Hyaluron Pen for Lips *At Home*

Hyaluron Pen for Lips *At Home*

Do these things really work? Can your
lips actually get bigger without a needle. Hi, I’m Michelle from Mascara to
Midnight. Everyone wants to know: does the hyaluron pen work? Can your lips actually
get bigger? And I think the answer is yes. I do. I have several videos that I’ll
link for you right there. I’m not going to show you how to load the pen. I’m not
going to go through all of that with you because I’ve got those other videos that
talk about that. And they’re everywhere. What I’m just gonna do today is show you
what I feel like I’ve learned. I’m not gonna explain everything to you this
time. I’m just gonna go right into the technique. Very first thing you want to
do, before you get started, stare at yourself in the mirror and figure out if
your lips are symmetrical. That’s one thing that I didn’t do before. And I do
have asymmetric lips. I think most of us are symmetrical. We’re not perfect.
This is not like going to the doctor and doing a full injection in your lips.
So they’re nice and full and plump. They’re going to do a couple of more maybe three
or four more… editing Michelle here. I wanted to let you know that what you’re
seeing on the screen right now is a glitch. Somewhere between recording the
video, uploading it, and editing it, I have a bunch of glitched out scenes. That is
nothing I’m doing to make this special. It is just a mistake but I still wanted
to put this video up. So that’s what’s going on there. And I wanted you to know
that. …sessions to get your lips where you want it go. You want to do smaller
sessions so that you can build it up. It’s gonna last longer. It’s gonna look
better. So I’m just gonna do the 0.3 today. Maybe. Let’s get started and see if
I want to do 2 .3’s. Which is 0.6. What I’m trying to go for is to have the
tip of that right on the border between the upper part my lip and the red part
of my lip. So the Vermilion border. The weird thing is when I’m looking in the
mirror it’s even. But I know in the past I’ve noticed that it’s not. So bear that
in mind. Maybe take a picture and study it. Now I’m going to roll it down… zero – two…
There was a lot of confusion in my previous videos because I don’t know
numbers. But watch what I do. I’m not rolling it down a lot. I’m just rolling
it down the tiniest bit. I feel like they’re not quite where I
want them, so I’m gonna do just the tiniest bit more. And it’s really hard to
do this without glasses on. I will say that this is fun. I’m serious! This is so
fun. If you haven’t done this tell me why not. Get to it! It’s so fun! I wish I could just go… but I can’t. That
makes it kind of difficult. Get this…right there. Well now I’m just gonna try
to fill them all up. I’m gonna I’m gonna continue at the point two because I feel,
to me, going into the point 0.02. Going into higher than that it, it hurts too
much. I know I may get the job done quicker and make it to job done easier.
but if it hurts too much then, well, nah. No fun.
Now I already did this side, so let’s go to this side now. And then we’re gonna go
back and forth. There’s so many ways to do it and I know you’re gonna tell me
the right way. But really I feel like it’s mostly just trial and error. I know
people have been trained but everyone who does it, and everyone who comments,
tells me something different. So if you’re doing this, by all means tell me
the right way. But in all seriousness tell me how you’re doing it. OK. Good but
still lopsided. I actually think the pillowing effect is actually the best. I
feel like it’s the best of all the ways I’ve done. I feel like if you rub it,
it helps with the little bumps. Ok. Let’s do some more. Right here. It’s looking good. Another thing that a lot of people talk about is: do you go this way? do you go
this way? do you go out? I don’t know the answers to this because I’m not a
professional. I’m just your ordinary next-door neighbor, crazy lady. You can
see the, you know, the little pieces. So as the night goes, a couple of days go, I
will be rubbing those a little bit more to kind of get the bumps down. I have
noticed that certain places do it worse than others. I’m not sure why because I
don’t have a certificate. OK. Let’s move on to the bottom lip now. Yes, it’s needleless. No, it’s not painless.
Does it hurt a lot? No, doesn’t hurt a lot lot. It’s like a
rubber band popping. But if you’re looking for painless.. just gonna be
honest with you, dude. You’re gonna want to go the doctor and get actual lip injections. You could put numbing agent on this. I’m just not going
to. And it Really is fun, once you get the hang of it. It’s just there’s so much to
learn, that it’s hard to know if you’re even doing it right. Once you start to
see that it does actually work. Wow! That one did not make it in. I could… it
was all just setting up on my lip. I don’t know why it does that sometimes to
me. I think I’m so gifted at this. You’re gonna feel it when it goes in, for sure. Now we’re just gonna kind of fill it in
everywhere. I’m gonna do point one for the rest of this though. Just gonna want
to show you on here, so you could see really well. The little lines…
in case you don’t know what I’m talking about. And I’m just gonna roll that down.
One for each of those. Now what I feel like I’m doing is just adding body to
my lips. You’re gonna lose a lot of filler. If this is your first time doing
it, you should just brace yourself for that. Get two MLS or or just prepare
yourself to be sad. Point one doesn’t feel like anything is happening, when you
do point one. .01. I don’t do math. I barely felt anything when I do
the 1-1 line. I’m almost out. I’m gonna refill it though. Don’t you worry. I don’t
like doing that last tiny little line so I just completely empty it out. That’s
gonna be preference though. I feel like the parts that I still need are right
here So I’m gonna work on those a little bit
more. Probably seems, if you’re watching this, that I just keep going over the same
places over and over. But that is not what we’re supposed to be doing and that
is certainly not what I’m doing. If you you know, make an ugly face.. I’m glad I
get to do that for you. You can see where you’ve
injected pretty easily. And so I’m watching where I’ve injected. I’m going
around it. Again this is supposed to be fun. If it’s frustrating you then maybe
this isn’t for you. If I’m frustrating you at the way I’m doing this, then this
definitely isnt for you. And this is not the channel for you. hmm
feel like I should do more. Where am I gonna inject this at. What do you want me to do next?
My cheekbones next? If you’ll subscribe, I’ll do it.
I’m just kidding. You don’t have to subscribe. I’ll still do it. I want to do.
It’s so fun to me. That on hurt. That one stung. I think that’s all I need to
do for now. They’re a little bit swollen. They’re a little bit bleeding. This is
the thing. I’m gonna give my lips a chance to heal. And I’m gonna get you a
before and after picture. And then we’ll do a top-up in a few weeks. So come
back for that. Come back for the cheeks. I’ve got a few other things for you. Be kind and
rewind. You can find these products and many more in the comments. Everywhere.
They’ll be everywhere.

21 thoughts on “Hyaluron Pen for Lips *At Home*

  1. What do you think? Will you be doing they hyaluron pen for your lips at home?

    Check out my favorites for January right here: https://youtu.be/IzFlEr8F2hE

  2. I have the derma roller but not this. I’m putting this on my wish list. I don’t have any lips 👄 ha ha! So loving your personality! Glad we are getting to know each other through the collaboration!

  3. Love your suppose to hold the lip and have a finger or thumb behind the area. Go one side then the other. So then you have a balance.
    Massage the area after. Help mold the lip. It may help on your left side to go under the lip in the soft tissue of the lip.
    I would numb the lips so you can get the best bang for your buck love. Amazon 😉
    Numb yourself next time. Follow a pattern. Left then right. More under the left. I can wait to see your results if you can take more pain.

  4. You want me to come over and do this for you??? Where are you ??? I’m gonna come over and do this for you !!! I give myself shots all the time I could totally do this for you

  5. It’s so not in comparison to getting injections with needles. I’ve used 3 ml so far and have minimal minimal results. After swelling goes down so do your results. Everyone posts pics right after and that’s not what you have a few days later at all.

  6. Every time I watch these I feel like I never see real results, maybe some weird snap back that like snaps your lip in a way it’s plum for a moment but that’s it, I do appreciate you using it for so long

  7. Ask me why I'm watching this again LOL I sit there like I'm watching a horror movie with my hands over my face peeking through my fingers LOL OK how did I miss that you aren't using needles? how is it getting in there then? I'm fasinated by this even if I wouldn't do it LOL

  8. I'm so scared to try this. Every time I hear that snap-clik sound I cringe. Your braver than me.
    I always love your vids. Thanks Michelle! 🙋( hope I spelt your name right)

  9. do you like that red pen? trying to find one that doesn't have much product loss.. i know some say this one or that one is better but then they all look the same

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