How to Fix Variable Valve Timing Code P0011 P0012 P0013 P0014 “Free Fix”

How to Fix Variable Valve Timing Code P0011 P0012 P0013 P0014 “Free Fix”

Flat Rate mechanic here and today
I’m just gonna go over how these variable valve timing solenoids work and a couple
tricks I’m going to show you a couple tricks you can do if you get a check
engine light that is causing some variable valve timing problems some common codes
that will set with this is a p0011 p0010 p0012 p0013 p0014
and a p0018 and most all those codes are related to variable timing VVT this is
what the variable valve timing solenoid looks like it’s just a magnetic style
solenoid with a plunger that actually moves this piece aside to direct the oil
to the cam phaser or would actually in turn advances or retard the engine
timing for emissions and gas mileage and power so basically if you’re getting any
of those codes a lot of times all it is is just low engine oil so first thing
you want to want to do is check your engine oil make sure it’s full if it’s
not I would suggest changing it clearing the code and seeing if that light comes
back on in my experience 80% of the time
customers will come in they’ll have those codes set will either change the oil
or fill the oil clear it drive it and the vehicle ends up being fine there’s
also, a couple other things that we’re going to show you how to do later on
this video here but now on this particular this actually came out of the
Infiniti and this is on the front of the motor in the timing cover and this is
where this valve timing solenoid sits now this is actually not typically where
they are typically they’ll be they go inside the timing or the valve cover
itself on some engines they are in the in the timing cover
I know BMWs and a few other vehicles happen in the timing cover this Infiniti
has it in the timing cover and this is actually where the intake cam comes to
and then in the exhaust cam here this is a magnetic retarder for the exhaust cam
which accomplishes the same thing but in a
different way I’m not going to go into that in this video I’m just gonna show
you guys what how to fix that variable valve timing codes p0011 so yeah this one
all is a 10 millimeter bolt and this slides out and that’s typically how
they’re held in on most all vehicles it’s usually just one bolt and it
usually is a 10 millimeter take that out and they usually slide out like that but
the other code first like I said you’re gonna want to make sure your oil is
full and clean you don’t want to be all sludged up because what happens is if
you got old engine oil and it’s sludged up you’ll start to plug it will actually
start to plug these screens up so if you’ve changed your engine oil and that didn’t
fix your p0011 or p0012 problem you’re going to want to access the variable valve timing
solenoid and you’re going to want to pull it out and you’re going to want to
inspect this pretty closely and make sure these screens aren’t slides up with
oil and if they are just take some just take some parts cleaner or a brake
cleaner and spray it down real good and make sure you got that nice and clean
and then reinstall it I’ll leave a link to all the stuff that I used in this
video in the description below so be sure to check that also while you have
this out it’s also will be a good idea to test it like I said no this is all
this is a 12-volt solenoid so your vehicle power like a 12-volt power
source you can actually probe the it’s just two pins and it doesn’t matter the
polarity doesn’t matter it’s just gonna reverse it and basically what I’m what
I’m using here is just a power probe and I’m gonna go ahead and apply power to
this and show you guys show you guys how this actually works not only will you be
able see how it works but we can verify that the VVT solenoid is actually working so
just beep it off there we go should I get a good picture
that my plunger just opens up to redirect oil so oil is actually flowing
through that into the cam phasor and it’s using the oil pressure to move the
cam either forward or backwards to advance or retard the engine timing so you can
actually, check these plungers just by applying 12 volt power supply to them
and as you can see this one this one is working perfectly fine so now that we
know it works we got it all nice and clean we know our
oils full we can go ahead and reinstall this and just clear the engine codes and
hopefully, that will take care of your problem if it doesn’t know it policies
are just getting it checked out personally but I’m telling you like
90% of the times that’s really all is on these things it’s relatively simple
these things are usually pretty accessible like I said almost vehicles
it’s a valve cover rate on top of the engine so yeah I mean you can open your
hood and I mean all you all you’re really gonna need to do that is a 10
millimeter socket and a wrench you can pull it out clean it up
put it in and yeah I would definitely suggest trying that before spending any
money on repairs or or buying parts so I hope this video was helpful if it was be
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25 thoughts on “How to Fix Variable Valve Timing Code P0011 P0012 P0013 P0014 “Free Fix”

  1. Things you may need:

    Brake Clean

    Valuable Valve Timing Solenoid

    Power Probe

    Cheap oil and oil filter

    Oil Filter Pliers

  2. Thanks for this video. I was getting the code, and the car stalled twice while at idle. I cleaned the intake actuator, cleared the code, and it hasn't returned. Fingers crossed!

  3. Ok well initially I got a p0011 and p0021 code. Motor kicked and bucked.
    (about two week before this, the cam shaft sensor went south and car stalled, replaced the sensor and motor was running fine)

    Topped off my oil, cleared codes and got the p0011 back., though motor acted normally.

    Got an oil change and installed a new VVT solenoid on the passenger side ( it appears that the P0011 is for passenger side , right)
    cleared code, and periodically I still get the code, with motor acting normally.

    My oil pressure is about 15 psi at idle and 50-60 at speed (based on marks on gauge).

    I'm at a lost as to what to try next.

  4. Hi I own a nissan sentra 2004 1.8L and I got the p0011 code.I changed the camshaft position sensor, reset the system and the code pops up again. I changed the valuable valve timing and the problem still remains. Why?


  6. Please help. I just bought a new car and this code of P0014 was coming up on my 2014 Kia forte EX

    What happened was that the car stalled when I was going about 30MPH on the highway. I pulled off to the side of the road and tried to start it. The car did not start. Instead, what i got was a SINGLE click when trying to turn the car.

    I then continued to start the car and when I opened the hood of the car I noticed trails of smoke coming from the engine. I was not able to locate the source of the smoke. All I can say is that the smoke was from the right side of the engine and that it smelled like burning wires.

    So although I bought the car as-is, the dealer was nice enough to look at the car since the car stalled just a few hours after buying the car.

    Now the dealer wants to replace the starter. I don't feel that this is the issue because the car stalled. I would be BEYOND glad to receive any help.

  7. Can someone please tell me how to get the soliniod out on a 2007 g35x there are 2 hoses in the way that will absolutely not let the soliniod out I need the car fixed ASAP can someone please help me!

  8. I got codes p0300 and p0021 and I removed the soliniod and tested it with a 9v battery and it did not move at all and made no sound all it gave me was a little spark on the one of the prongs I then tested with my car battery and nothing could this be the problem ? My car is a 07 g35x Infiniti and is running very very rough

  9. THANKS! my car is throwing P0014 so I took it to Nissan and they wanna charge me $2000 to replace this! Got a weekend Project now.

  10. Hell yeah 3rd video now with the same result……guys my 350z will be running again in about 20 min…..good shit

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