How to Increase Metabolism : Carbohydrate Options to Boost Metabolism

How to Increase Metabolism : Carbohydrate Options to Boost Metabolism

Carbohydrates that are needed for our metabolism
comes from all of or part of each group off a food pyramid. Here is the MyPramid that
is created by the USDA. About ever 5-7 years as you can see here, there are different food
groups. Carbohydrates comes from grains and there are all different kinds of grains. The
USDA is recommending that you get half of your grains from whole grains, such as wheat,
pasta, barley or brown rice. Vegetables also have source of carbohydrates not as much as
grains do but they do provide a little bit of carbohydrates for us. Fruits also are a
great source of carbohydrates, dairy products mostly milk and yogurt provides carbohydrates
for us as well. Things like cottage cheese don’t really provide that much for us but
just part of this so you need to read the food label. In the meat and bean group the
beans are a great source of carbohydrates. However, meats don’t provide any carbohydrates.
Carbohydrates are really essential and the energy metabolism often athletes if they get
the right amount of carbohydrates they have a much higher level of performance. So they
are really essential in metabolism.

3 thoughts on “How to Increase Metabolism : Carbohydrate Options to Boost Metabolism

  1. glycemic index for wheat is very close to granulated sugar, so i dont recommend any carbs and only as little as possible

  2. Your required amount of carbs is zero.

    Carbs spike your insulin, which leads to hypoglycemia, diabetes, cavities, osteoporosis, heart disease and obesity. Not eating enough saturated fat leads to attention deficit disorder.

    How did our Cro-Magnon ancestors survive an ice age winter without carbs? Their bones had a higher mineral density than your bones.

    When humans began eating grains, their brain size began shrinking. On average, Cro-Magnons had brains ~ 200 CC larger than people today.

  3. We do need some carbs otherwise our levels of leptin drop and our metabolism slows down as a result. It's best to cycle your carb intake throughout the week (3 days low carb then 1 day high carb) this keeps your hormones balanced and promotes fat loss.

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