Mohamed Amine EL-HACHMI | How to Install and Activate Beta CAE Systems ANSA/µeta [2019] (بالعربية)

Mohamed Amine EL-HACHMI | How to Install and Activate Beta CAE Systems ANSA/µeta  [2019] (بالعربية)

Hello and Welcome In this new video, This is Mohamed Amine EL HACHMI and today (In Shae ALLAH), we will make a special video for a friend His is maybe Mountassir, He wants to know how to install and activate ANSA So, for those who don’t know ANSA this is ANSA, a software that does Pre-Processing, which means creation of FE models based on CAD models and it has also another software called META which does Post-Processing but Solving should be performed on other software… we shouldn’t merge ourselves in details let us focus only on ANSA, so the first thing to install this software, we need to download it of course… so I’ll put two links in the description (In Shae ALLAH) the first one is for ANSA v15.2.3 x64, to remind you by the way, the software is available only for for the x64 bit environment so you should have Windows x64 bit, first of all second, if you want to use the version that i use which is v15.2.3 which can work better in a low configuration use this version v15.2.3 however, if you have a high performance workstation you can use v19.0.1 by this link, also x64 bit you can download it by this link, t i will put both links into the description I have already downloaded v15.2.3 I will start installing it this is our folder I will extract the compressed file once this will finish, we will begin the work this is it, the MSI file let’s launch the excutable app and follow the instructions it will take a while you know.. preparing the environment to work.. but the crack is something which is very easy you will find it strange because it is not the same as CATIA and not the same as Pro-E or any other software it has a special way which is hidden anyway, just follow my instructions you find it really easy so i’ll wait this to finish and i’ll comeback after that the install is finished we click finish we go to SOLIDSQUAD folder we copy the both folders and paste them exactly in the Program Directory when you’ll read readme file you won’t understand anything we will go straight to the software, and click right open file location and click right again open file location in this folder, we go back to parent folder and let’s paste the crack folders and replace existing now it is cracked let’s do this one more time (repeating the previous steps) let’s make sure that we activated it successfully we’ll launch the application once this windows appear boom, the app is working successfully the same thing is for v19.0.1 or what so ever because all the version of this soft have the same principle bla bla bla anyways I hope that you learned something from this video, and if you like it don’t forget to hit that like button, sahre it with your friends ‘casue there are a lot of people who want to learn the soft and they do not know how, or ever how to download it so please, don’t forget to share it, hit that like button Hit that like for me this kind of gestures,like, share, sub and comment, are really helpful, to correct my mistakes and motivate me to do more videos Also to help you dear friends, I have no problem to make videos for you Anyways, I’m hear for you guys, don’t forget to support me like, share , comment and subscribe if you have any remarks Thank you for this request (Question) and see you in another video Goodbye

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  2. Hi! Merci à @Soufiane Mountassir pour sa question, j'ai le plaisir de vous faire ce tuto, j'espere que les futur ingénieurs vont apprendre qlq chose du bien f had la video ^_^ amuser vous!! Like/Share/Comment/ Subscribe ^_^

  3. lah y7fdak akhouya 3la had la video, sauf que le lien pour le téléchargement direct makhdamch 7abada law 3andk chi lien direct akhor ta7yati

  4. Very nice bro .. Good motivation … The links in skytorrent is not working , ..plz let us know how to down load the files

  5. نحتاج البرنامج …نزل ملفات البرنامج علي موقع رفع الملفات …جزاك الله خيرا
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