GTN Unboxing: ROKA CP-1X and GP-1X Sunglasses

GTN Unboxing: ROKA CP-1X and GP-1X Sunglasses

– Welcome back to another GTN Unboxing, and today we’re gonna be taking a look at some new goodies from ROKA. No, it’s not one of their
nice wetsuits or tri-suits, obviously, the box is way too small. These are in fact there new
CP-1X and GP-1X sunglasses, and as always we’re gonna be
giving some of these away. Yes some, we have four sunglasses to give away to some lucky winners. So stay tuned until the end of this video to see how you can get your hands on them. But for now, let’s get unboxing. Right, first impressions are great, and I haven’t even got
to the sunglasses yet. The box comes with this nice black sleeve around it, very smart, very stealthy. Then we’ve gpt this really sturdy box, that snaps shut and open, really cool. Then this sunglasses case,
that again is very smart. Fits nice and neatly and
very snugly into that box. So, let’s take a look
inside, zip this open. We’ve got sunglasses within
a nice micro-fiber cloth, so you can clean the sunglasses. Come sunglasses bag, so we
take the sunglasses out, and these look very cool. Be rude not to put them on, eh? How do I look? The ones that I’m wearing right now are the GP-1X sunglasses, and then these ones are
the CP-1X sunglasses. So what do you reckon,
these ones or these ones? Firstly, let’s talk about
the two different designs. Now obviously they are slightly different but they also have some similarities, and one of those is with the
rather large lens design. That’s to allow an
unrestricted field of view, so when you’re cycling and running along you can see absolutely everything, even with the CP-1X having
this full frame design. Although I will say the GP-1X, without having the frame across the top might lend itself nicely to those with quite an aggressive
time trialling position, where you’re you’re tucked down and looking through the
top of your sunglasses. I’m also just amazed at
the clarity of the lenses. Now I’ve worn a lot of
different sunglasses over the years, and
these are just so crisp. Apparently they use a premium nylon when they create the
lenses called C3 Ultra, so I assume that has
something to do with that. They also come on an array
of different colours, and the lens is also interchangeable. You can change lenses in and out for different conditions, different light, or even just coz one looks
cooler than the other. But whilst we all want a good
looking pair of sunglasses, that’s not all the GP-1X
and CP-1X have to offer, because they have been designed for performance and for functionality. Both of the sunglasses
feature a titanium wire that runs through the
frame of the sunglasses. What that does, is it
allows you to customise and perfect the fit of the sunglasses. Then that wire is then
wrapped with an ear sock, that uses ROKA’s patented
GEKO elastomer material. That just all adds to this fit, and the grip on the sunglasses. To make sure they stay in place, and don’t move whilst
you’re running and cycling. Then that same material is used on the nose piece you can see just here. Then to add to that fit they
come in three different sizes. Ultimately a pair of
sunglasses should do their job without you really noticing them, and to me that is the sign
of a really good product. And you really aren’t gonna notice these, because the CP-1X come
in at just 29 grammes and then the GP-1X come
in at just 26 grammes. Now I know we’re getting into the real weight weeny territory here, but to put this into some context that is around 10 grammes lighter than most sunglasses on the
market, quite impressive. Well, you probably think I’m finished, but actually for such a small product they pack quite a punch,
because these sunglasses also feature a series
of coatings that have anti fog, anti scratch and
anti reflective properties. Because we all hate fingerprints and marks on our sunglasses, also contains a hydrophobic coating. Which basically means it prevents moisture from settling on the lenses. It also helps to prevent
fingerprints better, and also just makes
cleaning them a lot easier. Well now for the exciting part. How do you get your hands on
a pair of these sunglasses? Well it’s quite simple really. Just hit the link in
the description below, and that will take you
to our Giveaways page and then it’s just a case of answering a very, very difficult question. Yeah I lie, it’s not really,
it’s a piece of cake. As long as you’ve been listening and watching this video carefully, it should be very simple,
and then you’ve got your choice of style and
colour to choose from and there’s four up for grabs. So, best of luck to you all, and if you haven’t done so already you can click on the globe
and subscribe to GTN. If you’d like to get hold
of some of this GTN kit, just head over to our shop, and if you’d like to see our new Zwift Triathlon Academy
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  1. I need them new glasses, i bought a pair and completely destroyed them after a month jajaj. Have now learned to not screw around with things i dont want to break whilst having a few beers

  2. I was super keen on getting my hands on one of these at last weeks Ironam Kalmar race expo. Unfortunately they only stocked goggles and westsuits / swimskins. Those of us living in the UK know the pain of paying taxes for orders from overseas. Anyway..excited 😉

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