When it comes to muscle, we generally understand
the vital role protein consumption plays. After all, the driving force for muscle growth
is aptly named muscle PROTEIN synthesis. We typically stress the importance of protein
in times of bulking, where one intentionally puts on weight in hopes that, much of the
added weight results in muscle. What we don’t talk about as much is if we’re
to try to lose weight, especially fat, then what do we do about our protein? Common wisdom again is to eat more protein,
this time for the sake of preserving muscle instead of building. In fact, some research suggests you should
be eating MORE protein during weight loss than you would during a bulk. But, to further promote its importance, what
if we were to find out that more protein also helps you burn more fat? A 2016 study helped shed additional light
on this matter. In this 4-week study, 40 overweight and recreationally
active (some form of physical activity 1-2x week) young men were split into two groups. Both groups had the same weight loss diet
and given the same weekly 6-day exercise protocol consisting of resistance, aerobic, and anaerobic
training. The only difference between the two groups
is the experimental protein shakes they were given three to four times a day. One group was given a shake that pushed their
total daily protein intake to 1.2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight. The other group was given twice as much protein
at 2.4. After 4 weeks, what did they find in terms
of body composition? With such an extreme weight loss diet at 40%
calorie reduction, both groups unsurprisingly lost a solid amount of weight, but no significant
differences between the two groups. In terms of lean body mass, the lower protein
group remained largely unchanged, suggesting 1.2 grams or protein per kg of bodyweight
is sufficient in preserving muscle. Looking at the 2.4-gram group, we actually
see a noticeable increase in overall lean mass. This result highlights an important aspect
in its own right. Assuming some of the lean mass gained is muscle,
the result proposes that we can indeed build muscle and lose weight simultaneously granted
that we eat enough protein. And finally, let’s take a look at fat mass. Seeing that the lower protein group lost zero
lean mass, it can only mean that all of the weight lost was from fat, as we see here. As for the higher protein group, if they indeed
gained lean mass yet lost roughly the same amount of weight as the lower protein group,
then it only means that they had to compensate by losing even more fat. And indeed, that’s exactly what we see and
exactly what we hoped for. Now, there are some limitations though. First, this is only one study. Fortunately, we do have plenty of research
that indicates the importance of protein consumption for muscle preservation, which this study
only reinforces. Another limitation is the overweight and untrained
subjects used. It is not much of a secret that, given a decent
resistance training program and adequate protein, untrained, overweight individuals can, for
a short period, burn fat and gain muscle at the same time. Whether the results of this study apply to
trained individuals remains to be seen. My hunch is no, given a trained individual’s
more tight-knit body composition looming closer to their genetic limitations. On that note, having an effective exercise
program is equally as important in order to stimulate the muscles for growth. But ultimately, our question seems to be heading
to a clearer answer. If you want to burn more fat during weight
loss, eating MORE protein instead of less, might not only help you preserve or build
muscle, but help you shed more of that funky fat as well. Share your thoughts on the video and the findings
below. More or less protein? What’s your take? Also, if you’ve been enjoying my content
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goodness! As always, thank you for watching and… GET YOUR PROTEIN!

100 thoughts on “MORE vs LESS PROTEIN For Fat Loss

  1. I love your videos PictureFit!. Informative, short to the point, and backed by research! Thanks for doing these! They’re very helpful in a lot of ways and help me to stay motivated. Thanks again.

  2. It is somehow works for me..
    When i start eating protein and cuts the food that makes me fat (what I think), makes me loss fat

  3. Do a video on Alkaline Water!!! I have been on Alkaline water for over 3 years now and I bought the machine that makes it. Would love to know what your research shows!

  4. I definetely think more Protein is better. Some say that this can cause liver damage or something, can u make a Video about it?

  5. Hey i got question guys. So recently, I'm trying to gain weight and I haven't tried any protein shake or anything but i ate alot… is there any recommendation? Another thought i ate alot but i wont gain weight no matter what!

  6. Hey Picturefit! Can you please do a video about bulking after cutting? Specifically how to do it and when? Also how psych yourself up for it?

  7. Do you have a suggestion for those of us whom are allergic/have intestinal issues with Whey/Casein protein? Soy is the devil as well. Thoughts would be appreciated!

  8. I exactly did this myself. I’m 186cm tall and I was 120kg with %30 body fat. I went to gym 4 times a week while having a daily 240 gr protein intake. Results? I’m down at 110kg now with 10kg increase in muscle weight and %25 body fat. We’ll see how it goes.

  9. So an amino acid found in asparagus (and other things) is linked to one form of cancer spreading faster. Yup, I went there.

  10. Soooo… if I eat more protein and train hard I’ll lose fat and gain muscle ?!!!???? Even if I was over weight?!!!??? Whaaaaaatttt

  11. Awesome Video !!

    Can you do a video on the best workouts for each muscle? I have done personal research on it & found convincing evidence on ACE that certain workouts activate the muscle more causing better GAINZ. I would love to see your input on it! Also if you have a recommended diet and workout plan for weight loss it would be a game changer. Thank you for the awesome videos once again man! I share them with everyone and have seen everyone.

  12. I can confirm that consuming more protein will help you burn fat and build or preserve muscle ! I have trained for some time but I was still kind of chubby because I wasnt that active and wasnt eating that well. However, with studying, better training( I started doing calisthenics and added some deadlifts, and now I'll practice front/back squad) and better diet( more a lot of protein, not too high in carbs and im not quite sure about my fats but still

  13. Can you please do a video about SARM's? I just recently discovered and have a lot of different reviews about them , could you dig deeper for me ? Appreciate it!

  14. Scooby just released a video saying a big meta study found that more than 1.7g/kg protein doesn't do anything to build muscle, period. You've set 2.5g – 3g as an upper limit in some videos from 2017. What do you currently think is correct? Or alternatively, what have I misinterpreted?

  15. but if i eat protein instead of injecting it into specific muscles, won't that just make my jaw muscles so tight i can't eat and i will die as a result?

  16. If i weigh 182 pounds thats is around 83 kg. 83×2.4 is 202 grams of protein. Is that just in powder or combined with my diet?

  17. TBH i have observed this channel a quite a long time
    PictureFit is a fantastic channel cuz they make understandable videos and reply to their viewers and subscriber.
    My love for this channel has raised till the sky and i would recommend this channel to every person.

  18. If I eat macdonlds and pizza everyday I get leaner and stronger, if I eat vegetable and drink water I get fat and lazy

  19. Could you please make a video about Tribulus Terrestris ? If it is placebo or helpful, there is a lot of discussions on the internet and many people tells its just a placebo doing nothing.

  20. Would this be the same for "hard gainers" . Lots of skinny hard gainers (women) just want to gain wieght, so they believe they just have to drink protien shakes to gain. What would they gain by just drinking protein shakes without working out? Fat or muscle? Or would they gain anything?

  21. So eating a higher amount of protein can be beneficial for the overweight, untrained individuals? I'd wager my lucky hat, over half your viewers belong into that group, myself included, so this is great news indeed!

  22. I just started prepping and hired a professional bodybuilder to set up my meals, supplementation and training. He has me eating 2g of protein per lb. I weigh 200lbs, so I consume around 380-400g of protein a day! i was skeptical at first but I have lost a lot of fat and gained a lot of muscle. I wasn't a beginner in the gym either. it equals out to about 7 meals, each with about 45g of protein plus a 50g whey isolate shake after working out. It's all from chicken and 1 meal of beef.

  23. There are pros and cons of eating a high protein diet. The 2016 Nobel medicine prize was given to a Japanese scientist who discover the autophagy (cell recycling) process of our cell. Inside our body, there is a garbage removal department who is in charge of eating out and recycle old cells, damage cells and cancer cells. This autophagy process can be induced by starvation or protein restriction. When you eat a high protein diet, the garbage removal department will go on strike leading to an optimum cancer growing environment, rapid aging and cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, a low protein diet will cause our autophagy process to work over time. Modern day living, we all exposed to so much carcinogen (sunshine, cell phone, and plastic products), it's important to keep our autophagy process working at top speed. 50% of us will get cancer in our life time and 25% of us will die from cancer. Big muscles aren't always a good thing. Skinny guy lives longer and enjoys healthier aging. Also strength is not necessary measure by size.

  24. I want to ask an honest question and I'm going to just lay my meals/intake throughout one day. I eat 4 main meals a day. Two small sides. I have a total of 10 egg whites – 40g of protein, 6oz of chicken breast, spread in the 4 meals – 180g of protein, four protein shakes, 25g ea x 4 – 100g of protein. This totals up to roughly about 320g of protein. I'm 255lb and to eat so much as it is and only scoring a x1.3 per pound of bodyweight, is frightening. I can not imagine how much stress it would be on one's kidneys if they have to DOUBLE their protein intake, even though varying from person to person weighing at a different weight. ANYONE eating over 400g of protein is just insane. I mean, I'm willing to go beyond measures to achieve my goals, but you're telling me, in order to have THE MOST efficient diet and just overall efficiency in losing weight, I have to eat 500 fucking grams of protein PER DAY?!? Dude, is u srs? 'Cause my question is…

  25. It'd be nice to see the negative effects of excess protein, for once :/
    You have to intake a LOT of liquid with protein
    Otherwise, you'll end up having stones in your body
    Why would nobody talk about this?

  26. How is this even possible? My deficit calorie count is 2120 per day if I ate 2.4 g of protein a day per pound of body weight, I would be consuming 540g of protein which would amount to 2160 calories a day. This is more than my calorie deficit count, and haven't even considered fats and carbs. Something isn't right.

  27. I lost 40kg with high protein diet and weight training.i used to be 125kg now im 85kg. I have vissible chest back and arm muscles now.

  28. So what do you recommend for protein shakes? I wanna hear it from you 'cause I really trust this channel lol <3

  29. An ideal body need 0.36 g per pound,so take less protine,taking addition protein lead to diseases like osteoporosis,stroke and heart attacks

  30. i have 60 kq without bodyfat. İ have lean muscle. And i want bulking . How mutch do i need protein per kilogram ? . Thx

  31. I'm 85kg with around 23% bf. So My Lean Mass falls around 70kg. So should i consider 85×1.2 or 70×1.2 gm. If i was 120kg (obese) would the same method be efficient?

  32. picture fit I was really working so hard and doing analysis , was searching for a video like this , your video is the accurate answer to my question or doubt thank u so much for this video

  33. I didn’t start shedding pounds until I starting upping my protein intake. I wasn’t eating nearly enough of that macro, now I eat slightly less than body weight in grams of protein a day (about 117g). Protein is important!

  34. That reminds me of something in a game I played. A skinny guy wants to bulk up for his job as a security agent. One of the heroes tells him to add lean meat to his diet at every meal. Given that the guy is uncertain about the idea (and the fact that he does not yet have a proper salary), the hero tells him to add whole milk to his diet as well.

    This does lead me to a question: what would be the difference between skim milk, partially skimmed milk and whole milk when dealing with muscle gain and/or weight loss?

  35. this is great ! now where do healthy fats fit in…. for losing weight as well in conjuction with eating more protein…

  36. They do say that muscle helps burn fat faster, but muscles need protein to grow. The issue is consumption of a lot more protein without exercise… and that will just lead to weight gain.

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