100 thoughts on “How to Keep Lips Soft & Plump

  1. If we have allergies to BANANAS?!?!? NO WAY!!!

    And no one is going to do this just keep putting chap stick on and you'll be fine..

  2. not everyday..
    do it every couples of days.. then just do it like every 2 weeks..

    also i think vasline is better then those chapsticks n jelly…

  3. That hair cut is sooooo wrong for her. It makes her face look much rounder then it is. If her hair was long and she didn't have bangs, she would be so pretty. Especially with that lipgloss.

  4. i tried the olive oil and sugar on my face just to see wat happened (yes im crazy).
    the result is amazing! I had stops all over my nose but now they're gone!

  5. umm….it didnt for me because u wash most of it off and then wipe with a towel. so i all goes, still its awsome for me cuz i hate having to us all these products. I really surprised me that it worked. (i was expecting a burning sensation…. XD)

  6. does this make chapped lips go away i mean i will try all day to make my lips not chapped but the next morning they chapped again i think its just gentically cause my dad has same thing does anyone know?

  7. i went 2 da dentist 1 day nd wen gettin my several tooths, dey injected som type of sleepy juice nd den dey injected da needle in da gum near da tooths dat dey takin out.dat gave ne numbness dat dis would do.

  8. Caution: If you like the feel of lip plumpers, the pepper thing feels good. If you've tried lip plumpers and hate the feel, NEVER try the pepper.

  9. mix the pepper with petroleum jelly, it stings less and it moisturizes. and it actually works. also, chile pepper or any spicy pepper in a powder works too

  10. did u guys know that you can get very full lips..i mean like anjelina jolie lips by just sucking yoour thumb……i did it from when i was young now i have huge lips….and im not lying

  11. Ladies, this video is BULLSHIT. Please do not rub sugar into your lips or anywhere else. Sugar is an acidic, inflammatory, bleached, caustic industrial product. Don't believe me? Just do cursory research, on your own, of how sugar is made. If you insist on doing this lip exfoliation buy something with sand in it or if you stick with homemade then maybe a sea salt concoction would work-make sure to rehydrate afterward.

    Your lips are beautiful already 🙂

  12. thank god my lips are already thick ^__^. i used to feel insecure about it but now i just wanna brag, even though i'm never one to brag

  13. once i was thinking about lip injections but then i heard about what could happen & droped it….OH! & the pepper thing REALLY fucking burns so don't try it

  14. Omg when they were like don't lick your lips I was like ok well first I do that like 10000000000000 times a day (not realy) and I have pretty healthy and pretty lips then I was like why am I watching this?!?!

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