How I Lose Fat and Keep Muscle | Nutrition 101

How I Lose Fat and Keep Muscle | Nutrition 101

100 thoughts on “How I Lose Fat and Keep Muscle | Nutrition 101

  1. yeah, lifesum was a fail for me. max weight loss allowed was 0.77lb per week. have lost 40lb in 4 months, need to lose another 63, was telling me over 80 weeks.

  2. These smilign veggies are making me feel bad for eating them now… but they are healthy and tasty so I want to eat them… THANX DOCTOR M!

  3. Watching this makes me guilty…
    Guess it's not healthy to not eat for days, drinking lots of soda and when eating, only bread and tomatoes

    Weight goes up and down Like crazy

  4. Me who is very self conscious about my stomach fat: eats food every other day and eats nothing but water on the off days.

    All my really skinny friends who don’t work out or anything: chips, cookies, and junk food

  5. I'm curious about your thoughts on obesity as a disease. What do you think about bariatric surgery? What would you tell your patients who have been overweight their entire lives and can't seem to make a change?

  6. He says "nutritionist" in these videos. I hope he means "dietitian", someone with an actual degree and post graduate training. A nutritionist could be someone with a degree, or someone who took an online course and got a certificate or just someone who Googled some stuff online and calls themselves a "nutritionist".

  7. that dude is with the m and ms is me wating on buying a lie detector test….eating m and ms and candy…cant get a date….wating on a lie test about clones…….

  8. I wrestle but I think I'm too heavy and I want to lower fat however I only want to lower my weight class by 10 lbs at most plus I still need to be strong

  9. I’m a competitive swimmer so I’m swimming once or twice a day along with weights. My problem is that I have low fat and drop weight too easily

  10. This is actually better advice than most of the fitness youtubers. Be careful who you listen to on YouTube, most are just trying to sell a product behind bro science.

  11. So heres the tea i am stuggling with my body especially my stomach i have a bladder infection of somesorts and its making me a lot more blouted than usaul and this video helped me with that so i just want to say A HUGE THANKS TO YOU AND ALL YOUVE DONT
    Thanks doctor mike😂😂😂💖

  12. One other thing to mention is calorie density. By eating more veggies and beans for example you can eat large portions but won't get as many calories as meat, cheese, fat.

    ALSO include protein and fats at every meal in order to feel satisfied and full

  13. You skipped info on starches. I was intrigued. I thought I was going to learn something I didn't know. But you skipped it. Did I tell you that you skipped it?

  14. HI Doctor Mike. Just recently got results of Insufficient levels of Vitmain D. I have dark skin, is there any other way aside from vitamins to increase my levels. Also, can low Vitamin d make you tired and achy all the time? Thanks.

  15. Yay!! Love this explanation! This is my field of expertise. I'm a certified lifestylecoach in the Netherlands, and I cringe on seeing how we (dutchies) are also getting more and more overweight with all consequences of bad health and expensive health care..
    Healthy nutrition and exercise is the main key to solve many problems ❤️

  16. Is a doctor…. doesn’t like carbs. What. Carbs aren’t the enemy!! Your body needs them too. As a dietetic major, that line disturbed me

  17. what about metabolism? calories in calories out is just temporary when I'm not totally wrong. if your body adapts to the lesser calorie intake, you won't lose any weight and you'll get back to the start, isn't it? 🤔

  18. I wish that he would have mentioned utilizing registered dietitians! Registered dietitians are professionals who underwent academic and professional requirements to become food and nutrition experts and they are more than happy to help people on their weight loss journey.

  19. no you should actually treat your body as nature intended and do intermittent fasting and keto it's more important to lower your carbs and insulin fat storing hormones to burn fat for fuel then you count the fats and protein after

  20. There is a lot of reasonable sounding bullshit in this video. To lose weight you just have to reduce calories? Do you realise that your body adapts to calorie restriction? 1500 kcals of cookies is not the same as 1500kcals of "Mediterranean diet"! Not just because of the lack of micronutrients but because of the hormonal effect if insulin spikes and fat storage signalling. Bruh, do you even nutrition?

  21. I honestly haven't eaten sugar or starches, processed foods or restaurants foods in over 3 years.  I feel amazing.  I eat real food, no grains , and my health has improved miraculously.

  22. For the majority of overweight and obese people, including myself for the last six months. Eat less. Move more. Keep away from sugar (you don't need it).

  23. Can you do a review of Orangetheory Fitness? I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Thank you for making difficult concepts easy to understand!

  24. Thanks for the Chappelle/Lol John clip 🙂

    Talk more about what actually makes an active lifestyle. I run 25-30 miles a week with 2-4 days of moderate core.

  25. During a weight loss journey, are there any ways to restart weight loss when you experience a plateau? Thanks Dr. Mike.

  26. Never use an online calculator to calculate your maintenance calories, there's so many factors they dont take in to calculate it (activity level, metabolism rate, any hormonal imbalances, lifestyle etc), . If you want your true maintenance levels all you have to do is track your calories for 2 weeks (assuming your weight has been steady for the past few months) and average it out, thats your maintenance level for looking the way you currently do based on your current activity levels. From there you can adjust up or down, depending on your goals

  27. Hey Dr. Mike!
    I greatly appreciate how you present health information to your fans to help them stay happy and healthy! Because I know you care about your viewers, I want to bring to your attention an issue with this video. I have a friend with an eating disorder and they have shared with me their struggles with calorie counting, "healthy" eating and how triggering it is for their disorder. The mantra at the clinic they went to to get help was, "All food is good food" and that was used to counteract much misinformation on what is healthy that encouraged them in their eating disorder to restrict. Though the information in this video is helpful, I would request you put a caution in the title for those who have an eating disorder, warning this video may be triggering for them. I know this is just one way to view this and considering you are a doctor, I would love to hear your thoughts on how to help those who struggle with eating disorders? How do you approach this struggle? Have you run across that with your patients? Thanks for your time and consideration on this. 🙂 Love you and your content. And I'll be praying you stay happy and healthy. <3

    All the best,

  28. Can you do a video on how to quit caffeine? (Unless you already did and I missed it) I've been drinking coffee since high school and have HORRIBLE withdrawal when I try to quit – including anxiety and nightmares. I just can't do it.

  29. Atention! This app is a complete scam. I signed up an had 30+ spam emails from them within 15 minutes. Some even in russian. It only stopped because I blocked their entire server from contacting my Email. Maybe their servers were hacked, I don't know, but the app is currently definitely not safe!

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