My Vitamins & Supplements Routine | Anti-Aging and Overall Health

My Vitamins & Supplements Routine | Anti-Aging and Overall Health

hi guys welcome back to my channel today
I am doing a video about 101 for supplements and vitamins I get quite a
bit of questions about all these subjects and I’m super excited to share
more information with you in case you guys don’t know I am a registered
holistic nutritionist I got my certification in 2015 I do want to
mention that all this information is my opinion and I highly recommend you guys
to go and talk to you health care provider for anything concerning your
supplements or your vitamins or any medications you are taking just to make
sure so let’s get to I don’t want to say huge thank you to the Montreux reserve
for collaborating with me and sponsoring this video so first I want to start by
saying that I know there’s a lot of information out there and a lot of
contradicting opinions there are studies that are done literally on a weekly
basis talking about the power of wanting and then completely saying the opposite
the next week so it can be really confusing and I totally feel you guys
the one thing I want to mention is it’s wonderful to have supplements out there
but those are basically to fill the gaps these cannot replace a good balanced
diet you want to make sure that you’re eating properly you’re eating
sustainably you’re eating healthy and providing your body with all the
nutrients that means let’s start by talking about the supplements that I
personally take there are three of them and those include omega-3 multivitamin
and probiotics so with the omega-3 I take it on and off depends on what phase
I’m in so before pregnancy I took it during pregnancy I took it and I was
taking it a little bit after but now that I’m kind of back to eating my fish
during the week I don’t really need to take omega-3 so I kind of taking a break
from it if you watched any of my previous nutrition videos you saw that I
was taking cod liver oil I used to take cod liver oil especially in the winter
because my diet was a little off and also it has a naturally occurring
vitamin D in it which is necessary for us especially during winter time but
I was done with that and I decided to buy an algae oil algae oil is basically
the same version of omega-3 from fish oil but it’s a vegetarian vegan option
it’s also more sustainable because it’s seaweed and not fish if you do have any
heart conditions or heart problems omega-3 actually been proven to help
with that it also may help with any condition like the Fridays with anxiety
or depression but those haven’t been proven and there’s not a lot of studies
on it but these are some of the claims that you can find online so if you
experience any of that I recommend you guys to check it out and try and see if
it can help the next thing is a multivitamin again a multivitamin is
basically feeling that the ABS if you feel like you’re not getting enough from
your diet and you don’t eat enough I think that a multivitamin is a great way
just to make sure that you get the right things another thing that you can do
before you get into any supplements is to go to your doctor and ask for a blood
test so with blood test you can actually check which vitamins or minerals you are
lacking in and to make sure that you are going and getting yourself the right
supplement also I highly recommend for you to start one supplement at a time
and then go and do another blood test or even just document how you feel after
six to 12 weeks and see if it helped with any condition so multivitamin is
again something that I took before pregnancy especially because of folic
acid iodine calcium and other necessary vitamins and minerals that I needed to
make sure that I am growing a healthy baby and to help with the development I
took it throughout my pregnancy and I still take them the next thing is
probiotics so probiotic is extremely important for gut flora probiotic is
something that I am a big believer in especially because we live in a pretty
stressful environment and times these days
trés does affect our gut flora directly and gut flora is connected to a lot of
different things you can also get probiotics from food sources especially
fermented sources such as kefir sauerkraut can move
and the more conventional way to get probiotic is your so you don’t have to
take probiotics as a pill but if you are lactose intolerant or don’t consume
those foods as much probiotics would be a great way to introduce to your diet so
those are three supplements that I rotate in my health routine and then I
have of course the powders and adaptogens and other things that I love
and incorporate into my daily use so those are matcha maca collagen powder
spirulina and protein powder so the first thing is an organic maca powder
and this one is from the matcha reserve this is a plant-based superfood and it’s
an adaptogen adaptogens are great natural healers to help your body to
deal with stress and to balance your hormones it helps increase energy helps
with clarity and fight brain fog and to boost immunity and metabolism this is
great for women because it may help with anything to do with pre menopausal post
menopause this is something I started incorporating into my mom’s diet this
you can easily mix into smoothie it’s actually pretty delicious especially
chocolate hay also helps libido so it’s quiet a great one to introduce
into your diet if you in need up any of those things
next thing is a combination of two things that I use and it’s the much of
collagen so matcha and collagen are probably the two powders that are used
in most on a daily basis so matcha is basically a pure out of form of green
tea and this is my source of caffeine especially when I try to kind of stay
away from coffee it gives you a more sustainable energy boost and it doesn’t
crash your blood sugar and it really rich in antioxidants if you think that I
want to mention when you are looking to purchase matcha and the reason why the
module Reserve is my go-to place you want to look at three different factors
number one is the great you want to make sure that when you look at matcha you
see the Japanese Sumo matcha which is the highest grade and
the most rich in antioxidants and potency the second thing is the sourcing
you want to make sure that it is quality product that comes on the right country
with much a reserve they get their machchar from Japan they get their
mushroom powders and adaptogens from different countries like Russia so you
want to make sure that they are all grown in the places where they’re
experts in it also I really appreciate the fact that all the powders and
supplements on the mattress or website are low quantity because they really
don’t keep anything on the shelf things are oxidizing then they’re not as strong
and they’re not effective so there’s fresh products all the time and this is
very important to make sure that you are getting the effect that you’re looking
for the third thing you should look for when you are purchasing matcha is color
I know that we’re all accustomed to seeing this vibrant green color but
those are usually the powders that companies will use fertilizers and to
make sure that that vibrancy is there the higher-quality Matra are usually a
little more dull in color and darker green so that’s something that you can
visually see if it’s good great or not another thing that I appreciate about
much reserve is the fact that there are a lot of third-party companies that they
go to to get certified if it’s for organic to make sure there’s no GMO in
it no fertilizer there is no unnecessary ingredients so that’s really important
so when you are purchasing any powders for that matter any company that you
look into make sure that they are clean and go through the right amount of
certifications and testing from third party so this product is specifically my
favorite just because you can take it on the go anywhere I put it in my backpack
go with me to the office or wherever an add here’s a little recipe that I like
to make for a quick matcha latte so what I like to do is
teaspoon of the matcha or one of those backs of the match on collagen and then
I’ll add some warm water make sure there it’s not too hot to make sure it doesn’t
kill all the benefits of matcha I’ll steer it with a fork just to make sure
it combined well and there’s no clumping then I’ll add a little bit of sweetener
I like to add a little bit of maple syrup to it you can also add either
brown sugar or coconut sugar whatever makes you happy then I’ll warm and
sweeten oatmeal to make sure that it’s hot and steamy you can also use any
other nut milk or milk that you like and then I like to use this electric whisk
which was the best Amazon purchase and butter to whisk my milk to make it foamy
and very latte ish then I’ll just combine it with the matcha and voila
there you go you have your matcha latte that will put any Starbucks macho to
shame and then talking about the college and that if you follow me on instagram
you see I use quite a bit and my smoothies I put it also for the kids
collagen is the main structural protein found in skin and in connecting tissue
so basically it’s the glue that holds everything together the reason why I got
into collagen was actually because I had some joint pain and problems with my
knee so when I started working out I found that I had a lot of pain so I was
doing research to see what I can take to help with that and collagen was kind of
on the top of the list I started taking collagen a while ago like I think it’s
been maybe four to five years so I’ve been an avid collagen lover and it’s
only recently that it got so popular for the benefits of like anti aging and
wrinkles because collagen is something that we produce but our bodies slowly
stop producing it as we age basically supplying your body with the collagen
will help supposedly with the aging process I’m definitely not taking it for
that but I mean it’s a bonus again there hasn’t been a lot of really
clinical big studies to prove this point but there has been some smaller degree
studies that show that women especially between the age
35 to 50 the word taken collagen did notice a difference in their skin
texture and wrinkles and things like that but again it takes a while it’s
definitely not a magic pill also collagen is a great source of protein
which is another reason why I use it in my smoothie sometimes and I don’t want
to use a protein powder so for me this combination is awesome the matcha
reserve has been super kind and they are giving my subscribers 30 percent off
from the website so if you click on the description box you see the link there
and another really exciting thing is that 10% of my link will go to the
hunger project which is an amazing organization nonprofit organization
around the world and in Africa South Asia and Latin America to help men and
women sustainably make progress in overcoming hunger and poverty so 10% of
this link will go towards that cause so I’m super excited for that too spirulina
spirulina is also something that I love and I use it’s definitely an acquired
taste because it is seaweed so it tastes gross but that’s why for me I love using
it in smoothies where there’s a lot of other paste to hide that spirulina is a
blue-green algae and it’s often used as a vegan option for protein and source of
b12 the spirulina is known to have really high amounts of different
nutrients like copper and iron so if you are looking into iron supplements
spirulina can be a great additive to your booty’s it has a lot of
antioxidants in it and it’s anti-inflammatory which is wonderful
also helps with blood sugar control and any metabolism problem so definitely
something that you should look into if you want to introduce some superfood
into your life and then we have protein powders I personally my body digests way
and it digests any other vegetarian sources
of protein so it’s pretty much anything works for me so just depends on kind of
a individual preference one of the questions that was asked was if I do
consume protein powders even when I don’t work out so the answer is yes the
way my body works is that I tend to lose weight and I think especially when you
have young kids and work and life a lot of us forget to eat or eat enough so I
definitely will drink protein powder sometimes throughout the day just to
make sure that I need all the nutrient requirements and I don’t just swing and
then it’s harder to build the muscle so I’m trying to do I’m trying to build
stuff there was a lot of questions also about if you should take supplements
with food if there’s the best time of day to take supplements I recommend you
guys to check the instructions on the bottles a lot of the supplements will
give you a specific instructions Sam you should take with food others doesn’t
matter when so I think it just attends and what exactly you take that will
really dictate when you should take it some of you guys asked about and update
about my celery juice experience so I did the celery juice video a few months
ago where I was kind of going after the trend of celery juice and it was
definitely pushed to the public as like this miracle answer to every health
issue I don’t believe that there’s one thing that will literally solve
everything I think that maybe work for some people I think a lot of it is
placebo but again that’s just my personal opinion but I stopped doing it
first of all because I just couldn’t I literally had to wake up so early in the
morning to make sure that I have it first thing in the morning and the case
just like I can’t so what I do instead is I will put it in my usually in my
green smoothies like green apple and spinach and things like that and I
incorporate celery there but I definitely stopped doing the celery
juicing altogether not for me someone also asked me if there’s any vitamins or
supplements that I take when sick so I highly recommend
you guys to check sync sync is kind of a super immunity supplement that a lot of
people I feel like don’t know about a lot of people go and take vitamin C but
sync is pretty amazing especially if you have like sore throat and in health food
stores there’s a lot of like zing sprays and things like that that you can get
also elderberry is great I also give elderberry to my kids especially during
winter time or when there’s a lot of sick kids and their school that really
helps with kind of making sure their immune system is stronger and I don’t do
it every single day just when I start seeing that they are like getting a
little stuffy so signs of sickness I’ll give them elderberry but that’s
usually it usually I’ll kind of go to the food route where I do vitamin C from
like lemons and other citrus fruits and ginger and honey and things like that
again we have all this abundance and fruits and vegetables available to us so
everything can be found there do vitamins affect your skin complexion I
think that our skin usually shows signs of anything that is missing in our body
nutrient wide so your complexion will definitely show when something is
missing a lot of it is with gut flora inflammation that’s why for me I think
probiotics is kind of my go-to when I see things are all over the place also
depends if it’s hormonal acne maca can help so there are some options out there
for supplements to help with skin complexion but you also need to really
understand what is the cause of it and not necessarily put a bandaid and just
assume that one supplement will solve it all so is it stress is it hormones is it
like bad diet you eat a lot of fried food or you’re eating foods that you may
be sensitive to though I really recommend you guys to get to know your
own body it’s really not one size fits all so take advantage of all the
information out there and ask questions and ask me questions
and hopefully I can help I hope I didn’t overwhelm you there are a lot of stuff
out there all of the ones that I mentioned are kind of my go-to
for anything to do with health and making sure that I feel my best and look
my best thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time

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  2. “Holistic Nutritionist”. Just so everyone knows, anyone can be a nutritionist. Unlike a dietitian, where there is a specific course and training to even be able to register as a dietitian. The title ‘nutritionist’ means nothing and are usually quack ‘doctors’ who come up with different health fads.

  3. Holy crap… a lot of hate and negativity going on here in the comment section… she’s just saying what she likes to take… I’m not sure if she put a disclaimer but anyways…. adults should know to research anything before consuming it. She also suggested going to the doctor before taking supplements …. and to continue getting a blood test while consuming the vitamins etc. I don’t see the big issue lol

  4. This is amazing! Thank you for this! If you could share more about these topics it would be fantastic!

  5. I loved this video!! Its ashame you have to make a huge disclaimer at the beginning of this video because people lack common sense. YouTube is a great source but no one should solely rely on it. My doctor told me to take probiotics and a vitamin d supplement!! As Valeria said get a blood test 💗

  6. Guys I need help! I did a blood test and all around check up, and I have vitamin D deficiency and iron deficiency. So I am going to take supplements for those. My question is, do I need to take. Multivitamin as well? And omega 3(note: I rarely eat fish) ?? Should I take these 2 as well ?

  7. I don't get all the hate on this video! It's got a whole pre-chat about healthy diet and talking to your doctor, getting bloodwork, etc. Definitely not pitching to sell a bunch of stuff willy nilly and I used to watch old and new Valeria videos and this still seems to ring true for me. Her advice (taken back to my doctors and customized for me) helped me find a healthy way to take care of my body and recover from my eating disorder. I'm the furthest thing from being a supplement/organic/essential oil crazed person, I'm huge for medical science but she's just sharing what she does, y'all. Love it.

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