NEVER Store High Carb Foods As Fat (2 simple steps)

NEVER Store High Carb Foods As Fat (2 simple steps)

– Hey, everybody. What is up? Shaun Hadsall here
we Get Lean After 40. And did you know that the
Tarahumara Indians, the Kitava islanders, and the
Japanese cultures all eat 60% to 80% carbohydrates? Yet, they are leaner,
healthier, live longer, and have less disease than
the rest of the world. So what gives? So inside this video,
I want to teach you why carbs are so important
for your metabolic health and how you can eat them
like these cultures, so that they never
spill over and get stored as fat on your body. They help you optimize hormones. And in fact, when you
eat glucose-based starchy carbohydrates like
potatoes and rice, your body only stores one out
of every 120 calories as fat, unless– and this is the key– you consume that starchy carb
with too much fat in your diet. You see, carbs, starchy
carbohydrates from nature, even the ones God created,
have natural sugars in them, and so they spike insulin higher
and faster than other foods. So because of that, insulin
is a storage hormone. So when insulin is
elevated inside the body and you eat fat along with
it, that fat is present, it’s going to take that fat,
and it’s going to store it. And whether the Tarahumara
Indians, or the Kitava islanders, or the Japanese
culture realize it or not, they’re eating 60% to 80%
carbohydrates with protein in every single meal. For example, the
Japanese, you know they’re eating their white
rice with lean ahi tuna, right? Things like this. Tarahumara Indians,
digging up sweet potatoes. I think they 60% to 70%
sweet potatoes in their diet. They’re digging up
sweet potatoes every day and eating it
alongside the animal that they just
hunted for dinner. That morning, they hunt it for
the dinner that night, right? They hunt and gather
during the day. So this is a prime
example that we can use so that carbs never
get stored is fat on our body, and it improves our
metabolic health and our hormonal condition. So here’s the key. Always eat your
starchy-based carbs, even your ripe fruits like ripe
bananas and stuff like that. Always eat a fist-sized portion
with a lean palm-sized portion of protein. This will minimize
the insulin spike. And since fat is not present– I mean, you can still eat 10 to
15 grams of fat in these meals, and you’re fine. I’m talking about excessive,
Keto-type of meals, where you have a lot of fat in
a meat, like bread and butter. Your body’s going to store
that bread is fat simply because you ate it with butter. The bread spikes the insulin. The insulin stores
the butter as fat. It’s as simple as that. So just eat your
starchy carbohydrates with leaner cuts of red meat,
leaner cuts of animal protein. Minimize your egg yolks
when you’re eating eggs, so only have like
maybe one or two every time you eat
a serving of eggs. They’re super healthy
for you, but they do contain a lot of fat. So just a simple
way to make sure that when you eat carbohydrates,
they’re burned as fuel or they’re stored
inside your muscle, in your liver tissue as
glycogen, as long as fat is not present in the
bloodstream at the same time, and you’re not overeating them. So here’s the key. Make sure you consume them
three or four days per week before and after exercise
with lean protein. That way, these carbs will be
used as fuel during the workout and/or after the
workout, they will replenish that depleted
muscle and liver glycogen that’s been
drained during the workout. The next best time,
believe it or not, to help regulate
your cortisol cycle and release more
melatonin is to have your carbs a couple of days
of the week at dinnertime. Research shows that
people who diet and had their carbs at night
not only lose more weight. They sleep better, because
these carbs blunt cortisol. That allows melatonin
and serotonin to be released
throughout the night. Now, this will also increase
your growth hormone pulses. And then strategically
having these cards like this is also going to
boost your hormonal health, because when you diet and
exercise really, really hard, your body suffers from
metabolic slowdown. That triggers a decline in
thyroid and leptin hormones. And these high-carb
healthy meals can help basically reset
your leptin and your thyroid sensitivity. I lost my lighting
here and my sound. But anyway, thanks
for watching this. If you got something out
of it, hit the like button. Remember, knowledge is power,
but only if it’s applied. And in this case,
we have real-world proof from the Tarahumara,
from the Kitava islanders, from the Japanese culture. And research that shows only
one in every 120 calories that you eat from
glucose-based carbohydrates gets stored as fat on your body. Now, you can eat lots of carbs
and never store them as fat. And remember,
knowledge is power, but only if it’s
applied, so go apply this to improve your body
and life Thanks for watching, and God bless.

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  1. Thank You. Very good information well explained. Im 51 years young and wourkout 4 times a week. Building muscle and trying to loose the rest of my belly fat. Which isnt easy at all. So maybe this information provided from you will be the key.

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