Attractive Face or Not? It depends on Tongue Posture

Is the structure of your face 100% determined by your genes? Or, can you change the bone structure of a person’s face without surgery? Here we have a 10 year old boy with a strong jawline and overall good looking face …who went on to develop flat cheeks, a receded chin, a weak jawline and […]

Unreasonable Impact: A Partnership Supporting the Entrepreneurs Creating the Jobs of Tomorrow

Unreasonable Impact is a global movement that we co-created with Barclays. The goal is to accelerate the growth of high-impact companies that are rapidly creating the jobs of tomorrow within the green economy. Think: the future of food, the future of clean transportation, the future of renewable energy. It’s important for us to tackle some […]

How to EAT HEALTHY & Lose Weight | A Beginner’s Guide to Nutrition

How to Fight Depression: 7 Secrets to Stop Depression

Dr. Axe: Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here with Jordan Rubin. Welcome to “Ancient Medicine Today.” We’re going be talking about how to overcome depression and anxiety naturally. And if you have ever struggled with or know anybody with just feeling down in the dumps, maybe lack of motivation, depression, anxiety, even bipolar disorder, we’re […]

Dietary Supplement Practicum (3 of 21): What the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Does

>>Regan Bailey: So, our next presenter is Michelle Rusk. She’s a senior staff attorney from the Federal Trade Commission, and she’s one of the few speakers who’s been with us almost every year of this practicum, and she’s just such a joy and a delight to have with us again. So, please join me in […]

Who Says Eggs Aren’t Healthy or Safe?

5 Bodybuilding Supplements For Faster Results

5 Bodybuilding Supplements For Faster Results. Bodybuilding involves the interplay among four elements: workout, nutrition, rest, and attitude. While most bodybuilders and gym goers have the right attitude and give priority to going to the gym to execute the workouts, the body still grows during rest periods, along with adequate nutrition. With this idea, bodybuilders […]