How to Naturally Treat Acid Reflux | Dr. Josh Axe

How to Naturally Treat Acid Reflux | Dr. Josh Axe

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here from, doctor
of functional medicine and nutritionist. In this video I’m going to talk about how to
naturally cure acid reflux and acid reflux or heartburn or indigestion. These are issues
that millions upon millions of people struggle with on a regular basis. In this video I’ll
go through the exact acid reflux diet, the best supplements for acid reflux along with
the lifestyle changes you need to make in order to help overcome acid reflux for good.
This is something that I’ve helped thousands of patients overcome in my years of practice. So step number one, let’s talk about what
causes and triggers acid reflux. Typically it’s an enzyme deficiency, if you’re not getting
enough enzymes in your diet, that’s a one big issue along with if your stomach… if
the acid is imbalanced in your stomach. Typically it’s caused from low stomach acid, so your
stomach is not producing enough acid and not enough enzymes being produced in your body.
So again, lack of acid, lack of enzymes, that’s what’s causing your acid reflux. So in order
to address that, we need to do a few things. Number one we got to change your diet and
there are a few things that trigger acid reflux. Consuming citrus fruits, tomatoes, chocolate
and carbonated beverages like soda, those can trigger acid reflux along with consuming
too many grain products and hydrogenated oils. Those are the first foods you want to actually
remove from your diet. Then what you want to do is start replacing those with foods
that are high in enzymes and foods that are easy to digest. Doing vegetables, doing most
forms of fruits, doing organic meats, doing bone broth. Consuming foods that are easy
to digest, that’s where you want to start in terms of diet is getting those into your
diet. So again, organic meat products, fruits and vegetables are a great place to start
when you’re replacing those foods in your diet. The next step to overcome acid reflux is you
have to start using certain supplements. And the best supplements that can help you are
taking a digestive enzyme supplement, two caps with meals of digestive enzymes along
with taking something called HCL with pepsin. That’s hydrochloric acid with pepsin and what
you’ll do with hydrochloric acid is you’ll take one capsule and you’ll only take this
when you consume meat or a form of protein and see if you get a warm feeling in your
stomach. And then eventually you’ll go to two caps into three, but hydrochloric acid
is the acid your stomach produces that helps to break down food, so actually getting more
of that acid will help you with digestion. But really digestive enzymes are the first
place to start. If the enzymes help all the way, you don’t
need to do hydrochloric acid but if that still isn’t enough then you can add in those in
as well. The third step is lifestyle; you really need to eat less at your meals. So
oftentimes, acid reflux is caused from stuffing yourself, eating too much, eating too fast.
So eating too much, eating too fast is a major cause of acid reflux. And step number four
to naturally cure acid reflux, is to start using apple cider vinegar. This is the number
one natural cure or home remedy is apple cider vinegar and what you’ll do is take one number
tablespoon in a small amount of water and drink that before your meal. About ten minutes
before your meal and apple cider vinegar contains probiotics enzymes and certain acids like
acidic acid which actually helps you digest your food. So this apple cider vinegar is the number
one natural remedy for acid reflux that you’ll want to start using. And you want to make
sure that when you’re buying apple cider vinegar that it has some of the cloudiness you can
see there on the bottom. It’s called the mother in it, you can see there it says organic,
raw and filtered with the mother. This is what you’ll want to start getting and of all
the things, this is the most beneficial thing you can do to naturally overcome and heal
acid reflux is start doing one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before your meals.
With that and enzymes will make a big difference in turns of natural treatments. So remember
this if you’re looking at overcoming acid reflux. Number one, get some of those triggers out
like doing too much citrus, tomato sauce, hydrogenated oils, sugar, grain products.
Get those out and start consuming more fruits, more vegetables and organic meat products.
Step number two; hey get some of those good supplements like digestive enzymes as well
as hydrochloric acid. Step number three, change your lifestyle, don’t over eat and eat slowly.
Try and chew about 20 to 30 times before you swallow and start using apple cider vinegar.
If you follow those steps, you’re going to find yourself well on your way to overcoming
acid reflux for good. By the way, if you want to see a full guide on how to overcome acid
reflux, I have a video on my website, go to, that’s d-r-a-x-e dot com, just
search apple cider vinegar and I actually have two articles. One on apple cider vinegar uses and cures
and another one on all the medicine studies on apple cider vinegar. But the 20 uses of
apple cider vinegar, I think you’ll like that article there. Check it out on,
hey guys this has been Dr. Axe with home remedies for acid reflux.

100 thoughts on “How to Naturally Treat Acid Reflux | Dr. Josh Axe

  1. Used allopathic and homeopathic medicine but of no use. Used apple cider vinegar it increased acid reflux too much. Totally fed up of everything. Don't know when it will be cured or controlled. 😩😯.

  2. I had a scope after gallbladder removal and was told I had lots of acid and bile reflux and gastritis. Nexium worked I weened off was great I admit I didn’t eat great but then given prednisone and antibiotics and I can’t get it under control now.

  3. No oil, vegan diet helped my acid reflux. Small portions throughout the day. After the sun sets I stop eating. 3 hours before bed i dont drink anything. No carbonated drinks, just water. I've always been vegan but an unhealthy one, eating fried junk food alot. But since I changed diet by eating cleaner my body took care of the rest. Hope this helps. Acid reflux sucks. Keeps you up at night, and sometimes randomly vomit in my sleep.

  4. I've heard this so many times but I have it severely. I have GERD with a hiatal hernia. My throat is ragedy from having GERD for so many years. I tried this but instead of just stomach acid now the vinegar is coming up too. Burns. Any advice?

  5. It is not confirmed, but my ENT said I may have Laryngopharyngeal reflux. Is this the same as acid reflux? Would I follow same protocol suggested in this video? Thanks!

  6. the supplement d-limonene has cured my reflux. took it for less than a month. look it up on amazon, reviews are great.

  7. I am taking Apple cider Vinegar for GERD and it is helping at lot..however I too have gastritis and it is messing up with my gastritis…plz help..

  8. i have few curious questions:
    1. what about drinking apple cider vinegar when you have ulcers in the esophagus junction due to GERD? i bet this will turn into an erosive esophagus with more acid
    2. what about hiatal hernia causing GERD? if you drink apple cider vinegar, then wont you be flaring things up more by adding to your acids?
    3. what about the PPI drugs becoming widely used and prescribed by doctors, isnt it contrary to take PPIs and at the same time drink apple cider vinegar which is acidic?
    4. last but not least, why do you say in the video that oranges, tomatoes, etc trigger acid reflux while you recommend increasing the acid in the stomach by drinking apple cider vinegar. if oranges and tomatoes trigger reflux because they are acidic, how come some people still recommend to add acid to the stomach by drinking apple cider vinegar?

  9. My acid reflux/gastritis cause my blood pressure to spike very high, which landed me in the ER multiple times and they blame my gallbladder and stones. They want to rip it out. I’m not sure what to do as I do t know if removing the gallbladder is the answer.

  10. And I can’t take Apple cider vinegar because I have histamine intolerance which also spikes my blood pressure. Fruit hurts my stomach too. I’m really scared as this is worsening.

  11. I'm doing intermittent fasting with two meals a day keto based diet. high fat, protein, and low carbs. I try to keep my meat grass fed and organic products oil limited to avocado oil, olive oil, and ghee. Some vegetables like cucumber, tomato and broccoli, and the acid reflux is killing me. I'm getting heart burn every day and it's not fun. I went to the doctor and he prescribed omeparazole for one month and stop taking apple cider vinegar. I don't want to take medicaton, so will these step help if I stay on my current die or i need to quit keto?

  12. Does acid reflux cause overall chest pain or on just the left side? Because I have chest pain all over.

  13. Hello doctor, I vil follow your advice, but I have h.pylori infection, does this increase acid reflux, I am on antibiotic course for 2 weeks for pylori bacteria. Please do advice me.

  14. Does acid reflex cause breathing problems? Feels like someone is sitting on my chest and it makes me cough

  15. i remember my father always eating ‘TUMS’ after a meal. a few years ago i learned that the problem was not enough acid (like Dr Ace says). i suggested my father use HCl suppliments and it worked! about two years later i asked him if it was still working. he said that he stopped because he no longer needed the HCl, the heartburn was cured!
    doctors are not as smart as they think they are and often do ‘bass akward’ treatments!

  16. I had symptoms of acid reflux for a week went to urgent care they did a CBC and said I had GERD after that week I felt normal just little stomach pain but now I’m kinda feeling full after eating a little bit of food.

  17. Lemon water….1 litre of water…half a lemon. Filter. Leave in fridge to cool. Consume on empty stomach in the morning to neutralise stomach acid.

    The acid build up really wrecks the stomach lining, causes inflammation and ulcers.

    The medicines just mask symptoms. You NEED to fix the problem otherwise it will potentially cause stomach cancer down the road

  18. Great, Dr. my Question–there are 2 things in Stomach which r problematic. Excess Acid n Excess Mucus in stomach leads to Abdomen pain. But it's confusing as the real problem is either Acid Or Mucus. How to cure Excess mucus in stomach???

  19. Raw cabbage juice is the answer for ulcers and GERD. Drink two or three glasses of raw cabbage juice with the pulp a day, and it will sort out your digestive track well. Drink it for about 7-10 days. You should have an acid free diet, too. Cabbage will stop the stomach from producing the bad acid that goes up your esophagus and into your throat at night. Make sure you wait three hours after you eat for bed time.

  20. Two weeks had now passed since I have utilized this heartburn treatment method “Dοcuzu Rαkα” (Gοοgle it) and also the pain which was once bothering much are all vanished. I managed to accomplish my own everyday routines all over again! I`m just thrilled that I can eventually consume my favorite hot and spicy meals all over again!. .

  21. I don't have acid reflux I have had it off and on. I discovered a teaspoon of yellow mustard does it for me. My relief is instant, as soon as it in my stomach, the burning is gone.

  22. I've been told by my doctor not to take HCL pepsin and not to take apple cider vinegar. Wish you'd had the answers i needed

  23. In regards to the AVC, what if your esophagus and back of throat is irritated and slightly burns because of the acid reflux??? Will acv be dangerous to swallow then or will it heal the esophagus and throat?

  24. if i stop eating these foods and heal will i ever be able to get back to eating them?

    and the point in healing balancing stomach acid or streanghtening the asophagas ??

  25. Husband: I read we need to use apple cider vinegar.
    Me: You're crazy! That's no way it comes from a trusted source.
    Dr. Axe joins the chat.

  26. Important addition from my experience : for someone who has acid reflux, the lower part of the eshopagus is wounded. To heal that wound, don't consume food that can irritate that part for awhile until it healed, and vegetables and apple cider vinegar is one of them to avoid.

  27. Have been dealing with acid reflux and anxiety since months now and I'm getting tire of this .Have been drinking apple cider vinegar for weeks and I have to stop because of me seeing and girl died why drinking apple cider vinegar .

  28. had two scopes down my throat and another through my noise just to be told every time nothings wrong your throat is inflamed they said I have GERD but just gave me acid reflux pills that know I hear are bad for you, I just want to be able to eat normal again been fighting this for or two years sometimes its not so bad and other times its like am choking or cant breathe I will try ASV and see if it helps

  29. This is great info! @Dr. Josh Axe suggests taking digestive enzymes, HCL w/pepsin, and magnesium complex supplements but does give more details. I would like to know which he recommends as far as brand and ingredients(active & non-active), should the enzymes be animal or plant/fruit-based. Also, how to determine which enzymes are needed.

  30. I am short of breath for weeks now. Sometimes I wake up at night and I palpitate and i shake and i feel suffocated. I went to the doctor and they told me that I have GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Does anyone ever experience this?

  31. Who gets it worst at night and also right after eat how many hours you lay down after you eat?
    When you eat fast does that cause acid reflux?

  32. I didnt know this and this may help some of you but smoking also worsens acid reflux. I smoked the cannibus and it caused me to have really really bad acid reflux. It didnt help that i ate a lot after smoking. Now a days you weed is becoming legal and you hear weed is so good for anxiety and stress and it is in my case, but it also created more problems for me. I used to be on side on legalizing it, but now that i have this problem, i do believe there should be research and education on weed. Its fun to smoke every once in a while but it really does become a problem when its done on a daily basis like i did.

  33. Dr. Josh Axe, I was taking 20 mg of Prilosec for 13 years. I tried to quit taking them, but developed rebound reflux & gastritis. My doctor also diagnosed me with Barrett`s Esophagus & now has me on Nexium & Pepsid. Is there any way I can stay off of those meds without making my gastritis worse & can I use ACV with all the stomach/esophagus issues that I have?

  34. Thank you very much for the information🙏🙂
    I had very serious throat pain everyday for many years till today..and doctor said it was cause of acid reflux.
    In recent years..chest stuck couldnt breathe sometimes if I took solid food eg rice..must drink a cup of warm water before each meal.
    Yup…I always gobbled up my food or skip my meals due to heavy workload in office for 15 years, and didn't know till now, how serious that would affect my health.

  35. Or squeeze lemon juice into a 1/8 cup hot water and drink right before your meal. Don't drink any beverage with your meals.

  36. If you have an eroded esophagus due to GERD, vinegar may feel like hot pepper on your esophagus. So try it in a very small dose.

  37. can this work for silent reflux? I occasionally have burning but mostly have lump sensation in throat and difficulty swallowing.

  38. 1:24 but what if you have acid reflux but still want to drink soda? could have a limit on how much you should drink per day or should you just stop drinking soda in general?

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