99 thoughts on “Miniature Teeth/Dentures Sculpture from Polymer Clay // Fimo Tutorial

  1. I really like how you did that, you broke it down into simple steps where its not so overwhelming, nice video! I saw you in my related channels so figured I'd check ya out, very cool channel! 😀

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  3. Good job. To make it even more realistic you should leave out some space in the lower jaw, where the tongue is supposed to be. Its gives thelower denture a "U-Shape". Only the upper jaw contains "flesh/plastic" for the whole palate (roof of the mouth).
    Besides … the fewest teeth in dentures are purely white (because most dentists and dental technicians refuse to do "All-White" teeth). The regular toot-colour that fits most people is A3/A3,5 (look it up).

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  7. you are a very talented person! this is my first time watching youre video and i would like to see yourev other video! 😀

  8. Thank you for the many nice, nice lovely tutorials. Now you are my favorit and i hope, my work will be in future so good as your work 🙂 i hope…Thx

  9. It would be awesome to do this same tecnique but with some freaky monster teeth! I'm gonna try, thanks for this tutirial

  10. I always appreciate good humor, it's even better when its on a tutorial because I learn something AND laugh lol☺

  11. “You can use these for a scientist lab or a dentist”

    Me: puts them on a necklace and wears it to school

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