Making BIG CHUNGUS in Polymer Clay!

(upbeat electronic dance music) – Hi guys, today we gonna create Big Chungus. So let’s get started guys. As you see I’m gonna be making Big Chungus from my waste clay that I store for like a year or something. I remember that last time when I was using waste clay it was on the […]


(upbeat techno music) – Hello everyone, I am LoreChirik and today we gonna make. – [Granny] You better make me, grandson! – But I already made you! – [Granny] So make me in a Pennywise costume! – Ah, what? – [Granny] What? I love that movie. – Ah, okay okay. I can do this. – […]

Peptide Identification

We are now ready to solve the Peptide Identification Problem, which is: Find a peptide from a proteome with a maximum score against a spectrum. The input to the problem is a spectral vector and an amino acid string Proteome, and the output is an amino acid string Peptide that maximizes the score between peptide […]

Peptides for Anti-Aging | The Amazing Health Benefits of Peptides

dr. Nick Delgado here with dr. Kathleen Gehringer we’re talking about what we call immortal peptides the pursuit of the immortality has been something that all generations have been interested in and what do peptides do how do they stimulate the body how do they help the body to recover recuperate and strengthen and stay […]

Genetic Code – Tales from the Genome

Okay. Did you find anything interesting? There are a couple of possible things that I’ve noticed. The first is that not all codons have an amino acid. You’ll notice over here, UAA, UAG, and UGA all code for something called a stop codon. They don’t even have an amino acid associated with them. You might […]

RNA Translation: The Genetic Code

This module is about the genetic code and specifically how the genetic code was actually broken by some very classic early molecular biology experiments. First of all people believed that genes and proteins were colinear, and what that meant was that if you have longer genes, genes that occupy more space along the double-strand, the […]

Your Brain on Ketones

– More ketones in your blood does actually equate to better brain function. I’m Thomas DeLauer with Keto-Mojo and a lot of times in talking about how it’s not that important to have super-high levels of ketones, and in all entirety, it’s really not, as long as you’re in ketosis, in that nutritional state of […]

Dr. Stephen Cunnane – Brain Glucose and Ketone Metabolism

– Thanks Ken and good morning everyone. It’s a great pleasure to be here and I want to thank the organizers for this invitation and for the energy in the room and the progress that we’re making. This is such an important area and I hope that we can contribute a little this morning, Eric […]

What is the corrosive sulfur issue?

What is the whole corrosive sulfur issue that transformer owners may have heard about? Well, it’s an issue that started somewhere around the late 1990s, around the year 2000. There were some large expensive transformers throughout the world, more so in hot climates and they were relatively new and they suddenly failed and there was […]