Long Exposure Photography in Polar Night

Long Exposure Photography in Polar Night

(soft techno music) – [Hannu] Darkness is the canvas
and the light is my brush. With light painting, you can create new
world sense of darkness. My name is Hannu Huhtamo,
and I paint with light. I live in Finland. We have amazing nature here. We have long summer nights
that are warm and full of light, but on the opposite, there
is also this dark part. It’s called polar night. It starts in December, and
it lasts for about 50 days. The sun doesn’t rise
above the horizon at all. And, for a light painter,
that is quite good. I do long exposure photography, which is a photographic technique that allows me to draw with light. The exposure times can
vary from seconds to hours, and the idea is to use the light sources as brushes or pencils and the dark surroundings are the canvas. When I start, I might do
some sketches on paper. After that, I go to the location, I search for details
that I want to emphasize. It’s sunlight treatment,
it will start to look like a completely new place. Going to dark woods or
to an abandoned house, you first think that, “Oh,
I don’t want to go there “because they are still so
nasty-looking dark places.” But to light painting, I
have examined these places and they look beautiful. You see the place differently.

72 thoughts on “Long Exposure Photography in Polar Night

  1. This is so awesome..my question tho is if he's doing long exposure, and he's holding the lights in frame, how is he not in his own picture?

  2. This is frickin incredible.. and of course Finnish media hasn't had a clue about this guy. As usual, we need international media to cover our most gifted people to even hear about them!

  3. I watched this muted and the moments when they showed him painting actually gave me asmr tingles across my back 😀

  4. Ha, light painting was the first workshop I attended for the Photography Club (I only went to their meeting/workshop 3 times in total)

  5. Wow, this must truly be one of the most underrated forms of visual art.
    I've never seen anything like this before. Mesmerising stuff!

  6. That is honestly one of the best titles for a video i've ever seen. Interesting, unique, and matches perfectly with the video! Keep up the good work Great Big Story

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