GTN Unboxing: NEW Polar Vantage Multisport Watches

GTN Unboxing: NEW Polar Vantage Multisport Watches

[Boomy Electronic Music] – What a day. What an unboxing I have in store for you. Because today’s unboxing
involves two brand new products that are literally being released today. And those products come from a partner of the channel, Polar. We have the Polar Vantage V. We also have the Vantage M. And as with all of our unboxings, we’ll be giving you the chance to get your hands on one of these. We have both a Vantage V and a Vantage M up for grabs at the end of this video. But for now, let’s get unboxing. My first impressions have
to be around their looks. And their shape. Now, they have this
more sort of traditional wrist watch shape, the
circular watch face to them. Which, I have to say, I really like. You can almost go as far as saying you can wear these casually, outside of the sporting world, and people wouldn’t actually know that you’re a runner or a triathlete. Unless of course you
want people to know that. They do have some subtle differences between these two watches. So first of all, I’m
gonna take a closer look at the white watch which is the Vantage M. Well this is Polar’s mid-range watch. It’s GPS enabled, and it’s designed for multi sport. So you can wear this for your triathlon, record your swim, bike,
and run all on one device. And both devices actually can record up to 130 different sports. This device, in particular, is aimed at those advanced athletes
that are goal-driven. They’re looking for a good watch, but maybe not all the bells and whistles. That said, this watch still
really does pack a punch. It’s got endless features. But before we do delve into those, let’s talk a little bit more
about its outer appearance. Now, one concern I do hear time
and time again with watches is around their fit and the size. You’ll be pleased to
hear that with this watch it comes in two different sizes. You’ve got the small to medium size, which you can get with
either black or white straps. And then we have the medium to large size, which comes with either black,
white, or even red straps. And a really nice touch
that I’ve just noticed now is that you can quite quickly and easily just pull this pin here
and flip those straps out. So if you can’t make your mind up you can just buy different straps without having to replace your watch and just interchange them. Well now let’s move
away from the aesthetics and more towards the
functionality of the product. So, if we take a look at
the side of the watch here, we have five buttons, and we use them just to scroll
through different functions. But then, you’ll notice that
this is a colour display, which is quite handy. It’s very nice. Means that we can spot our pace and time as we’re plotting along a lot more easily. But now if we flip it over, this is where things get interesting because this is the
optical heart rate sensor. This isn’t anything new, but it’s slightly updated in comparison to its predecessor the M430. But has been updated quite significantly. It still involves LED
sensors in the middle which detect blood pressure change, and therefore, our heart rate. But to improve the accuracy, it now has these four contact points. So these press up against
the skin and it detects, well, basically how close to the skin or how far away from
the skin the sensor is, and then that will change the accuracy in the reading from the LED sensors. In short, it’s more accurate. Okay, but if we flip it back over now and take a look at the
home screen function, we can scroll through a
few different clock faces and info that displays
on that home screen. But there’s this nice big,
red button on the side. It looks very important. So if you press that, now we have a number of
different activities. So we’ve got treadmill running. No, don’t fancy that. We’ve got strength training. No. Crossfit. Walking. Hiking. No. Road cycling. Indoor cycling. Mountain biking. Running. That’s more like it. And, yeah, obviously it
is a multi sport watch. We’ve got swimming, cycling, running, everything in there. So, if you did fancy doing a triathlon or even an Ironman with this you could quite happily. And you could be safe
in the fact knowing that this has over 30 hours
of battery life going. Now both devices will
connect to Polar Flow, which is basically an online
training platform from Polar. So every time you finish an activity, a swim, a bike, a run, whatever it is, it’ll upload to Polar Flow. And you can log it all there. You can view your activities. You can analyse it all. But there’ve been some
exciting updates to this. So we now have Polar’s Training Load Pro. So every time you upload this activity it will analyse that data. It will look at the
loads, the stress of that. It will start to learn about you. And it will start to
learn about your limits. Whether you’re over training or perhaps even under training. But I’m not sure under training features in the triathlon vocabulary. Well along with all these updates Polar have also included
Polar Flow for coaches for both of the devices. So this allows coaches to design and develop programmes for athletes, then upload it to the
athlete’s Polar Flow account. That will, in turn, then sync and upload to their Polar device. And then each morning,
an athlete will wake up and they can see their
training on their watch and then go ahead complete their sessions, upload it to their Polar Flow account, and then that will allow their coach to then analyse their data. There’s been loads more updates and new features added to these devices for both running and swimming, but one that has really caught my eye has to do with sleep. And this is called Polar Sleep Plus. So this looks at the
timings, the durations, and the quality of the athlete’s sleep whilst they’re wearing it in bed. And then it will actually
give you recommendations and tell you how to maybe
improve your sleep quality. Now that’s enough of the Polar Vantage M, but now let’s take a look
at the Polar Vantage V. [Heavenly Music] It is kind of the big
brother or the big sister. This is Polar’s most advanced
multi sports watch to date. And it includes a very special feature. Running power. And I’ve got to say, it
feels it like means business. It’s got the same shape
and style as the Vantage M, but it’s just a little bit heavier in a good way. It feels like it’s good quality. It’s got the same
features as the Vantage M, obviously more. It’s been designed for those athletes that are looking for the
highest level of performance. Perhaps those athletes that are trying to train like the pros. So what features does it include? Well, it’s got ever so
slightly longer battery life, and it’s got over 40
hours of battery life. Which is incredible. It’s obviously got GPS within it. It’s enabled for GPS tracking. It’s also got very accurate
biometric measurement. It also features a touch
screen colour display, along with five buttons around the side to scroll through different
functions, as well. Again, it includes this
optical heart rate sensor, which includes the
Precision Prime technology. And then with that, it
also has another feature called Recovery Pro. So not only does this
device record your training, it also looks at your recovery between each of those sessions, and then gives you feedback and advices you on how to recover better. But, the really exciting
feature in this device is the running power. This is the world’s first
wrist-based running power metre. So we don’t need any other devices to record our running
power as we’ve seen before and then beam out to device. This all happens within this device by recording a number of different metrics whilst we’re running along and putting it all into this one number. I’ve got to say, this is quite new and unknown territory for
a lot of us out there. I’ve never used running power before, and I’m not sure how it works fully, but one thing I can say is that it’ll be very
interesting to look at how our power changes between
easy running, hard running, how we run off the bike, perhaps when you have your jelly legs, how that power changes. And I do think this will become a very valuable data tool. Well the time has come for you to get your hands on one
of these Polar watches. Let’s do that. You just need to head to the link in the description below. And by now, hopefully you know
enough about these watches to answer the question
within that link correctly. So best of luck to you. If you’d like to see more videos from GTN, just click on the globe and subscribe. And if you like this video, hit that thumbs up button. If you’d like to see
our Polar factory tour that Heather did
recently, just click here.

59 thoughts on “GTN Unboxing: NEW Polar Vantage Multisport Watches

  1. How do you answer this DC Rainmaker calls you out. The Polar watches aren't released yet and you even show the underside of the unit saying "Beta Unit". So it isn't releasing for a while and you can't really do a fair review of something that isn't finished. I hope these do well but they are a bit late to the party with the features in these watches.

    Using a Garmin Fenix 5X plus with a Running dynamics pod, but power is worthless since it doesn't tell you anything about your effort in comparison to cycling power.

  2. Polar still seem to be playing catch up with Garmin, with the exception perhaps of Running Power, everything else and more is available in the existing Garmin Fenix (and other models). It's a shame as I was genuinely looking for something special with this Polar release.

  3. I knew both the words under and training, very positive and happy words! Why would you so disappointingly combine them though?

  4. @GTN how do pro ironmen or triathlon racers repair flats in full disc rear wheels ? i race in TT's and know for a fact i cant pump one up without a floor pump and a helper to hold the 90 degree adaptor onto the valve. Need to know as wouldnt want to dnf a race for a flat i cant repair

  5. I'm really curious to see how that screen performs in the sun. It's a very common problem with all of the new breed of sport watches (from Suunto and Garmin both) where the color screens just are NOT as legible in the bright sun as the old B&W ones like on the early Fenixs and Ambits. I did a review of the Suunto Spartan Trainer and that was by far the biggest drawback. These color screens look lovely in video and on ads, but then are often super hard to see outdoors. 🙁 Otherwise, nice to see Polar picking it up and getting in the running again.

  6. I think the fact that Polar is concentrating on training and recovery is brilliant as they are getting back to what is important. In my opinion Garmin is just too over the top with all their gadgets. My phone handles my music and payments and I never ride or run without my phone in case of emergencies. I just hope Polar doesn't play the same game as they did with the V800 by promising functions and delivering months past due date. (Remember how upset some people got) And the 40Hr battery life is amazing. Who else can compete with that?

  7. In what way does this "world's first watch-only running power meter" differ from the one Garmin has had for some time? Also, is there a list of which sports are included in the "100+ sports" the watch can track?

  8. I really want to buy a Polar Vantage V, but Polar keeps dropping the ball by not including ANT+ along with Bluetooth sensor pairing. I love the look of the Polar way better than Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, but come on Polar. Please, please put something out that will compete with the Garmin Fenix line. I really want to switch, but as it stands, it would be a step back from my Fenix 5 plus

  9. Maybe I've missed it, but I haven't seen any info about the screen material. Is it plastic or glass? If glass, is it Gorilla glass, etc? Thanks!

  10. You mention the watches are being launched "today". On the back of the units you're showing it says "Beta Unit Not For Sale". On the Polar site ( they seem to be available for pre-order = not launched yet. Do you know when these watches are actually being released?

    Even if this is a Polar ad: Besides sharing the brochure copy in a video, do you know anything about how they actually really perform in reality?

  11. Any idea when they will be available this heart rate accuracy is really good i read some reviews its same level as chest strap!!

  12. With the accuracy and low cost of accelerometers, having them on the wrist or the foot makes practically little differnce I feel if a bunch of clever programmers can sample and smooth the practical information required to inform the user about their change in kinetic and potential energies (to calculate external power). A comparison with metabolic power to back derive the metabolic efficiency of running would be interesting but due to the storage and release of energy within elastic structures of the lower limbs, we will never know what any given user's true efficiency is. In other words, there is no way to truly tell if any device is correct. If you train with the same device longitudinally, perhaps you may be able to use the information for improvement assessments but the added complexity of the self-made power metrics by the "we know it alls" on the internet continues to confuse users. The effectiveness of power training is completely in question…

  13. you guys should stop with all the paid promotion stuff. If you want to show watches, show head to head to compare different brands. Watching you gush on about polar, canyon, or whoever has paid you is uninteresting.

  14. For all of you who swings opinions on the differences between Polar and Garmin I hope you realise there is a Close coop between the 2 companies, aiming to cover the overall customer need. So there is no one behind the the other. They simply satisfy different Groups of customers.

  15. I have a question: Does the Vantage M track the Heartrate and other data during swimming like the v800 with the h10? Thank you :))

  16. interesting, but can we also see the proprietary USB charger cable? I could not see it in any of the available videos.

    Also, have you tried swimming with this watch? what are the swimming metrics like? is HR monitoring accurate in the water?

    does the watch have a buzzer like M400 or dos it vibrate like M430?

  17. WARNING: it is backlit, so it is unreadable during training in the gym … valid only outdoors or good angle of light …… it is NOT with illuminated TFT screen

  18. Crossfit with a big glass screen? I tried it once… no more watch. It was going well until the Kettlebell smashed it to bits on the first rep. That was a Polar M400. This one looks even more delicate. I'm sure it's perfect for normal Aerobic exercise, but clearly not for crossfit. Should be more like a G-shock, my hopes are on the Garmin Instinct.

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