How To Decrease Your Appetite By Increasing Peptide YY (PYY)

How To Decrease Your Appetite By Increasing Peptide YY (PYY)

so guys so let’s talk about weight loss
everyone’s trying to lose a little bit of weight and the best way to do this
obviously is going to be to eat less food it’s pretty straightforward
yes it’s way more complicated than that but for the far majority of people just
eating less is gonna work um so one of the main ways you eat less is by
consuming less food and one of the main ways that you’re able to do that is by
finding ways to kind of reduce your appetite over appetite and and being
hungry all the time there’s what really causes you to overeat and not get
results so in today’s video I want to break down a specific hormone which is
produced in the intestines in colon and it’s called peptide YY or p YY for short
which I’ll probably call for the video and when it’s lowered your appetite is
increase and when it’s high your appetite is decreased and there are many
different ways to kind of control and manipulate this hormone so in this video
I want to talk about what exactly peptide YY is how to increase it and how
that’s gonna help you reduce your appetite and lose more weight hopefully
so I hope you enjoy this video so as I said peptide YY decreases your appetite
as the hormone increases and there have been many studies showing a correlation
between more peptide YY and lower rates of obesity so people who are obese tend
to have less py Y&S system so chemicals released by the gastrointestinal tract
are super super important super super large organ inside the body and a plays
a vital role in our energy and various different functions and one of the most
important hormones when we’re speaking about the gastrointestinal tract is pyy
or peptide tyrosine tyrosine so you know the body is interconnected
one example is gonna be the bacteria in your gut affecting how we think for
example 90% of our serotonin a neurotransmitter is produced in the gut
you know we have some neurons in the gut and many people are saying that the
state of our gut microbiome has direct implications for things like depression
ADHD in various of the cognitive processes so everything’s interlinked
peptide tyrosine tyrosine Huawei has been shown to impact the
hypothalamus in the brain and reward centers and has been shown that when
peptide YY levels increased regions of this brain are more satisfied and
stimulated by so when peptide Y levels increase your brain is more satisfied
which and we know that the hypothalamus for example plays an important role when
it comes to appetite so the idea goes that because peptide why why when
secreted in larger amounts stimulates the brain and creates the sense of
satisfaction this leads to a decrease in an appetite meaning it can be an
important way to lower the rate and risk of obesity and just help people lose
weight and there are some foods you can consume in order to actually increase
peptide wha-why so peptide y wise main role is to slow down the emptying
process in the digestive tract and that helps to increase the absorption of
nutrients that you consume additionally water and electrolyte absorption in the
colon increases due to peptide YY being released when we consume food that needs
to be digested so peptide YY may also have some action on insulin right
insulin as a peptide hormone secreted by beta cells and the pancreas and it’s
commonly associated with obesity and it’s one of its the hormone associated
with storing fat it prevents fat from being burnt and it allows fat to be
stored so because it makes because peptide YY makes the press pancreatic
secretion this may lower insulin levels and play a role and perhaps reducing
appetite as lower insulin levels tend to be associated with a lower appetite it’s
not that necessarily insulin levels in and of themselves do anything to
appetite but peptide YY seems to lower insulin levels so that’s quite important
as well and may help to control blood sugar levels therefore so peptide YY
basically increases after you eat a meal and and you’re full then right so
peptide YY levels are lower before you eat higher afterwards and peak at around
60 to 90 minutes after your meal kind of conversely to ghrelin the hunger
hormone that makes you hungry so when it comes to weight loss and macronutrients
meaning protein fat and carbs we also have fiber and alcohol but let’s just
talk about carbs protein in fat obviously you have to be getting the
right amounts of certain macronutrients in order to lose weight effectively and
retain muscle and certain ones are more symbolic of weight gain and weight loss
Cubs for example are often portrayed as the macronutrient which cause fat gain
which isn’t true by the way you know they don’t cause effect in and then of
themselves but they seem to be associated with fat gain generally
because people find overeating carbohydrates to be much easier
especially sugars and that can cause the excess and calories but protein on the
other hand is the macronutrient which is really symbolic of weight loss right eat
protein and lose more weight and that’s true to a certain extent for different
reasons protein for example will increase your metabolism because it
takes more energy or heat right to digest and process protein but protein
also seems to have the greatest impact on peptide YY and after you consume a
meal of rich in protein peptide YY seems to increase the most so protein actually
stimulates insulin quite a lot it’s actually quite insulin or genican if you
compare wait to weight to some carbohydrates it appears some proteins
increase insulin a lot but then you have the decreased appetite that comes with
an increase of peptide YY and and the the restriction on pancreatic secretion
of insulin that comes from protein and that’s why protein is actually generally
associated with increased insulin sensitivity as with peptide YY so
peptide YY and many different studies has been associated with less obesity
right less craving so it really is a cool hormone that we can focus on just
really obese people just for those who are trying to be able to control the
appetite so there are many different other things that also increase it but
it’s mainly food that does it another example is gonna be really intense
exercise sprints jumping rope really quickly strength training all these
things seem to have an effect on it and it’s been shown in some studies that
over the period of a few weeks and months peptide YY seems to be higher and
individuals that excess is more one interesting study actually
looked at coffee because coffee is a very symbolic drink associated with
weight loss people from many many decades have said that a cup of coffee
helps you lose weight and some say it’s because it increases your metabolic rate
due to the caffeine content and that’s true to an extent but it really isn’t
that much um but caffeine or coffee specifically seems to have a pretty
interesting effect on appetite are you drinking a cup of coffee and
your appetite is reduced hence why it’s really really popular with people who
are doing intermittent fasting for example I don’t think I could fast for
as long as I usually do without a cup of coffee so coffee has been shown to
increase peptide YY right and there was an interesting study that looked at
caffeinated water decaf coffee without the caffeine and then a normal cup of
coffee and what they found for the participants is that these variations
and the drink had different effects on peptide YY so remember more peptide YY
means a lower appetite what they found is that the caffeinated water had the
least impact on peptide YY caffeine with coffee so normal coffee came in second
that decaf coffee actually increased peptide why away the most now there
needs to be more studies on this more thorough studies but by the study it
seems to show that decaf coffee is gonna be your best bet in order to produce
your appetite so if you’re really struggling with taking your time and
getting more Alworth through on your fast or you just you just have a really
big appetite that you need to get rid of in order to get rid of some extra weight
then consider substituting some drinks during the day with decaf in order to
increase peptide YY and perhaps consuming a bit more protein with your
meals not too much you don’t need too much but perhaps in increasing the
amount you’re getting especially if you have been under eating it so try to get
between 0.7 to 0.9 one gram per pound of body weight max of protein per day
um and you can consider concentrating the amount of protein getting a meal
around the times you get most hungry for example if you crave food late at night
especially lots of carbohydrates and sugary foods then eat a high-protein
meal at at the end of the day so you’re able to
increase peptide YY and reduce your appetite there may be something you want
to consider so thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video
please leave your comments and the in the comment section down below and I’ll
get to answering your questions when I can either by reply or just in a video
format whatever I have the time to do so thanks for watching and I’ll see you
guys later peace

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  1. Thanks for making this. I work in a coffee shop and recently started having trouble staying fasted during my shift, lol

  2. Thanks for the video๐Ÿ˜ƒ I would love to see more videos like this, especially about hormones and how to increase/decrease them

  3. Hi Philip, I'm sure, you mention this decaf theme in your book – what I read last week. And so, I bought a pound of decaf coffee last week and have to say: "It works" ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks so much for your advice.

  4. Awesome vid! You're channel's going places;
    Question: why, when you fast, are you even hungry at all. Like shouldn't you technically completely stop feeling hungry? Like because you are constantly eating your own body fat…

  5. Did it! watched it again. Not so bamboozeld anymore ๐Ÿ™‚ A little mind-blown instead. Where the hell do u come up with all this fascinating info??

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