this segment on this video grossed and wigged me our. It must be because these body parts are so fragile and I have a need to protect them.

  9. More advanced bodies drain more brain power. That's why those grey aliens from area 51 are so weak physically but can kill you with their minds

  10. I walk a couple miles each day and I’m also super flat footed and have bunions. I’m not old , I just have really bad feet. If I stand in one spot too long my knees get swollen and if I walk too long my feet get red and sore. Thanks body 🤦🏾‍♀️

  11. More like it's ok to be Dumb… most of your information is old or misleading

    first of all, Evolution has nothing to do with whatever you are saying because there's no proof to it existing at all, they simply say it is not necessary like when they called 34 part of the body useless just because they didn't know what they were used for. For me, we are designed and made for a reason that's why everything in your body has a reason. now let's go.

    the eye Retina is upside down you said and it is wrongdoing of evolution scientist today says it is a perfect design because if they were the opposite you will go blind easily. your comment is like someone watching an aircraft like the Sukhoi Su-47 and mocking its design because the wings look upsidedown without knowing the reasons for it. and yes in our eyes we have a blind spot that's why we have 2 eyes not only one oh and about the inverted retina that information is old as heck since 2009 scientist know the benefits of it Dig deeper here :
    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19591859 calling this design superior
    https://phys.org/news/2014-07-fiber-optic-pipes-retina-simple.html and they even called it a design feature and what you are saying is Folly

    I bet you have no idea how the eyes actually work! anyone who doesn't believe in God will say the same things you did. trying to see where the fault is and gonna blame it on anything he doesn't know why it is there and what it does as they did with the appendix and what they called before JUNK DNA.
    Contrary to someone who knows we are designer as perfectly as possible they gonna look at these organs stuff and try to find their uses!

    so yeah I will not go in details with the others because this is enough for anyone looking or the truth to know you are just a liar and sharing misinformation

  12. Quote from video: 'Everything is the way it is because it got that way' ~ Even if your body is afflicted, don't cripple your mind with tautologies. As a theory Darwinian evolution has no explanatory power what-so-ever, only a fool could believe it. In the beginning…

  13. If I went to sea, I would want my L-golunolactone oxidase (GULO) gene back :: then I would be able to make my own Vitamin C and I would not catch scurvy.

  14. Your funniest, and scariest, video so far. I flinched so much from imagining all that could go wrong with our imperfect body ☠

  15. Sorry, that argument is far from being smart. The universe and everything in it, no matter how fine-tuned for life to strive, is far from perfect. The world is full of imperfection, misery and frustrations. Analysing all the mechanisms of things and hoping for perfection will only lead one to frustration. Everything is subjected to the second law of thermodynamics – maximum entropy, decay and back to their original state – disorganized, random atoms. From order to chaos.

    From the time of Darwin up to this day, none from his followers have presented an irrefutable evidence of Darwinian evolutionary mechanisms to account for life to arise from dead chemicals and its capability for speciation. All are just assumptions, speculations, so stories. In other words, just philosophical gymnastics. Yes, many materialist scientists adhere to this lie, for the reason that they don’t want to lose their careers and ostracized from scientific community. But on the other hand, a growing number of scientists holding PhD’s worldwide are coming in the open and presented a manifesto publicly challenging Darwin evolution. No fear of repercussions it will bring them.

    Eyes of land living organisms are designed differently from those underwater entities. Underwater beings have no problem filtering light because it’s the water that’s blocking and diffusing it. Land dwellers needed a different design of eyes to combat the harmful glare and radiation. Are the sharp eagles’ eyes that can see its small prey from kilometers away from above ground imperfect? Those who have no eyes like the jellyfish and the blind bats have a different mechanism to “see” its surroundings. No one designed them? Darwin said everything happens randomly, undirected, no engineer, no designer, blind to the future. Only a fool or those with vested interests will think that no one designed them, like the age old example of a tornado tossing all the parts from a junkyard and magically created a functioning jumbo jet ready to fly. Everything we see that is manmade has designers, even though we don’t see him. We don’t see chair creating itself. Computers work because there is a designer behind it.

    Ignorance of the whole scenario will only lead someone to mistaken assumptions and conclusion. It’s like watching a movie starting from the middle part. Of course, one will not be able to grasp the entire story. The world was never meant to be a paradise or perfect. It was created as a correctional or educational institution. All the imperfections and miseries are designed for us to question things. Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Am I the imperfect body, or am I something else? Scientists said the every five years our body is completely changed. All the atoms and molecules are steadily replaced with new sets of atoms, like a waterfall that appears to be the same, but the water molecules are replaced every moment. But, despite the changes of the body, who is the one remembering things more than five or ten years ago?

  16. And to be conceived you have to work with and consign millions of you brothers and sisters to death to join with anether cell that not only is not guaranteed to be there but may simply not decide to cling to the walls around it

  17. The case for 'intelligent' design? We shouldn't have succesfully evolved, but why would a designer make us so fragile and incongruent with every biome and environment?

  18. Even as a human i didnt know my body.i dont even know about my sinuses, which means nor does apes.
    I CLEARLY DID NOT CREATE MYSELF.Because i do not know.nor any of previous species .because we just eat and sleep.
    But when i look at mirror,everything looks fine and beautiful…

    conclusion is,The designer decides to design us imperfectly… He is THE PERFECT ONE. He didnt made us gods.,

    Dont worry, relax. It would be for a better reason.
    although maybe At the end,He could be cruel to us also. there Is enough evidence ( like suffering )to suggest that also.
    So the only thing we can do is, we should Ask this,
    My CREATER, If you are there, please guide me.
    Try it…at the end, you atleast tried. What would you loss.?

  19. One could make the counterargument that these are not actually flaws as none of these inhibited humans from becoming the dominant species on the planet. Only that we presume these to be flaws because as humans we are hardwired to seek innovation and improvement.

  20. Cool ideas…but not a well informed video. This conversation needs to include self-organizing systems and dynamic systems theory. We lose credibility when bashing the design of the human body. Its pretentious to think we could design one better than billions of years worth of natural, situated iteration.

  21. And this is why I find it funny when people believe there was an intelligent entity god aliens or something else that designed humans.

  22. Evolution is so obviously so man made as an attempt to push away God. God made us and we are His creation. It’s easy to see. Everyone knows. If you choose to not accept God, you chose to push Him away, but in your heart you know He’s there.

  23. This is sad. This is like Cinema Sins for the human body – slightly entertaining, mostly just hating. The human body is absolutely miraculous, much of which is still beyond mainstream understanding. This video wouldn't be so bad if they didn't keep subtly saying "There is no creator." I'm not arguing either way, but you're supposed to scientific, not dogmatic (yes modern science has become dogma.) Yeah, it's okay to be smart. It's not okay to think you're smarter than you are.

  24. How does one evolve? It seems to me that any mutation would inevitably be bred out of a population unless everytime you got a mutation that you liked you killed off the rest of the population (leaving the breeding pair with a good mutation) so it could be passed on without being diluted.

  25. Evolution had to work with what it was given…@8:28…funny postulation from someone who believes that everything came from nothing…

  26. Evolution is the practice of "good enough". If it works there's no reason to change it. BUT (free content idea) if you were to design the most efficient human regardless of evolution what would you get?! Promise you would not end up with our current body plan.

  27. But the growing trend of women needing a c-section is only hampering evolution. If only evolution was able to run its course, those women, having a hip width not big enough for human reproduction, would die out during child birth or be unable to conceive, hence that particular gene would die out with it. But because of modern medicine, those women get to live and pass on their (evolutionary) defective gene, meaning that their daughters would have a higher probability of having the same condition.

    I'm not saying we should let women die when we have the means to help them, but it only adds to evolution FAILS in the human body.

  28. Put a finger or thumb in front of the dot/X when it has disappeared and silently freak out as your brain erases something that's attached to you XD

  29. Plus centre of gravity comes in front of atlanto occipital joint which makes our head straight vertically that means our head kept on falling in front and that's why muscles who are taught always

  30. Joe: “Maybe it’s just me getting older and hurting more.”


    Welcome to my world, Millennial.
    Signed an aging GenXer.

  31. It's ok to be smart
    Evolution made you smart to criticise evolution
    The designer made a building specifically to collapse after 3 months that doesn't mean he is stupid

  32. Vitamin C isn't a macronutrient its a micronutrient. the only three macronutrients are protein, fats, and carbs. vitamins and minerals are all micronutrients.

  33. Loved the video but man you left out a lot of stuff…You could make an entire video about how bad our eyes are alone..

  34. Actually almost all the women in the world have their babies without medical support
    And the wisdom teeth you have it because it's a spare parts if you lose your teeth

    Any one can answer some questions i have ???

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