Homemade Chocolate… from Bean to Bar!

Homemade Chocolate… from Bean to Bar!

93 thoughts on “Homemade Chocolate… from Bean to Bar!

  1. Ok, we're not going to turn into Willy Wonka and open a factory anytime soon, but it was very tasty & we learnt a lot! Obviously the more time and effort you put into it the smoother and awesome the potential flavours can be, but just give it a try & play with your food!

  2. Wow Phoebe have grown before she was little now she is big girl I love Phoebe 😊 also I have not seen Chloe in a long time 😄😁 hope both of your beautiful daughters grow up in a happy life and how hard is to type with a phone

  3. This was really cool and interesting, and nice to to have some Pheobe time, I feel like we haven't had a Pheobe video in a while

  4. Love it, should go to the eden protection they have the planta there, I went and they opened up the pod for us and the coco butter before anything is done to it feel gross but does leave your hands very soft!

  5. Very cool! You should make the chocolate drink the mayans drank in like 900 a.d. 👍💚 it's supposed to be "nutritious"…has water, cornmeal, chilis in it. They call it 'Xocolatl' …you were halfway there today! 👍🤗👏

  6. Try a dark milk with 40-50% cacao! Some of Aldi's premium single origin bars actually come with nib bits in them now too.

  7. Those chocolate bars are AWSOME !!! And look delicious too !! Y’all did a stonkin’ job ! Your little daughters are just precious !! 😊😊

  8. Congratulations, THAT was incredible! So there, Cadbury, Hershey's, Godiva! Handmade homemade chocolate is now a thing!

  9. I think if you turn the hairdryer upside down and put something like a sock over the wrong end of the hairdryer (not the blowy end) then put the top of a plastic bottle over the sock then it will be hoover!!! (After you turn it on obviously 🤪)

  10. Well she must be good at Mario cart but she sure has good manners . She is grown up. Masha Allah.
    I hope and wish all the best for her.

  11. Barry, If I ever see your girl dumping that tray in the oven hoovering her arms above that hot glass door and standing on a stool I will come over to whack your head!!! NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! Just a bit out of balance and the girl is burned for life…..

  12. One day I hope to do things like this with my children, they will always remember things like this. Love watching you Barry!

  13. Its so crazy how big your daughter has gotten. I remember when i first started watching you she was so little. Great job guys 🥰

  14. Doing own choclate from scratch is second on my list , after 100% home made pizza , grown own wheat , tomatos , herbs , get cow and make own cheese ,and get little piggy , feed her weel , name it … and end up making vegan pizza. 😉

  15. after tempering it would be cool to make a swirly bar with the two chocolates mixed together, but don't stir it, so you can see the two colors

  16. Personally, I hate children. However, Phoebe is the rare kind of child that I can tolerate. Still looks like way too much work though, making chocolate by hand, even with a slave/child helping ha

  17. quick tip
    using store bought cocoa nib pieces in yoghurt or desserts is a nice way of adding a chocolatey flavour without loading it with sugar

  18. It's funny everybody presents tons of steps for making chocolate but you don't really need to start with that many. Plus you don't need to douse it in sugar. When it starts being 10% chocolate can you even call it chocolate anymore?

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