FALL DECOR HAUL + HOME TOUR | Easy & Affordable!

FALL DECOR HAUL + HOME TOUR | Easy & Affordable!

(soft music) – Hey HealthNuts, welcome
back to my channel. My name is Nicole Goncalves, and today I thought I would switch things up a little bit and instead of doing a normal wellness lifestyle video, I’m gonna do a fall decor video. I don’t do a lot of decor
stuff on my channel, mostly because I don’t feel
like I’m the best at it, but in our new space, I
feel like I’ve just been taking more time and
being just intentional about putting certain things together. And I think I’ve done a pretty good job. Not only with just decorating the house, but also getting it ready for fall and I’ve never really
done proper fall decor and I’m really excited about
how it’s all turned out. Even Matt has been giving
me compliments on it, so I thought I gotta
share it with you guys. These things are still available
at the stores, that I got. I did my decorating pretty early, as soon as it hit September 1set. I was like, yes, fall decor, bring it on. I’m so excited and that’s
what’s been happening, like fall throughout in our house, and I’m loving every bit of it. I’m gonna have everything
that I mentioned, if it’s still available linked down below, for you guys to check out. Also if you are not
subscribed to this channel, usually I post healthy
recipes, morning routines, What I Eat in a Day’s weekly blogs. It’s really a mixture of
things so you never get bored. It’s free to subscribe. You can click that red button down below and you can come back every
single week for new videos. So without further ado, let’s hop right in and I’m gonna actually,
we’re gonna do a walking tour throughout the house and show you guys all the little nooks and
crannies that are fall-ified, and I’m loving it! So let’s hop right in! The first space I wanted to decorate was, of course, the front entrance and I went a little
crazy with the pumpkins. But I saw these actually at Sarah’s, so just a grocery store nearby. And I just went crazy. These large ones are
called Cinderella pumpkins. I thought they were so cute. I loved the pastel colors of them and then I just paired them with these little pumpkin pie pumpkins. The large ones I think we’re 5.99. The small ones were $1 50. And what I like about them is that you can just compost them or you can eat them or carve them when it comes to Halloween. So they’re actually functional decor. I don’t have anything yet
in this potter up here. We took out the previous plants, because they were dying, so we might put like mums
or something in there, something more fall festive. But we haven’t done that yet. I just spotted a bunch of
pumpkins on our front stairs and it looks really cute and it’s just an easy affordable way to add something fun
to your front entrance. And then also above me on the door which I’ll show up closeup of, we have a really cute fall wreath. And I will say that I looked
everywhere for the perfect one. A lot of them are super overdone. I wanted something that was a mixture, that was simple but
still had the fall flair. And they were also, some of them were really expensive, like $60. I found this one for, I
think, 25 bucks at Homesense. I will link for similar ones down below or you can make your own. There’s tons of DIYs out
there if you’re crafty. But I just think a wreath is really cute, a cute way to add some little fall spice, when you first walk into the door. When you walk into our home, the first main thing you
see is this media unit. This is actually meant for TVs, but I’m using it as a little buffet. It fits really nicely under our window and it’s the perfect
thing to just decorate depending on whatever season it is. I have a couple plants here. These are just things that
will be here year round. I am diffusing some
fall-inspired essential oils. I have Thieves and orange oil in there. I will link those down below. And then I also just have
this really cute tray here. This is just an easy decor hack. This is just a coppery metal
tray that I got at Target, and I just got some these
really cute little decor bulbs. There’s a lot of, you’ll
see throughout the house, I get a lot of inspo from nature. I love woods and just natural
textures and stuff like that. This is just all very natural woodsy, fall-looking items that came in a pack. And they’re not scented
’cause I don’t like artificial fragrance stuff. It just gives me a headache. And these are actually little pine cones I picked up on a walk with Cashew. Oh, and there’s also little little acorns that I also picked up when
we were at a campsite. I just thought that was really cute. I just added to it. And that’s the thing too. You can go into a forest,
look in your backyard and find things in nature to help inspire your
decor inside your house. Bring the nature in and that’s what I’ve been really trying
to do with our space. Then in this corner, this is probably my most fall corner in the house. I have a lot of things going on. I have this beautiful amber jar that I got and then I just put some fake, they’re not even flowers, like fake leaves and I don’t know, I don’t know what these are called. Fake berries. You can find these at Michael’s. I got those at Target. You can find them, even
at the dollar store and then I got some beautiful
beeswax orange candles. I really like these, they’re,
I think are unscented. They’re unscented. It’s just beeswax and I
just like that because, I mean, I could burn it, light it and burn it if I want to, but they’re probably just
gonna be more for decor. By I just like that
they’re made from beeswax as opposed to artificial stuff. I also have, just little pumpkins. You can find these now for super-cheap. I got these for 60 cents each and they’re such a fun way to add some easy decorations to your space. I have this little clay acorn that Chloe bought for me from Portugal. I thought that looked very
festive with our theme here. I got a couple of doggie
treats here for Cashew. These jars are from
the HealthNut Pup shop. They’ll be linked down below. And just super-cute! Everything just flows. And you can tell there’s
like a fall theme in here without it being super in your face. It just all flows with our normal decor. ‘Cause I don’t wanna completely
have to buy all new things and take out things that is part of our all-year round stuff. I really wanted things to complement, and just add to the space rather than completely take over, if that make sense. Let’s head over to the living
room, actually behind you. There’s some really cute
things in there as well. For the living room I
kept it really simple. We’re not even done decorating in here, but I wanted just to add a
little something to the couch. So I threw on some throw pillows. They’re just like a really easy thing to add some fun decoration to your space. And the cool thing is you can always just add some new pillow
covers if you want to keep the exact same pillows, but just swap out the actual
color or look of them. So I just got a few different
options from Target. They’re super-affordable. You can tell I love Target,
it’s so good (laughs). They have really cute things, but you can find some more things even at Homesense or Winners. Just keep an eye out. I buy a lot of my decor stuff
at more affordable places. Some of our furniture is from Westdown, but to be honest, if it
is from a higher-end place we usually look for a sale or something. We got these super-comfy decor, but functional pillows
and then there’s one Cashew’s sleeping on right now, that’s more of a striped one that’s cute. I also wanted to get a new throw blanket. Our old one, it wasn’t
that cozy to be honest, and it didn’t really match
the colors in our new space. This one will be good throughout winter and really like all season long. I love it! It’s nice and furry on the
inside, and it’s cream, so it will really go with
anything that we add to the couch. I’m really in love with how it looks. It’s so comfy and cozy. And just the oranges really
just add to the whole space when you see everything together. Alright so let’s head
over to the dining room because I am obsessed with my tablescape. I didn’t even really know
what a tablescape was, but now I do, and I’m gonna be doing one every single season. I’m #adulting, and I’m lovin’ it, so let’s head over there. Alright, this table I’m obsessed with it. It’s so cute. If you guys didn’t know
we’re actually hosting Thanksgiving for the first time for our family in our
home and I’m so thrilled. That’s what inspired me to
decorate it in a fall theme. This table here is we’re gonna be having our Thanksgiving dinner. We’re gonna have to do
another table as well, because I have a lot of family. I think there’s 25 people
coming for Thanksgiving, which kind of crazy because
our space isn’t that big, but we have this beautiful
tablescape that I made. Originally, I’ll tell
you guys the backstory. Originally, I wanted to DIY something here and then I realized by the
time I bought everything I needed to DIY a centerpiece, I was just gonna get something off Etsy. And it was gonna be like
$60 to buy this piece that looked very similar
to what I ended up making, and then I end up finding
this faux eucalyptus, some kind of garland, I guess, from Target but I’ve seen
these even on Amazon. And this was $25, and then I just got these 60 cent pumpkins and gourds. And I think these little
acorns were three bucks for a huge pack of them. And there’s not even, I can’t
even call this really a DIY. I just put the garland down. I placed the pumpkins and gourds, and then I even got this for $3.00. I just filled it with some acorns and a little white pumpkin. And you know what, I’m
really in love with it. I think it looks so cute. I created this in minutes, I think under 10 minutes I had it done. And I’m not much of a DIYer, but I felt very impressed with myself. And I just laid it on
this beautiful checkered, I think it’s a checkered plaid runner and this is so cute. I think it’s reversible too. There’s a gray on the other side. And I don’t know yet, if
I’m gonna keep the runner on when we’re actually having
Thanksgiving dinner, but just for every day,
it looks really beautiful. And this table’s been my favorite thing that I’ve decorated and I’m loving it. And you guys can do this too. If I can do it, you can do it. This was so easy to put together. And I think it has a really
big impact on the space. Especially ’cause it’s open concept, your eye just draws right to this when you walk up the stairs. I’m in love it it! It’s so cute! So then, back here behind me, we have our actual buffet table which eventually I wanna
do a gallery wall on top. But we wanted to start setting this up for entertaining for the holidays. We have a cake stand. We have a little lazy Susan
that we can put stuff on. We have our little bar cart, which we’ll set up for
when people are over and mixing up drinks and stuff. We also have our wine rack which, we do drink wine, but like not this much. We have quite the collection right now. Just sometimes from
people gifting us wines or just if we’re stocking up for when we do have people over, it’s nice to always have
a bottle of wine to serve. And, yeah, I think it’s
gonna be really cute. We wanna keep this pretty simple, and the food will probably be served on our countertops, buffet style, so that way the table
can be still decorated and it’s not like pass
the mashed potatoes. Everything’s on one spot. That’s what we do for Thanksgiving. And if you guys want me
to like actually log, our Thanksgiving, prep and stuff, let me know because, like
I said, it’s our first one and I’m a little nervous
but super-excited. And, yeah, I think it’s gonna
come together in our space, even though there’s not a ton
of it, we’ll make it work. Every surface will be
utilized during our dinner. The last room that I wanted
to decorate was the bathroom. I just really wanted to add
a few little things here. This is the main bathroom. We have one downstairs too, but this is the one that
guests use when they come over. I thought I would just do a little bit of sprucing up in here to make it look a little
bit more fall festive. I swapped out my hand towels here. I really like this little feature here. This came with the bathroom, but I think I can find a
very similar one to it, but it’s really cute and I just hang the hand towels off of the bar here. I originally was looking for more of an orangey
color scheme in here and then I saw these. Well they didn’t have any that
I could find that I liked. I was finding more like coral. which I felt like was to summery. I really liked this cranberry color. I got a mat too that I’m standing on. And I feel like this is
gonna be a really great color to transition from fall into winter. It’s definitely an
in-between color scheme. I really like it for this space. And I’m not a huge red person, so I love that this is more cranberry, and then on here I just
swapped a few things out. I added some fall decor, like
these little ceramic pumpkins. I found these, I think at Homesense. And I just added, oh
this is just a little, I think this is a soy candle and it’s just pumpkin spiced. And I probably won’t even light this, especially because there’s
a shelf right above it, but even just having it open, gives the space that little bit of that pumpkin spice smell, and a little, this is funny, this is a pear-shaped pumpkin up top here. I love the pumpkins, that they’re green and they go with the
space but they also happen to be fall and Halloween themed. We also updated our letter board here which you see right
across from the toilet. So you know as you’re doing your business, you can just do some light reading, and we just did a little saying, pumpkin spice and everything nice, but obviously you can switch it up. These are nice because
you can switch it up by the season or whatever
you’re feeling like. If you wanna put your
favorite quote on there. I just think that they’re really fun and I like having sayings and
words and stuff on the walls. ‘Cause it just, yeah, inspires you and that’s just a cute little
message for the season. Then for the actual vanity I want to keep it really clean and simple. I don’t like too much on here, otherwise I feel like it
just gets really clutterie. But I did wanna add in
a festive hand soap, so this one was just by Meyer’s, and this is their Apple Cider
scent and it smells so good. I actually bought three of these. Oh that smells so good! And Meyer’s is a cleaner brand. I really like this one. Otherwise, Method has a really nice orange and ginger wine that I have
in the downstairs bathroom, but hand soap and hand
towels are quick things that you can easily swap out to change your space
from season to season. And I think, I didn’t add
too many things in here, but when you walk in you can tell that there’s something happening. I think that’s the end of our fall tour. Let’s (snapping fingers)
head back to the living room. There you have it! That is my fall-ified home. I’m honestly in love with it. And leave me a comment
down below letting me know if you’ve decorated your home
already in the fall spirit. Honestly, this is my favorite season. I love summer, but I really love fall. I mean it’s both mine and
Matt’s birthday month. We had the book launch this month, which by the way if you have not watched the HealthNut Cookbook Diaries, we just released the
latest episode on Friday. That whole playlist will
be linked down below. I’m sharing the entire journey of creating the HealthNut Cookbook. Also if you guys aren’t
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unsubscribe anytime you want. So thank you so much for
hanging out with me today as I just share what my
house looks like right now. I know I haven’t done
an official tour yet, but that will be coming soon. I just want to show little sneak peeks of all the fall stuff,
but we’re almost done getting our house together. We have a few more things like the TV unit in the living room and we still have that backroom, that everyone says that we should make it into Cashew’s room. She’s spoiled enough guys. She doesn’t need a room. But those are really cute suggestions. So still a few things to
get done in the house, but this was just a fun
little sneak peek of it. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I will see you in my next video, and have a fabulous day and have fun decorating your home. make it very cozy and in the fall spirit, because honestly, it
makes you really happy when you wake up to everything being fall-ified in the morning. I’m not gonna lie. Okay, I’m gonna be done talking, I’m blabbering a lot. So you guys in the next one, bye! (soft music)

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