30 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Childhood Constipation and Cow’s Milk

  1. 21 out of 27 in just 3 days? That has to be correlation. Double blind with even more children 44/65? Not convinced yet.

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  2. I remember my stomach as a child always being in pain when it came time to go to the restroom. I now know it was because my family’s high consumption of beef and now I know cow’s milk.

  3. Fissures can't cure that fast it can take up to 3 years in Perfect conditions and only with a WFPB lifestyle. Most sufferers have been living with it their entire lives without realizing it yet so the injury needs this time to fully heal. I firmly believe that the majority of people are in stage 1 colon cancer.

  4. As a pediatric emergency medicine physician I preach this 100%. i have amassed research for the pediatric gastroenterologist at my job who insists on prescribing large amounts of laxatives. I say this all the TIME….in fact my nurses even preach this to the patients on discharge. the rates of enemas given in emergency departments for both adults and children have increased tremendously. the numbers of patients who present with excruciating abdominal pain, get worked up for major emergencies and end up with the diagnosis of constipation are incredulous. and parents always say " he is lactose intolerant" but drinks lactaid uurgh

  5. I noticed I couldn't digest cow milk very well in my adulthood. I guess it takes a while for some people before dairy catches up to them.

  6. It is all because we and our parents were stupid enough to buy the propaganda/lie put out by the dairy industry of "Milk! It does a body good." If pediatricians had a clue or if parents had any inclination to think for themselves and do their OWN research, they'd discover not only is dairy terrible for kids and adults and extremely constipating, but so are grains and legumes and meat. My mother used to tell me that it was "normal" and "o.k." not to have a bowel movement for a few days. While I wasn't forced to drink milk, we had plenty of cheese and ice cream and sour cream vegetable dips and yogurt. Finally after giving up dairy in my thirties, I discovered what it was like to have normal healthy regular eliminations.

  7. Another thing that is rarely spoken of is the effect of dairy on women 's mental health and moods. I have seen women suffer from severe menstrual cramps and have extreme moodiness and if you think the estrogens in dairy are not a contributor you are delusional. There are some seriously high levels of these hormones especially if you are blessed to eat the dairy from a cow who was pregnant at the time . Add that to a woman's baseline estrogen levels and you can cause a lot of mental and physical distress. Stop the madness people, it is killing you . Drinking the milk of another species and especially after infancy is ludicrous . Half the women I know had or have breast cancer . You think thats a normal reality of life ? Yikes.

  8. This was definitely what I struggled with as a kid. Can’t believe it took me 21 years to give up the dairy! Feel better than ever! 🙏🏼😄

  9. Raw milk is beneficial and pasteurized is not.

    Jul 25, 2017 Why milk from the US is banned around the world

    This film explains why milk from the US is banned in many countries and what the dangers are to Americans who drink it.


  10. Cows milk tastes disgusting to a human . Absolutely horrible only like it when it was chocolate milk . Child abuse nations ! Freaking insane ! This will go down in history as

  11. Wow this video solved a mystery for me from my childhood! So crazy. I’m vegan now and don’t have those problems anymore thank goodness

  12. awesome….. so true… BUT in my opinion, it isn't just an "allergy" to cow's milk… this is also a NATURAL reaction to the massive amounts of calcium that cow's milk has… over time… over much calcium causes constipation… If the children were given "fortified" ( with calcium… as unfortunately so many plant milks do… ) soy milk, i would bet that the constipation would continue…. of course also, the over much calcium also can be the cause of wheezing /asthma and the like… over much calcium, unless it is balanced with magnesium, causes tightness ( headaches, cramps, period pains, constipation, difficulty breathing, vomiting, morning sickness, seizures etc etc etc also kidney stones…. ) … it HAS to be in balance with magnesium, otherwise there are problems… and the amounts in cow's milk or fortified milks are already too great to be easily, if it all, able to be balanced with magnesium unless one supplements heavily with magnesium…

  13. My parents used to make me drink milk and I hated it. They had good intentions they believed the marketing that it makes you grow. I also had constipation and strongly disliked milk. Eventually I learned to like milk but I’m so happy I gave up all animal products now.

  14. I was constantly constipated as a kid and always had belly aches, doctors explained it with my cystic fibrosis. Until I went vegan for three weeks just for fun and everything magically disappeared… turns out I'm casein intolerant. 🙂 They could've saved me 18 years of pain, had they just done a simple food intolerances test!

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