High-Protein Vegetarian Foods | HealthiNation

High-Protein Vegetarian Foods | HealthiNation

Looking to get beefed up – without the meat?
There’s a wide variety of foods you can incorporate into your diet to supplement your
workout routine. Eggs are an excellent source of high-quality protein stocked with all nine
of the essential amino acids the body needs. They also have a more available form of vitamin
B12 that may assist in muscle contraction and tissue repair. Yogurt can be your workout
fuel – with a good balance of carbs for quick energy…and protein to promote muscle
recovery afterward. Snack on almonds on your way out of the gym. 
They can boost your levels of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that may protect your
cells against damage from free radicals released into your body during strenuous exercise. All
types of beans are loaded with fiber and are also great sources of protein – 1 cup of
beans can have as much protein as an average steak! Finally, no workout is complete without
adequate hydration.  With your body being composed of about 60% water, it’s very important
to replace what you lose. Drink plenty of water before and after your workout—and
you’ll be helping to keep your muscles in fighting shape.

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  1. I changed my diet about 3 months ago when I stopped eating meat. And I found that I had trouble maintaining my weight. I was 202lbs and now I'm down to 184lbs. I had a check up and everything is fine, felt great. I adjusted my intake of pulses and introduced a variety of dried fruits and nuts to my meals through the day, porridge is also for breakfast now, which I never ate much of. Seems to have levelled out now. Just wish I didn't have to be so on top of every meal I have.

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