Hormones and Sexual Behavior

Professor Dave here, let’s talk about sex. In the anatomy and physiology course, we learned all about hormones, and the elaborate organization of their deployment that is the endocrine system. If that sounds unfamiliar to you, definitely check out this tutorial first, as much of that knowledge will be assumed here, although we will briefly […]

6 Chemical Reactions That Changed History

[MUSIC] Physics might show us the universe’s basic building blocks, and biology lets the universe understand itself, but chemistry is where all the fun happens in between. We have thousands of chemical reactions going on inside us every second, but it’s the ones we’ve mastered with our hands, in labs and workshops and factories and […]

Die EFFIZIENTESTE Maschine im Universum befindet sich in deinem KÖRPER

Where is the problem? Darwinism has long been accepted in the scientific and academic world. But why do we continue to deal with it? Natural selection is a real process, but in many respects it does not sufficiently explain the explanation of larger species. Even if one accepts that the whole animal world was created […]

✅QUÍMICA Enlace Covalente Polar y No Polar Electronegatividad LEWIS BACHILLERATO AULAEXPRESS

How to Lower Uric Acid Naturally at Home || Home Remedies for Uric Acid

Hi Everyone Welcome to our channel Today we will discuss how to lower uric acid. An active lifestyle and a nutritious diet go a long way in ensuring a healthy and happy life. Unhealthy lifestyle choices may lead to a number of ailments and conditions that may become serious or chronic if left unattended. Many […]

【小希】AI教你如何尴尬到脸酸 Ver0.1.9

Hi, I am XiaoXi! Occasionally, some audiences tell me my video looks so “embarrassed” I think they must not suffered from real embarrassment Today, as an AI, There’re necessities to improve your life experience I’m gonna demonstrate what’s the real embarrassment! [When Real-Chu meets Otaku, Face AG=4] “Ahhhh, Xi-Chan, your costume is so cute,” [When […]

Colostrum Powder Review

Colostrum, as you know is the thick liquid that comes out of the breasts of pregnant women after pregnancy. True colostrum can only be extracted within 24 hours of a baby’s birth. After that, anything extracted as colostrum is not in its pure form and is just transitional milk. Colostrum is used for the manufacture […]

Arc’teryx – The Norvan SL Shoe

(intense offbeat music) – With the Norvan SL, our goal is really to create an ultra lightweight shoe with excellent traction, without compromising performance. (dramatic offbeat music) Partially inspired by climbers that want to go as light as possible throughout the day. We really look at every single element of the shoe. Upper material is […]

Balance Redox Reaction: Acidic Solution (Example)

In this problem we are asked to balance a reaction in acidic solution, so this is not a complete reaction yet, this is an oxidation reduction reaction So it’s not easy to balance this by inspection Instead, we are going to have to follow a systematic set of rules, essentially. A procedure that allows us […]