Highlander Mage EZ LEGEND GUIDE! Reno Mage/Dragon Mage – Descent of Dragons Mage Deck – Hearthstone

Highlander Mage EZ LEGEND GUIDE! Reno Mage/Dragon Mage – Descent of Dragons Mage Deck – Hearthstone

descent of dragons Highlander mage did you throw a trident yeah there were
horses and a man on fire and I killed a guy with a trident I’ve been meaning to
talk to you about that you should find yourself a safe house or a relative
close by lay low for a while because you’re probably wanted for murder
where’s the silence Zephyr we’re just gonna overload our mana because that’s
exactly what we wanted to do when I could have just silenced him and not let
him draw a card I’ll drink to that and we’re definitely gonna be bm with
the full 17 damage here because we can I hope he freezes yep
and we’ll just double cons you know Zephyr for you Kandra again oh he misses
out on the Dragan Cree welcome back guys crispy waffles here maybe you’re
wondering how to beat warlock how to beat warrior how to beat mage what does the
answer to eternal happiness we got all that more coming up for you today now I
was feeling lucky and risky so for the rest of this run we cut the defender put
the puzzle box back in and it was a terrible idea every single time we use
the puzzle box it just trolled us so if you’re feeling
lucky go for it if not maybe keep the defender in but either way we got that
legend with it so close enough right now Jaina might not look surprised like she
did last time but that’s only because I don’t want that gag to get old mark my
words she is surprised AAF you guys have blown
up my channel more in the last 28 days then it has in the last seven months so
like I don’t I’m running out of ways to thank you you guys are amazing like
thank you all so much like always like and comment if you enjoy my stuff any
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and ring that Bell don’t want you to miss any of the action and also the
answer to eternal happiness this money now we gotta keep this Luck factory
operating that makes sense right keep this luck factory in operation yeah
that would have sounded smarter so we got a warrior zephyr fairy dragon and
frost bolt gonna keep all those just great options for the early game even
with the coin I’m thinking we might go for the early turn to these agro we
really want to have some board pressure early on he might be at late-game
galakrond but if he is I don’t know I feel like
we’ll have a lot of late-game options the scarier the two matchups for us is
the early agro version so might as well play for that counterspell would be pretty nice here
or at least making him play around the counterspell would be able to bado to
shield slam or whatever you’d want to use for the actual counter spell his
hands already pretty low Zephyr to keep his hand that low was totally worth it
to me especially since like we got the reno the arcane and select we can
where’s the silent zephyr so we’re just gonna overload our mana
because that’s exactly what we wanted to do god I love overloading mana when I
could have just silenced him and not let him draw a card so using the shield slam already well I
kind of want to keep our pressure going like the hex proof is gonna be quite
annoying for him you know getting that early Zilly X just so we can clear it
that means unless he discovers one later or something we don’t have to worry
about like we’ll be able to use the Alex basically as soon as we want he’s not
gonna be able to get any actual healing off I’d rather set the claim Ward take
care of that so we could go dragon castor fireball
even dragon castor power creation Rina would clear it but yeah rather than just
clearing it let’s try and nope nope nope we’ve done this before you don’t have a
dragon so let’s just take that out with the Reno gets us that four six on board then we can always use like the CM at
flamestrike gonna be able to power creation fairly soon turn nine triple
SnipSnap always really good just looking like we got some really solid turns out
of us so well it is one minion survive and get
that conjurer off you know what we don’t need the conjurer yet let’s just keep
everything cleared get even more value on the board now unless it clears both
them we can get the double conjurer next turn that way if we get like a really
unfortunate pull from it we can just recon do that nice timing on the counterspell – if we
do get a lucky Conger right off the bat that’ll do just fine always good when you can get them to use
the invoked image on your minions instead of your face every little bit
you can soak really helps and then just look at how low that hand is he doesn’t
have galakrond but we’ll just make it as annoying as possible for him to actually
play it yeah that’s gonna be perfect no need to
hold on to the SnipSnap either like with a board like that he’s like flipping
that table right now I’ll drink to that let’s just wipe the board I’d rather
keep the three minions with death rattles alive you’re reborn or the ones
that like summoned something when they die I think he has a brawl or like
anything that’ll wipe the board just not gonna save him anymore good game just can’t keep up more coffee
and we’ll keep this action going sorry about the holdup let’s get right
back into it here you know standard uses basic classic and the most recent two
years of cards so you learn things on this channel so we got a warlock one of the more
common matchups right now I’m okay without the key Smith I feel like the
witch doctor and then three chances at another early game cards gonna be pretty
big I’d rather use the twilight drake for turn four got some decent options
though so let’s see we can discover off the
witchdoctor rocket galaxy could be a lot of fun I feel like that is a little bit
greedy fireball is probably the correct pick they’re like in my experience if we
pick the galaxy then everything just gets way out of control we never end up
getting to use it and then now since we didn’t pick the galaxy he’s just gonna
give us a free turn seven and we’ll be like ah why didn’t we
it’s just the way it goes now let’s hold on another coin just a little bit longer kind of giving up the tempo there but if
we used it then we oh there’s mountain giant so we’ll just clear that right
away and then now that we save the coin we can use the Reno if we have to here
like say plays another mountain giant I guess we could even fireball with arcane
breath but it would be nicer to just use the Reno so see what our can breath has for us if
nothing else we can coin out silly X and then we’ll still be able to Reno next
turn like there enjoy conic there holds pretty low we’re still at
full they’re gonna have plenty of options to heal but come with a hand
like this once we start exploding in bored presents like he’s not gonna be
able to keep up with these turns we got ahead of us here get some progress on the quest gained
some armor clear this minion seems like a good time to me oh so it is gonna be galakrond warlock so easy clear for the Reno two cards for one always good especially
when our one card cleared the whole board it’s a free joy buzz who won
Costigan caster that’s gonna be fun so we only need nine damage on board and
with ten mana we can Alex fireball them in the same turn now furgus yeah even if we don’t Jesus yeah we’re just going for it like look
at that ant we got the Zephyr that dragon castor two fireballs and then as
soon as we use one we get a six six dragon out like I don’t care how much
healing or taunts or bored clears he has just nothing’s gonna save him here
so we’ll do a fireball dragon castor fireball and then play the Zephyr get
the lava burst and that’ll be 17 damage then we’re definitely gonna be mm with
the full 17 damage here because we can so a man 18 gotta love the BM ooh a traverse mage I love it we’re both pretty likely to have a week
early game Nicole keep the Malygos here a bit
greedy but there’s gonna give us some really good value even getting the snip
snap so that’s like all we really need for the early game anyway it’s not like
he’s gonna be flooding the board too much so definitely want to get that value it
on the board rather than just draw cards for no reason now we can point out the
silly acts if we need to depending on what he plays here or coin with the
Malygos and then like Malygos has eight health it’s pretty likely to live so we
could conjure it after that yeah let’s start off with the silly acts here won’t
clear as a minion outright but I think that is gonna be a pain from the deal
with if he just trades into it uses a hero power that’s his whole turn he
probably doesn’t have a turn three and then that still leaves us with the two
minions that come off the Deaf death rattle just completely worth it setting
us up for that really nice malygos next turn what was the point of that hey you could
have used your hero power yeah we definitely want that minion today so
let’s just get a secret out he’s probably gonna be terrified of like
whatever he’s most scared of that’s what the secret is in his head right now so
maybe make him waste a bit of a turn that’s gonna be a pretty solid play
actually let’s get our own out before we fall too
far behind I’ll just take the explosion gonna be really good with the flame
strike to finish off anything we need to it’s really tempted to take the tomb or
even the missiles but feel like that’s just more of a guaranteed don’t really
have to worry about anything anything going wrong anyway so I know we said
we’d use the conjurer earlier but soon one of these one of these terms we will
conjure I promise you not too scary of a board though even if you didn’t get the
flame strike off the Malygos and clears everything we have here what do we we got a CEO Matt and yeah
that might roll him pretty well actually gonna force him to blow his effort if he
has it I hope he freezes yep and we’ll just double country I guess he could Alex us next to him I
don’t think we want a double conjurer see what keysmith has nice barrier it’ll
do just fine it knows effort for you unless he freezes us again we can trade
with this to get the Cali goes out for zero mana then we could do like a zero
mana flame strike into the Malygos explosion for to feel like he has a Alex
in hand and he really wants to play it here he’s just way too scared of that
secret like he should be yeah he’s gonna clear the board oh that’s row yeah you just you didn’t
know what to do it’s too many calculations so easy
flamestrike oh there’s the Alex yeah let’s just contour again oh he misses out on the dragon curry got that card so trollee but does he have a frost no very
blizzard I don’t think that’s gonna be enough Oh God I’d click too fast I’m sorry
Blaine decoy though best card for trolling Highlander Dex does an item is
effort an item the Dragon Queen we got a cm at and the Kali goes out of
it that’s my frost bullet and fireball are so powerful right if you got him in
hand and you know that they probably don’t have healing options just sneak
through with some damage I do not see him coming back from that he’s gonna
show us that he at least had something hello kitty what if the mic can pick up
my cat so basically just do whatever you can to keep the board in your favour for
the early game versus hunters and you should be ok I don’t think it’s all that
happy about that there are many little bloodlust out there with it oh you made
it to the end of the video that means you’re one of my favorite subscribers
and our viewers thank you so much for all the love and support like you guys
are so amazing I can’t believe it absolutely a dream come true questions
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don’t miss any of the action I love you all we’ll see in the next one and stay
beautiful there were horses and a man on fire and I killed a guy with a trident

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  8. At 7:49, why did you suddenly use the Sn1p-Sn4p? At that time you already had 9 mana but only 2 minions in hand. If he did find a way to clean all the minions in battle you could still exert pressure by creating a [6/9] Snip-Sn4p.

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