Liquid Creatine Serum Vs. Monohydrate Powder

Hey, what’s up? This is Sean Nalewanyj, of And today, I want to give a review on liquid creatine syrup. Now, if you’ve watch my other videos on creatine supplementation, then you already know just how highly I think of this supplement. Creatine has been research proven time and time again to have highly […]

How Much Muscle Can You Gain Naturally, And How Fast?

What’s going on, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here, and the question today is how much muscle can you gain naturally and in what timeframe? Now, this is actually a very difficult question to answer, simply because the numbers can vary so much from person to person depending on a lot of different factors. So keep […]

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

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BCAAs or Protein? [Which Should YOU Take?]

Hey guys, Paul from Ultimate fat here. Today we’re asking “bcaas or protein powder” Which should you take? Is one better than the other? Should you take them both? I’ll get into the details in just a few seconds, stick around… please don’t go anywhere. Hey, welcome back and thanks so much for sticking […]

BCAA Аминокислоты | Зачем нужны, Как принимать | СПОРТИВНОЕ Питание

BCAA Amino acids | Why, How to take | Sports nutrition

Tertiary structure of proteins | Macromolecules | Biology | Khan Academy

– [Voiceover] In the vidoe on protein structure, we talked about the different orders of structure, starting with primary structure, and this is all a bit of a review right now. Primary structure is just a sequence of the amino acids. But then from there we can start thinking about how does it get shaped […]

132 Amino Acid Sequence and Protein Primary Structure

Let’s look at the monomers that make up polypeptides. The amino acids here are the 20 that are used in all living things to make up our polypeptide chains, and therefore our proteins. Ten of them on the left have a charge, either because they are acidic or basic. If they’re acidic they can lose […]

Improve Your English Vocabulary: Diet, Health, and Nutrition

Hi. Welcome to I’m Adam. In today’s video, we’re going to talk about: nutrition. So, we’re going to get a little introduction into how to maintain a proper diet, what you’re eating, what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat, how much you should eat, etc. And we’re going to especially look at the […]

Supplements for Weight Lifting | Health Supplements

Are there supplements that are good for weight lifting? That question must mean are there any supplements that are good to help me increase lean bodiness, muscle tissue. Again, short answer, nothing will do it by itself. So the answer’s no. But there are things that can benefit you and help you if you are […]