Functional peptide “Wellnex” – Nitta Gelatine Co., Ltd.

Functional peptide “Wellnex”  – Nitta Gelatine Co., Ltd.

It is Nitta Gelatine Co., Ltd. In a purpose to sell our collagen peptide strategically, we put up brand name Wellnex. I explain our collagen peptide. I declare that it is functional peptide and push forward sale. And the data about the joint. Or an effect with the skin. I prepare data of them. Please refer. This is the data which continued taking in collagen peptide 10 grams a day towards degenerative arthritis. I acquired data that it improved 14 weeks later. There are data one more. This is an effect of the bedsore treatment of the person. Similarly it continued 10 grams of intakes a day. The effect is displayed for data. The collagen peptide is the product which can have expectation toward various uses in this way. Please use it for a study. Thanking you in advance.

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