O Poveste Vegană 01 – Iulia Moroșanu

O Poveste Vegană 01 – Iulia Moroșanu

they say that it is expensive to be a vegan. It is not at all expensive. On the contrary. Think about the fact that you won’t buy meat, fish, anymore You don’t buy eggs, you don’t buy cheese, you don’t buy anything coming from animals. I mean with all these money you can buy vegan things. Talking with Iulia Morosanu I’m Iulia. I’ve been vegan for 10 years. My boyfriend has been vegan for 10 years as well, together with me and we also have a daughter which is also vegan. 10 years ago I saw a documentary,
I think you also know it from Gary Yourofsky, “The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear”as it is called on Youtube and I’ve seen it by chance my twin sister sent it to me through email and I avoided it for a very long period of time, until a point when I decided to watch it and see what it is about. At that time I wasn’t such a big meat eater but somehow, I didn’t have much idea about vegetarianism or veganism. And I played the video and started seeing, just imagine, I didn’t know much I knew that meat comes from a brutal place and from torture, but when I saw that also cheese, eggs and all of these, I was wow. It was simply something new for me although I thought I was well documented at that time. Well, I was 20 years old, I wasn’t thinking that much of health and all of these but somehow I was very shocked of what I found out from the video, as it is such a short video which changes your life completely. And for me the transition was very sudden, and for Tudor as well, practically both of us in a second after seeing the video, I mean I showed him to on bits and pieces. He didn’t even need to see the whole movie as he was already convinced by my yelling as I was effectively seeing the video yelling. From the next second we threw out all from the fridge. He wasn’t eating meat at that time, we was vegetarian before me, but for health reasons, but nothing ethical. And I threw out all from the fridge and from that second I became vegan. It was from like May-June, 10 years ago. You realize, initially I didn’t even think about how my body is going to react, how I will feel but I was positively surprised to see that I was feeling as energetic. People around us were very skeptical as this video was sent to many people in our circle of friends and they were all shocked, “You cannot really stop eating meat, it doesn’t exist”, ”Where are you taking your proteins from? The eternal question, you know? We didn’t really care, and as we were young, and much resources and energy, we didn’t care that much of this help part. And it really didn’t matter because we were feeling very good. We didn’t have any shortage, there was no problem. we continued in a very chaotic way, because we were not like saying “we are careful to eat whatever kind of seeds or whatever fancy vegan food” from where you calculate how much iron, protein and calcium you take. So no, we were eating simply chaotic whatever we had, just to be vegan. After like 2 years of eating chaotic like this, I transitioned to raw-veganism for like 2 and half a years. It was somehow the best period from the point of view of how the skin was looking like, my facial skin, I was simply shining. I was very skinny, I was looking like I don’t know. Raw-vegan diet, or at least most of the ones eating this way, are actually very fit because that is what raw food does to you, makes you younger from the interior. It’s not like cooked food somehow does not have all the nutrients, but that is another chapter. But somehow in this period I was feeling the best and I felt bad for not continuing with raw. I was craving so much baked potatoes, so I had to stop, this was my relationship with the raw-veganism diet I am very tempted to try it again sometime in the future. The transition as I told you, was very sudden. I didn’t do any effort, simply sudden and forever. I mean I knew from the very second that I will not be anything else that vegan. I never questioned health problems or the silhouette problem, or the problem of where I am taking whatever. I simply went naturally further. And as a result, I never had any health problems. And no shortages. Not me, nor Tudor. I feel both physically and psychically; It was a change towards the better firstly you feel better physically, I mean personally for 10 years since I am a vegan, I have a fantastic energy. I know very well that there are studies that prove that veganism is improving the life studies also show that the meat and other animal products can generate different health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, thickening of the blood vessels, and other things which are very unpleasant for health. We told people which are still skeptical about our lifestyle, that the hospitals are not full of vegans or vegetarians although vegetarians also have a pretty unhealthy lifestyle if you think about what they are consuming. But anyway, one above another, it was a very interesting experience to find out that we can make the effort to be healthier and have a vegan lifestyle in Romania. Which is strange, in Romania at that time you could find only some soy. and some tofu i recall.. That’s it, in rest we were cooking everything at home or eating in restaurants only the side dishes, which is absolutely not hard. People normally ask “isn’t it hard to be vegan?” And I always go to a supermarket and I see vegan cheese, vegan melted cheese, feta cheese, vegan schnitzel I mean there are things which makes it not so hard to be vegan. I mean it was very simple, you just need to ask where are the vegan products from supermarkets. I mean if I could do it 10 years ago in Romania, it is hard for me to believe that someone cannot do it today. About how hard it is to be vegan, is it as hard as being a non vegan. Just my opinion. People around us initially had a positive reaction, “wow congrats” and when they saw that we are actually continuing with this lifestyle and we don’t have any plans to give it up they started asking again, “what do you do? How do you do it?” the kind of questions that all vegans meet and that I personally got tired of. I mean I got to a point where I kind of have a aggressive reaction towards people who “oh there is a doctor that said whatever…” Even this weekend when we met a good friend of our which is carnivorous if he doesn’t eat meat 3 times a day, his hands are shaking and totally unhealthy as well I mean clearly he is not an example of “let’s be omnivorous because it’s healthy” and he sees Nina, which you saw how she looks like, I will also show her on the camera to see her. She is a perfect kid. Simply perfect, perfect. She is vegan from conception I mean she is a kid which doesn’t have any problems, never had any problems, never had anemia, so simply she’s a perfect kid from definition. And this guy looks like this at her running in the park and says “you see it’s not OK. I mean a kid needs the animal protein for bones, for…” I simply had a very aggressive reaction that even my boyfriend, Tudor, told me “you really had a very acidic reaction”, and I say “I’m simply tired of skeptical people which are seeing me 10 years vegan, they see you 10 years vegan, they see this kid which is for almost 2 years vegan and continuously are trying telling me that it’s not healthy what I am doing. Maybe you are the sick one, not me. I mean look at me how I look at 30 years old. Look at him how he looks at 43 years old. I mean, let’s be serious. You are either doing it out of wickedness, because I don’t know, you just want to annoy me all the time or you are really doing it thinking “how bad she is” and you want to help me. But I am not bad at all. Anyway, as I said, our friends had indifferent reactions somehow, but are not missing the chance to ask us “where are you taking your proteins from?” I am happy that somehow, every time I have the chance, I tell them about veganism and since Nina appeared in our lives, as many from Tudor’s generation have already children, they eat chaotically, and they are not careful with the child’s way of eating. They ask when they see us “she’s also vegan?” Yes, “And how is it that she’s so chubby, how is she this good?” well she eats healthy, is not like she is not eating.. Many people see veganism as being equal to malnutrition, that it cannot feed a child properly. Simply, not true. Veganism is a super safe thing, completely valid and safe. Look at me, 10 years vegan. I mean is not that hard in Romania. I don’t know about other countries but In the UK, my sister told me, “Iulia, here people are not vegans, but are raising their children vegans because they know that this is a healthy lifestyle for their children.” I know some percentages and some enormous percentages, for children raised since birth as vegans. it was on the news recently, also that Prince Harry and his wife, want to raise their child vegan. People in Romania are skeptical even some doctors and nutritionists , even though they have clear examples like us and no real basis. There are some arguments that panic people and say “if you do not consume animal products, what to do, how exactly, i heard we will have bone problems…”. Well, I tell you, or other people from sports and thousands that are vegans, that there is no problem to be a vegan. Before getting pregnant, I mean for like 8 years and a half 9 years, I never supplemented anything. Tudor and I for 9 years didn’t supplemented anything. And I was never anemic. On the contrary, before being vegan, I know that I had anemia frequently and my mom was telling me “you need to eat iron, eat liver.” And in that time I was eating meat. I was feeling bad from eating liver because you know that they do not have a fantastic taste.. I was always ending up at the emergency room many times with this kind of deficiencies, especially in the menstrual periods when I had blood losses, and I was fainting. I am telling you this now from a women’s point of view, hormonal as well, everything is perfect. I don’t know why people are so skeptical, I mean from a thing which is so evidently healthier it seems like a clear hand in hand mass-media and Big Pharma thing. if you are eliminating only one animal product from humans diet, like milk, automatically you are not selling tons of medications and you are closing off a lot of hospitals. Automatically they will continue to sell milk, as I told you, they work hand in hand. Although it sounds like “the conspiration theory”, I really believe that they work hand in hand with all the pharma industries, as well the food industry, with Big Pharma. So for me there is no other way than veganism. If hypothetically speaking (although it’s false), being vegan won’t be safe, I would still be vegan. I mean because for me there is no such thing as “today I am vegan, but tomorrow I am not” For me it is a like “I am vegan today, I am vegan for life” even if I would have to take a bunch of supplements daily, I would still be vegan it would not change anything I say and repeat this thing: a real vegan person, a 100% vegan which becomes vegan from ethical consideration, *cat playing with a ball*
🙂 a real vegan person, a 100% vegan which becomes vegan from ethical consideration, doesn’t just transition to veganism over night, or from health considerations I transitioned back to vegetarianism or omnivores or carnivores. I do not believe in this, I do believe that a person with solid principles never gives up on veganism and period. I mean there is no such thing. There is no other way. By the way about Nina. People are asking me “What if she won’t want to be vegan anymore?” How can she not want it? I mean if I would be raised in a family that teaches me how things are produced I personally, would have been vegan from a very young age I mean by hiding those things, for example, you put on a plate kitchen breast and mashed potatoes or schnitzels with I don’t know what, and you eat it, I mean yes, normally you eat it. You are a child, you really don’t have any blame. I do not blame myself for eating meat as a child, but I think that if in that second someone would cut that chicken in front of me and I would see it, knowing that it will later be my schnitzel. If for example, someone would have cut a chicken in front of me saying “c’mon, let me show you how you make schnitzels” or “let me show you where pork chop comes from”, I swear, especially that I loved animals so much at that time. I used to save generations of dogs, cats, I mean I was like the “animal savior” from the neighborhood. My whole childhood that is what I did. I was living just to save animals. if I would have known that all these animals, pork, lamb, and all other animals, to get on my plate, I am 100% sure that I would have still chosen to be a vegan. Coming back to what I was saying before, that Nina will choose to not be vegan? I am 100% convinced that there is no way that Nina won’t be vegan. Especially that she is raised in a vegan family, showing her, the reality behind this industry of animal products and there is no way to be different. I do not doubt that, and i don’t wonder if Nina will want to eat meat. that she will be yelling to eat meat? If she would be to yelling of something, she would only yell for not knowing that it is there. There is a saying “give a kid a rabbit and see what he does with it” not just a rabbit, any other animal. When you give an animal to a kid, the first instinct is not to break it in his teeth “between those carnivore teeth” No, the instinct is to love him, to pet him, to hug him. it is clear that we are born with a fantastic and natural empathy and compassion for other beings this connection is being destroyed when animal products are being introduced in our diet and we cannot choose otherwise People ask“why don’t you let her choose?” Well, you are also not allowing your kid to choose while feeding him meat, cheese, eggs, and milk. you cannot allow a young child to make decisions that can put his/her life in danger. But you as a responsible parent, there is no way you can give your kid meat; when meat is known to be as carcinogenic as smoking. you cannot tell me that your kid needs meat, when meat is on the same level with smoking. No.
You do it from ignorance,
or careless, or fear, or you’re simply lazy and it comes from your commodity. I had a friend saying “how would it be now to cook for my child vegan food?”
“What can I do? What should I do?” This panic of “what should i cook now?” No.
I am saying it again, it’s as easy to be vegan as it is to not be vegan. Just as simple. You only need to care enough. I tend to believe, that people are doing this from a commodity they don’t feel like cooking or to do new things or simply because they really like the taste of meat, cheese, milk and eggs. But some don’t even try it because they think that it is not safe. Yes, they say this, but actually behind this saying there is a hidden ignorance which is not even connected to health. Especially when you see so many examples, that veganism is healthy. You cannot say that being a vegan is not healthy. I was wondering this, and maybe you also were wondering: how is our brain wired so that when you see something happening in farm animals, let’s say when a pig is tortured for a lifetime A kind of torture that I cannot even explain in words, because if I start, I feel how I get a panic attack. But how can you, as a human being, seeing that video you can have reaction of compassion, of regret, and want to give up on meat. And how can some else, seeing the same video remains indifferent and continues to consume bacon or the same products coming from a pig? without having or crossing his mind, a bit of remorse for that animal before getting on the plate. I am wondering “Maybe we humans are made differently?” I mean why for me, only thinking where meat, cheese, milk, egg and all animal products come from i get repulsed only when i think about it i feel regret for what I lived before without even knowing. I regret even living in ignorance I regret that I did not know earlier about this. Like a person who still has now the chance to find out so much. We live in an era of such high transparency, can be found on the internet, easily. You cannot say that you didn’t know. You simply can’t. There is no person that can say “I didn’t know that this is the place where milk comes from. Maybe lady Maricica from the countryside. Maybe only that kind of woman that lives in the countryside that does not have internet, does not have access to information and they continue their lives however they continue it. Maybe these people can say “Yes, I didn’t know” Although they can see with their own eyes that the lamb is born, killed and stolen from his mother. I mean they really see it with their eyes But you cannot say that you don’t know what the animals are going through. You cannot say that it is normal what animals are going through when you see all the documentaries and videos, different films with the hidden camera from animal farms. I know people who say they went vegan for health reasons and after seeing what the animals are going through, they became vegans from this ethical point of view. so i think that maybe those people who didnt care initially about that video in the beginning, now they are starting to open up. I guess people are also changing their behaviors gradually. Seeing these images more and more, they will make the “click”and want eventually to go vegetarian or vegan As I told you, the only thing that worries me is that I do not understand how people can remain indifferent when seeing these pictures. I simply can’t. For me, at my mental and emotional level, I think that it would be so nice that everyone becomes vegan, just playing that video from Gary Yourofsky ..and everybody goes vegan. I mean what is it so hard? But actually how many people refuse to see those videos? For example, our friends are saying “I don’t want to see it because I know that I would have to make a change if I see it and I am not ready to do it. …I am very comfortable with this lifestyle and I don’t want to see it” They are in this category of people who see what’s happening and prefer to live in ignorance. They know that there is something happening there but prefer to not access that zone. Then there is the category of people seeing and saying “This is normal, animals are on this planet to be eaten and consumed by humans”. And there is also the category saying “yes, so what?”. And our category that is receptive to the animal’s pain I still have hope that even for the environment, for the planet, for anything else, that people will do this change. *Nina having fun with her dad*
🙂 For any motivation that you have to transition to a vegan lifestyle I think it is worth applauding for. My advice for skeptical people or for who wants to give it a chance, generally girls are more receptive to the aspect regarding animals. And some write me and say “hey I would like to try this, can you give me some tips?” firstly I am sending them the video in the case they are still doubting that this industry with cows it all about cows happily eating on the land somehow to make them see that is not like that. And then, because everybody has Instagram today, let’s say. If you follow one hashtag: #veganrecipes,
you find over 3 millions vegan recipes. Let’s say that you don’t know English and you just want to access something easier with Google for example. You just write “vegan recipes” and you find blogs of girls from Romania that have vegan recipes with vegan products from the supermarket, accessible, and also with good prices. I am part of some groups on facebook and you can see these vegans there in: Vegan Romania, Vegan for the animals or Vegan in Supermarket all these groups have people with a normal lifestyle, an average normal salary, and they manage to be vegans in Romania because people say it is expensive to be a vegan in Romania. It is not at all expensive. On the contrary.
Think about the fact that you won’t buy meat, fish, I am saying fish because
people consider fish as not being meat. No, fish is still meat. You don’t but eggs, you don’t buy dairy, you don’t buy anything coming from animals. with all these money you can buy vegan things. Automatically somehow it evens up I am not saying that you can actually end up cheaper. But for the people that say that it is expensive to be vegan, it is not. On the contrary, I tell you I sometimes calculate when I cook and I end up having a big pot of food with 15 lei especially in the season when fruits and vegetables are on the market and you get them cheap/ kilograms This is already an idiotic excuse, to say that you are not a vegan because you cannot afford it. Secondly, you are not vegan
because you don’t have the information. I mean there is no such thing. When we live in this era of having all information one click away, it is such a facil thing. Back in my time, when I became vegan
in Romania, there was nothing besides Ligia Pop who had a book and some articles,
there was nothing about veganism in Romania. Not evet in restaurants, I mean there was nothing vegan. And you tell me that you didn’t have the information,
you DO have the information Just look for it “how do you become vegan?”
I mean now there are loads of articles even in Romanian. is not something you only find abroad In Romania there are many vegans who educated themselves, nutritionally speaking, regarding where you get your calcium, proteins, iron, amino acids. everything is super transparent,
you cannot say anymore that you do not have the information. If you want recipes, there are some delicious vegan recipes even cheese made from cashew nuts. with some cashews you can make fast and easy a very healthy home made cheese So if you are the kind of person
saying that you cannot give up on cheese, because I know people saying
“Iulia, look, I would become vegan but how can I replace cheese, how can I replace whatever..?” Well, everything is replaceable, even imitating the taste. I’ll also mention that you can actually
take your protein from other things than meat. There are studies made by people who are not vegans. and they have discovered that
we can live a very relaxed life without meat. I am not even mentioning of the other animal products. If you want to become vegans, no matter for what reasons, search the internet. You’ll find there anything. If not, write to another vegan person.
Normally vegan people answer you. I personally respond to every message.
There is not a message I didn’t answer. And trust me, I got hundreds and dozens
of messages, and I answered all of them. Because if I know I can contribute to that,
I give time and the necessary information. Ask for help.
Ask in those informative groups,
on facebook, instagram. There is no such thing as not being able to be vegan.
It is so simple. Many people become vegans and tell me
“Iulia, I am a vegan and I want to raise my kid vegan” or “I am vegan, my parents are constantly pressuring and asking me what I am doing. ” “I am out with my friends, and they buzz me with questions why
I don’t eat this or that and why am I so weird” Trust me, so many words are thrown in my face or aggressive messages, or how many things have happened in time on “Oh how? You are so crazy. There is no such a thing” From both family and friends At some point I was taking all these things to heart like “hey, how can you raise your kid vegan? “..be careful, there are studies you know,
that the kid will have serious malformations”. And during pregnancy I was thinking
“What if my kid will have serious malformations?” I mean for a moment I was very torn by
what they were saying but then I was like “Hey, stop.
You are vegan for 10 years and you are very healthy. You are healthier than the vast majority
of the ones that are not vegans”. Keep on going, document yourself, learn further because it’s normal, having a vegan pregnancy
you need to document yourself,
just as if you would have a non-vegan pregnancy. It’s the same, only if you are ignorant
and if you don’t care. If you don’t care about yourself and absolutely nothing in this world, you just don’t care, I have nothing to tell you. But generally, you educate
yourself when you are pregnant, you check how can you eat healthier, you need to make sure that the child is healthy growing inside of you. And I tell you one thing. People are more and more open to veganism. Because they realise firstly is a healthier option,
as we are living in the era diseases caused by animal protein. We are living in the era of cardiovascular diseases which are in top, coming from animal products. My mother suffers from
high cholesterol, high tension, diabetes all these three from the way she eats. It is so easy to control these only through diet. What do you think? She is refusing. And I was watching my mom, as she is receptive to animals but simply refusing to make a change from her comfort “how to imagine that she will not eat cheese and heavy cream? How not to eat chicken broth? How not to eat meatballs soup?” there are some things that some people
are doing purely from cravings. From this thing called “taste”,
which for me is so miserable. I mean I hate this so much.
I don’t even care what I eat sometimes. I dont care for the taste. For me,
I need something to fill my stomach. I am at that point with the veganism where I don’t care about how delicious food is, although vegan food can be extremely delicious. In the sense that you eat vegan fast-food,
same as you eat at McDonald. There are now many vegan fast foods My sister in London is buying, nuggets,
I mean vegan things that have the meat taste. I bought from Carrefour some vegan sausages,
from vegetables, and I had one bite of it Tudor was shocked because I am so
not accustomed to the taste of meat anymore I am associating it so much with the pain of animals, and with what animals are going through. So I am not associating it with the disease, because it is somehow the first factor that should convince you to become vegan. I am associating it with the animals pain. I tasted that bite from that vegetable sausage and instantly had to go to the bathroom and throw it up. it had too much taste of meat for my taste. I mean, at this level I am at now,
where the taste of food doesn’t matter anymore,
so to speak ..but if for you it matters.. Right? The options are… infinite. So there is Halloumi cheese that you can fry on the pan, which is 100% vegan and and it has cow or sheep taste. So there is exactly the same taste. I have it in the fridge now. I am always making it for Tudor.
I sometimes eat it too. So it has the same taste. And at a more accessible price compared to normal cheese. It is easy to be vegan in Romania. With this I want to finish. If you watch this documentary and you see me, know that it is very simple to be vegan. The only thing that could stop you is simply your commodity, ignorance or indifference. But you cannot say that it is not easy to be vegan in Romania. That’s all I have to say. As my favorite meal, because I also want to say what I normally eat Because it is very important to have
some recipes ideas at the beginning And now you can find them everywhere. Blogs of recipes. There are really tons out there. What I really enjoy eating which I see as both nutritious and delicious is For example, I recommend and handy
for anybody, super cheap and easy to make. Rice, lentils and a salad dressing. I make it periodically, because it is also nutritious, as the association of rice and lentils. I was looking on the internet as this lentils cream works very well with susan cream. Because in that combination, the calcium from these seeds are assimilating very fast in the body Same for lentils and rice. It is a well-known
combination in this vegan lifestyle even people playing sports like it as it is high in proteins, amino acids, and all the things. I eat things that are high nutritious,
but very fulfilling, not just a salad. Some people say “wow you are eating salads”.
No, we don’t only eat salads. rice and lentils is either steamed or boiled,
depending on how you make it associated with a salad with
avocado, tomato, coriander and cumin. So all of these with a bit of seasoning and maybe some olive oil to give some fat, although you get from avocado all the saturated fat. anyhow, this combination I do recommend to anyone, easy to make and extremely delicious. one of the thousands of recipes
you can find online and very delicious. There are thousands of things. I am doing so many different things with nettles, lentils, chickpeas. I mean there are dozens and thousands
of leguminous products that can be combined with vegetables
and build the dish around them. I mean rice with something. Not to mention that now you can find all those
products in the supermarkets like sausages, burggers, anything you want, you can find. If you want to find something to eat, I don’t know.
If you want something.. Processed ->I mean you can find anything. Of course, normally, it is recommended to try eating as healthy as possible,
but if you cannot eat very clean, then try. I don’t consider myself unhealthy if I eat a veggie burger, because I know that is better than an animal burger. I mean anyhow you would twist it. There was a debate in my comments the other day, because I said “you shouldn’t give to your cow milk. Because cow’s milk contains this and that and does this… it contains antibiotics and pus,
so, it is better to give your child vegetable milk” Logic. and then people jump at me “oh yes, but also vegetable milk contains this and this when I look on the label”. Then I say “Hey, let’s understand one another. Anything that this plant milk would contain, it cannot be worse or more harmful than animal milk.” It doesn’t contain antibiotics or pus,
so from the start is better.” Yes, some have more sugars, and some have less sugar. That’s the second part. It’s just a matter of what you can find on the market. But you cannot tell me that plantmilk is unhealthy compared to the animal milk. No, is completely false. I am only saying that you can also
make your own milk at home. I am always making almond or cashew milk
and it is very easy. I’ll tell you how I make it. I leave few hours to hydrate a fistfull of almonds 1 2 3 hours, depending on how much time I have. I mix them with a liter of water, I put them in a blender, and then I am straining them through a towel or a milk-cloth- bag and there you go, you have the milk With the pulp I normally make biscuits,
I mean you don’t waste anything. And from this milk is 100% plant based. And also if you want to give it to your child,
and he doesn’t like it simple, you can add in some dates, cinnamon,
or something to make it a bit sweeter. And you make a super desert, nutritious and healthy. you have no idea how much healthier this home-made almond milk is, . compared to the cow’s milk bought from the market It is peerless. The biscuits: I basically use the pulp from the nutmilk instead of flour. I add oatmeal flakes, add all the pulp from the almonds, Then I add some dates or agave syrup. It depends.
I do not use sugar at home at all But sometimes, I use coconut sugar, there is a brown sugar from coconut.
But rarely. Normally I sweeten it with dates because they are the healthiest and nutritious. I put this whole mix in the blender.
Or you make it simply by hand. You don’t even need blender for this. And you simply mix them by hand until you get a paste. Of course, you can add all these flavors,
cloves, cinnamon, cacao I have also added powder of quinoa or coconut powder to make it a bit more sweeter. You can add anything. So mixed together, it cannot end up bad, because these are biscuits from super delicious flours. I also make pancakes from
one cup of milk, one cup of flour and one banana. You make this composition and you have some perfect american pancakes. I want to say that you can cook in such manner that you won’t lose anything in vegan cuisine. For example, you have broccoli. I make sometimes for Nina broccoli or asparagus and I get these end stems from which i can
make a cream soup after. So I never really lose anything and the thing is that sometimes that end contains more nutritious part than the flower itself. There are things you can use that are as nutritious, like they are not necessary to throw out. And the biscuits you can make them in thousands of ways and super easy. It takes you 5 minutes on the clock to make the composition, 10 minutes in the oven and then you’re done. So I’m not even saying about vegan muffins. I am always making different things,
healthy, and sugar free we all eat and we kinda “fell like fainting” after eating, as they are super delicious. There is no way that the vegan food is not delicious And super nutritious Is not like you are eating salad. People still think that vegans eat only salads and potatoes. No, we eat a thousand other things. In the beginning I started by reading the book “China Study” I saw documentaries called “Earthlings” and “Forks over knives” and some others But lately I recommend the ones from Netflix As everybody watches Netflix, right? There is this documentary called “What the health,” another one called “Plant Based”. There are some documentaries that show the reality behind this supermarket products and the reality from the health point of view. How healthy can you be by adopting a vegan I recommend Netflix and Facebook,
which is handy for anyone. With thousands of documentaries
and articles that are very useful. I don’t even think that I have to recommend it myself as I think that people already see these. I don’t think that there is a person that doesn’t have in their list at least one vegan person. We invaded every space. So, what I recommend is that
when you see one of those graphic videos, to have courage and watch
it until the end, and make the right choice.

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  3. Felicitări!
    Interesant video. Si relaxant.
    Nu sunt de acord cu un singur lucru si anume: "noi ne naștem cu o empatie fantastica"… Nu cred acest lucru, consider că empatia este dobândită prin puterea exemplului (cand suntem foarte mici) apoi cu ajutorul rațiunii. Copilul până la o anumită vârstă nu are discernământ, el doar "imita". Aceasta nu se numeste empatie. Dacă tu erai un om crud, lipsit de iubire si empatie fata de animale, asa era si Nina acum. Peste cativa ani ar fi fost posibil sa isi schimbe atitudinea si trăirile, deoarece intervin personalitatea, caracterul, informatiile, rațiunea, inteligența emoțională, practic "sinele".
    Cu drag, mult succes in toate!

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