Peptides for Anti-Aging | The Amazing Health Benefits of Peptides

Peptides for Anti-Aging  | The Amazing Health Benefits of Peptides

dr. Nick Delgado here with dr. Kathleen
Gehringer we’re talking about what we call immortal peptides the pursuit of
the immortality has been something that all generations have been interested in
and what do peptides do how do they stimulate the body how do they help the
body to recover recuperate and strengthen and stay younger over the
years this is really a novel area because keep in mind that peptides
themselves can and may extend not just lifespan but we think health span of
course what do we mean healthy quality of life right yes and there are 60
fda-approved peptides at this point yet there’s over 7,000 known peptides so
science continues to pursue I myself have been actively looking at these
peptides since the very early years probably as far back as the 1978 80 90
I’ve been looking at these things because the whole idea of human growth
hormone and various other peptides to rejuvenate and make a difference in
living a better quality life you know I think back through my family history and
you think about genetics and you think about your own parents and how they aged
and you think gosh you know aging stuff you’ve got to do something about it you
can’t just give up you’ve got to push forward and so looking to the
generations and through my own family history and looking at my friends and
other doctors and relatives you know it really motivates me to realize this is
where it’s at what is your biological age so I often ask how young are you dr.
Kathleen how young are you because you’re really only as old as your
cellular tissue your membranes your biological age and what does that mean
that that means you could be 60 70 80 90 and yet be 10 20 maybe even 30 years
younger and if so what will you look like how will you feel and how quickly
will you respond what’s astonishing to me dr. Gehringer is how quickly people
respond over the decades and one of my favorite good friends and of course Bob
delman TKE he passed on a few years back but being one of our active clients and
a very well-educated scientific pursuit of fitness gentleman and he really also
embodied kind of that spirit of passion and love and sexuality that he taught
and wrote articles about senior health and and sexuality and one of the things
he was known for was looking literally spectacular in front of the camera in
the gym out on photo shoots and look at this picture in the middle aged 17 aged
60 and aged 80 actually looking more muscular more ripped and better shape
and I know because I spoke with him literally almost on a weekly basis and I
would get the insights of what he did to perfect his body in his mind he was a
big believer in the power of the mind and I really respect him for that
because he knew you are what you project and what you focus on right and the
power line is really the beginning core of our four critical steps right of
course of course first we want to detoxify it
we want a nutri fight we want to fortify it and the power of the mind that’s huge
and I think the power of the mind even though it’s listed number four it
doesn’t minimize its importance because I think that having that will to live
striving to be the very best in your own health profile not necessarily competing
with other people per se I mean if you’re a competitive athlete that makes
it fun and more kind of engaging you know to to take yourself to a higher
level but I look at Kelly Nelson right next to Bob Delma TKE and her bathing
suits what is it the silver and colorist
here’s a picture of her aged 74 now at age 65 she entered into this whole realm
of changing her diet going plant-based vegan exercising working out with
weights which is kind of ahead of its time
for a lady you know in her essentially senior years to age 65 and all the way
up to 74 to be competing in strength and endurance and bodybuilding competitions
Colleen the daughter there with the the blue bathing suit really an amazing
physique and living to this day she’s written a book and acknowledged you know
some of these whole areas and I think the other
they kept Bob so alive and vital was you know early on he was in the fitness
industry of course but he also had a real passion about love and intimacy and
sexuality so he and I did some talks back in 2005 at the American Academy of
anti-aging medicine the room was packed we had doctors wanting to hear the
latest information and incredible talks but a lot of it really gets back to what
do we need to do as we age and is there very specific ways and of course we’ve
all heard of human growth hormone and growth factors right of course
and this is an important area because the cells need that kind of nurturing
that stimulation that acknowledgment that we’re going through the phases of
life and preserving the health the quality of our skin our muscle density
and yet aging doesn’t look very nice I mean it’s a real problem when we look at
frailty human frailty we look at the change in the skin the thinning of the
skin the wrinkling of the skin the sagging muscles the loss of muscle
density and I think that this is one of the areas that we all have to pay
attention to whether it be multiple hormone deficiencies because that is the
site of Aging as we know it and also learning how to use elegant methods to
stimulate the body to recover repair and to become stronger and more youthful
can it be done well we have examples of course of this as well what about human
growth hormone what is this molecule why is it so important well growth hormone
it’s a hormone that stimulates growth and reproduction and it’s like if this
191 amino acids single-chain protein hormone that back in 1971 actually
determined the structure of the human growth hormone now it’s interesting that
many athletes found out the wonderment of human growth hormone by itself I
don’t think it was a wonder hormone intervention because most athletes knew
to use testosterone maybe balance or deal with their estrogen levels but one
of the things that the sports community did and the scientific medical community
was they went ahead and made a 192 amino acid growth hormone so it made it easy
to detect when they were doing drug tests
so it’s interesting that the athletes who understood that the original 191
amino acid complex was used for dwarfism so if they can get their hands on that
particular form of human growth hormone it wouldn’t be detected for whatever
reason maybe they wanted to kind of go beyond in their sport but they didn’t
want to be austere eyes or you know left by the wayside because of you know
so-called enhancement performance issues I’m not making judgment here I’m just
simply saying that there’s been a lot of pursuit and I think the problem is that
some of the other hormones have been so overly abused that growth hormone got
classified as a schedule drug and then it required a doctor’s prescription and
requires certain tests to prove you have low human growth hormone levels but
human growth hormones been around for quite a while and athletes of course
like Arnold Schwarzenegger himself certainly knowing the benefit and the
use and now that I believe he’s a age 73 like I think one year older than
Sylvester Stallone they’re both born in July it’s interesting because they both
have that real competitive spirit they’re in the movies of course Governor
Schwarzenegger I mean who could have imagined a person could have such a
career and I really think his career would have been quite different had he
not been into enhancing his body and his physicality but he really has a very
powerful secure understanding of the power of the mind
he practices on a daily basis every year I get to go backstage with Arnold at the
Arnold Classic and interview the celebrities in the award ceremonies and
you know you think about it what is human growth hormone why does it work so
beneficially and what are some of the other secreto GOx because human growth
hormone is not the only way to stimulate the release of your own bodies human
growth hormone and what we call igf-1 which comes from the liver here’s some
of the other secrete ACOG’s right epimer Alan CJC 1295 summer Ellen Tesla Ellen
and all of these encourage the pituitary gland to increase human growth hormone
HGH again we’re not shooting for excessive levels we recognize that
certainly there are examples of acromegaly ax and giantism where they
have a really excessive level so we studied some of those cases to make sure
what is the upper limit that can cause some side effects and by itself so we
realize that we really have kind of that physiologic range again shooting towards
that youthful level and I know that you and I are always looking at do no harm
first but really stimulate the body in an appropriate manner because there’s
some question about well how would it be if you increase a GF one is like growth
factor or human growth hormone are we shortening one’s actual lifespan and you
look at the pituitary gland we look at the hypothalamus we look at the
different organs that enter a lobe of the pituitary the capillary beds and all
these very important very small organs really considering how powerful and
important they are so when we look at what’s called growth hormone g h rh g h
RP they’re produced every day and released by the hypothalamus pituitary
axis what again is its importance why are these growth factors dr. kathleen
gears are so important and what do they do with the body
well growth factors especially over the age of 40 we have these small proteins
and they communicate from cell to cell so they actually coordinate these
activities and they regulate your cell growth division and they specialize in a
really awesome way that it helps to coordinate your immune system your
nervous system your hormonal system it prevents like viruses from expression at
a gene site you know it also enhance your cellular communication revitalize
the cells and of course when we talk about HGH human growth hormones the
half-life is what twenty minutes very short yes but it exerts the stimulation
sufficient that its peak is after bedtime in deep REM sleep that’s the
biggest release of HGH human growth hormone by the body naturally so you
really want to make sure you get that quality sleep again that’s why we’re
such big advocates about the factors of lifestyle of medicine and how important
sleep is and minimizing the use of stimulants and
really kind of detoxifying the body and letting the body rejuvenate but even
though it only releases late at night you know in the middle of the night and
again first thing in the morning again in the afternoon it looks like probably
for those who people are wanting to augment or utilize human growth hormone
or growth factor peptides because you have such a good natural release in in
the evening there’s no reason to compete with that release it’s probably the best
to take if you are some type of intervention with subcutaneous
injections if you will under the care of other doctor making sure your levels
start out sufficiently if you will low because aging is associated with low
human growth hormone and growth factors and peptides but taking that injection
first thing in the morning pretty much and letting the body kind of get that
next big peak and ride even though it stimulates 20 minutes it stimulates
what’s called IGF insulin growth factor one from the liver for over 20 hours so
for the rest of the day into the night you’ve got this kind of a wave to ride
and stimulating and encouraging all of these factors and more and I have to say
I mean AG cells you know arresting this face of active
activity through growth factors I think is one of the core treatments I think
the problem is that we often look at athletes who kind of get that front
stage the celebrities and they are using these particular if you will very poem
peptides but the problem is they don’t always live a healthy lifestyle some of
them are if you will drug somewhere addicted some are eating an animal based
diet that I don’t believe is supportive of good health so they confuse the data
and make people think oh this kind of therapy or intervention might increase
the risk of cancer now the very word growth makes people think that that’s
the case and that’s far from the truth in fact I did do some further research
and again pulling up more current journals and references in my pursuit of
you know again identifying what are these little what’s called peptide
growth factors what are they doing to help to actually release more GH or
human growth hormone in individuals even in obese individuals so again the
combination of some of these factors some of them might actually stimulate
increase appetite so something like GH RP might be in the case of a person
wanting to lose weight may not be the best choice however others who are maybe
a little bit underweight want to stimulate that appetite or they’re gonna
use that kind of package because I tend to find it’s good to mix peptides you
don’t have to have them all separate they won’t kind of counterbalance each
other if they’re mixed together and recombine into some other molecule they
really have a beneficial effect so I’m a big believer in what I call peptide
cocktails and I’m gonna share with you some near the end some ideas and
concepts if that makes sense but take a look at what GH secretion is also
considerably reduced in the condition oh yeah that’s Cushing syndrome that’s huge
and this suggests at the main impairment for trician syndrome is the gh secretion
in the pathological state that resides at the pituitary level so it starts out
in the brain yeah so in people who over produce say for example cortisol and
they’re struggling with their body weight it’s kind of having a problem of
interaction with the actual GH secretion and so we see that in less human growth
hormone in those with Cushing’s syndrome so they’re going to have or tend to
suffer the side effects of having a greater tendency towards obesity because
those people who do produce enough of these growth factors are often more fit
more lean and looking better and certainly over over a period of time
accomplishing those short and long term results better so again you could say a
single nightly dose of these mixed peptides but you know I’ve come to the
conclusion I’ve tried both at night I’ve tried in the morning even in the
afternoon release afternoon sometimes inconvenient you’re out and about you’re
doing things but that morning one is fairly easy to target and if you miss an
injection here they’re no big deal it’s okay because the body kind of wants to
have a few relief days where you know there’s no stimulation if you will so
the body doesn’t kind of like get too used to a type of peptide therapy and
that’s also a good reason why at times we want to kind of mix up the type of
peptide that are in this cocktail so if we’re
wanting to increase muscle strength and we want to increase anaerobic metabolism
during exercise so we can hit higher intensity levels we’re going to see a
better outcome and I know you know about intensity when you’re working out with
me right yes shortly work out but huge huge results I
would say so I consider them six-week type programs and looking at one study
with elderly patients age 64 to 76 there was no significant adverse effects
observed and yet a reversal or a slowing of skeletal muscle function that tends
to accelerate in aging in those age categories we’re seeing healthy elderly
people improvement from early studies on up to more current now here’s kind of a
nice pathway as you can see how they’re all interrelated a little bit take a
look yes exactly so you have this stimulatory and then you have to in
HIPAA Tory of these growth hormones and of course you know what it does is that
it helps to increase your gren crinoline hormone which is huge and that it’s a
amino acid to increase your immuno acids it decreases your blood sugar level and
decrease it’s the fatty acids we like to mix in certain supplemental regimes that
help to assist the amino acids we like to get certain herbs that stabilize
blood sugar levels we look we like to look at you know how do we manage APIs I
appetite in a manner that helps to regulate the hormonal balance and tie in
exercise to make it all work more effectively and get that blood sugar
absorption that free fatty acid for the omegas and the anti-inflammatory
benefits and really kind of calm down that that appetite we found certain
herbs that tend to calm down the the ghrelin appetite and also we want to
make sure we select the right peptides so that your outcome is is well-deserved
so glp-1 sometta gluten for diabetes treatment this is important there’s some
good research in this whole area a benefit of course I always encourage
that healthy whole food oil free type lifestyle approach to get the best
overall safe results and Malana tan and to stimulate some melanocytes
no melanin causing the tanning appearance but then there was a kind of
a surprising discovery that PT 141 which is a extract from melatonin to was shown
to exert rather strong nice erections for men to improve their sexual pleasure
and outcome so I do again say that some of these peptides have been known to
increase blood pressure levels and hypertension and here’s why I’m such a
big believer that in in the cases that I’ve looked at for over 40 years when
you put people on a baseline of this four-step process but the oil-free
plant-based diet with exercise and detoxification nutrifix comes right down and when you do
interview with these potent peptides I don’t see an elevated elevation in blood
pressure certainly not to the level that be of any concern the levels in fact we
find about 110 over 60 110 over 70 which is half the risk of stroke and a
much lower risk of cardiovascular disease where I see a problem is some of
these performance athletes they’re taking everything under the Sun they’re
taking way too high of a dosages of different different peptides and more
than that they’re not really on a supportive whole foods natural diet
which I think you God had those basics covered don’t you think doctor yes yes
absolutely because animal protein can put a lot of pressure on your kidneys as
well look at let’s talk a little bit about that ketogenic diet that we always
talked about and it’s sad because sometimes patients come in and I run the
laps on them and when they’re on a long-term ketogenic diet I’m talking
about three months I see that the liver enzymes are totally off and it’s like
well is that really healthy yes they might look healthy on the outside but
what about your labs right so we really want to make sure that you recognize
that there are some I think important interventions in this whole field of
rejuvenation anti-aging and lifestyle medicine but I think you have to combine
them the best absolutely if you don’t you’re really gonna fall short of and
then blame something else that may have not be the causative agent and
so this is for example epithalamus resets the HPA
hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis we know how important that is right oh of
course that helps to control a cortisol level
our ability to manage stress control some hormones and everything else
involved so we look at also the probability that this may actually
lengthen or preserve the length of the telomeres which is kind of that site of
aging of the the end of the chromosomes if it kind of unwinds and it’s kind of
frayed like the ends of shoes training right that little plastic part of your
shoe string when it starts to fray that’s when your shoes drink it’s old
that’s the same analogy as our body right so we do know now that peptides
one of the potent reasons they are so effective and kind of reshaping the body
is it has an exert a beneficial effect on the telomeres which when they short
increased risk of cancer increase a pre increased rate of premature aging but as
we use these proper peptides it’s been also known to increase melatonin for
better sleep so we know sleep again is very important for this whole anti-aging
approach and rejuvenant so there has been a lot of debate and
early on I was looking at is there methods to orally introduce through you
know either capsules or liquids with the right delivery systems and kind of
combing through the science and the research from gosh I I go back in the
early 2000 and 2 and 3 and so forth working with Eric data’s or seeing his
team and investigating what they were doing and what kind of delivery systems
so we’re now of the belief that certain peptides do absorb orally they are
bioavailable they do exert a beneficial effect and one of the earlier newer ones
that I’m working with now with some of my clients and participants and the
doctors I work with is what’s called B PC 157 it’s orally bioavailable it helps
to essentially the neural inflammation it helps others to as well what would
that include especially like muscle improvement
improve immunity also improve collagen synthesis makes us look younger increase
your bone density accelerates recovery and healing for my professional athletes
out there recovery is really really important it’s not just your competition
it’s your body’s recovery time is when your body and your cells are able to
regenerate new healthy stem cells we just had a talk about that and also it’s
used for tendon and ligament repair most often used to treat what I call gut and
bowel issues yeah I’ve met some clients that have issues with Crohn’s disease
autoimmune issues IBS and so forth and so it could very well play a good role
in restoration over these individuals now here’s a good one sinus and beta for
the benefits with rheumatoid arthritis there’s evidence going on dealing with
autoimmune conditions and more importantly this thymosin beta 4 is
beneficial for soft tissue injury increased blood flow to injured areas
aids and healing recovery I started taking this peptide essentially this
week I don’t want to like add too many things all at once I like to find out
what each peptide actually does after reviewing the literature making say sure
there’s a safety record and so forth but I think it’s important when when your
assay has seen your athlete and not that I compete against only seniors you know
I still compete against guys much younger than me and I’m out there
putting it out all-out effort so it’s inevitable there’s gonna be some
possible injuries muscle tears and tissues and so forth or certainly a lot
of muscle soreness after some of the workouts that I like to put us through
but it’s interesting how these things kind of have a kind of a combining
benefit thymosin alpha one fda-approved there’s some commercially available
versions of it with helping to treat viral hepatitis but it’s been known to
increase the immune response in some cancers it’s been apparently helpful in
Lyme disease and also used to treat sexually transmitted diseases so there’s
some really interesting breakthroughs speaking of sexuality again pt 141 here
is the intervention with cactus Pete being the the show model here talking
about the benefits of mail or trying to overcome or treat a wreck
this function I I think for years you know men didn’t really talk about it
then it came out on television people were talking about with the discovery of
nitric oxide and that whole cascade when I was in 1998 with Lou ignarro heard him
speak in Singapore about his Nobel Prize discovery about how nitric oxide is so
important in improving circulation it really gets back to circulation it gets
back to the integrity of the body and now we know that this PT 141 has a
rather elaborate improvement in sexual performance and function females is now
available I believe for sexual dysfunction you can inject a very small
amount and it varies you just want to kind of stay below that level of phenyl
a little bit nausea taken too much that’s the only side effect you feel
some nausea but many have reboarded I’ve used this as well fantasy erotic love
libido intense orgasm experience stronger firmer erections sometimes if
you want to engage I mean as long as the stimulation is still present min will
last 30 minutes an hour hour and a half or two it may not be that that’s your
goal it’s just you know when you’re having a good time and pleasure so long
as you know how to please your mate in other words the direction stays around
long enough so that after you please your mate and if you have studied my
books on mastering love sex and NMC again I always encourage men to
appreciate a woman and help her to reach that orgasmic feeling in intensity women
with that again they are noticing better libido better orgasm easier obtaining of
that wonderful feeling yeah yeah the climax it’s alright it’s work it’s not
necessary what it’s all about but it’s part of the whole cycle of love so and
also for those men who are challenged and maybe viagra failed which it does
fail in nearly 70 percent of the cases particularly in those individuals who
have an existing issue with clogged arteries to the male organ and various
other organs in the body it may very well be that PT 141 may very well work
but in some of the more challenging cases injecting the penis with what’s
called a trimix or quad mix with the right combination
a good pharmacist who’s experienced in this area that specializes in this area
we can kind of point you to witch doctors that were working with are
really good with this whole particular area I’ll proceed ill papaverine
phentolamine at japan these work and very very well I’ve even helped
individuals paralysis to utilize this kind of intervention and for the first
time I’ve had a few of the paralysis patients who couldn’t make love to the
right in one case something you know for nearly five years and he was able to
perform in it achieve his erection but with processes can be very careful
because the body doesn’t really sense some of the the the the potential risks
and literally you can you could bend or break the penis per say if you get too
rough in situations I trust me I’ve been aware of these situations and so you
know when you’re intervening with these things know the patient know the
situation know the limitations but bring on the joy it’s all available and and
sometimes just doing these injections say once or twice a week can bring on
normal erectile function and of course this is a big favorite of the porn stars
who you know they make these movies and they’re trying to glorify this whole
thing about you know bigger larger and last longer and we have a different
discussion come to this but at least you know the the profession of what they’re
trying to portray they’re able to accomplish it now here’s an interesting
full of statments it’s actually a protein not a peptide it has the
potential to inhibit what’s called milestone and that helps to prevent the
muscle breakdown so there’s examples in the actual real world of animals where
some of these genetic changes where they’re just born this way it prevents
muscle wasting when they have this full of statin at higher levels very muscular
animals I’ve seen the examples in dogs and cattle and now humans some of them
you know we’ll see what the upper limit is again you know bigger stronger better
I’m not sure how far they want to go but certainly to offset muscle wasting and
sarcopenia and the whole problem with aging right and what about the
importance of the brain repair with peptides
yes the Cerebral license it’s a combination of these peptides it’s used
for your brain repair in neurodegenerative diseases like
Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and stroke so we’re able to use these peptides to
really help to decelerate all these age-related aging processes and with
complex conditions as we’ve stated with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or stroke you
don’t want to depend on just one novel therapy this certainly could make a
difference but you know we’re looking at the cell transplantation the use of
similar cell types that engages stem cells and overall rejuvenate of
medicines so the frontier is new and progressive but I would again encourage
people make sure you have that good healthy Whole Foods diet you’re
exercising you’re practicing the four steps because here you can be doing you
know these innovative therapies interventions but if your core program
isn’t intact you’re at risk you know because what is still clogged arteries
the number one cause of death strokes and heart attacks it’s a result of some
faulty habits that people are consistently learn to fix but again once
you’re onto that new frontier and you’re going look I’m getting old I want to
kind of take myself to the next level and it’s not just about quote sports
performance along again I’m not judged me judging these things because some of
these growth factors some of the athletes have used as well but you know
I think that the release of in the formation of what we call growth hormone
secreting ogz just helps kind of with the right delivery system and there’s
studies of oral delivery and we now know that even insulin can be absorbed orally
and so they’re trying to find consistent methods to make sure the delivery is
appropriate so don’t be surprised when some of these novel developments that
we’re using that are available we’re making a whole host of these peptides
available to people now that want one of our websites so that people can
understand some of it’s for scientific research others are for well well
described and can benefit some might require a doctor’s prescription but
overall when they’re taken orally there there isn’t too many limitations to them
it’s only when they’re injected and again if you’re going to have this
injected don’t do it yourself have a good doctor again we can work with you
and find out ways to accomplish this so I know you and I are very excited after
traveling around the world and meeting with some of these world scientists and
going wow the science is available now that’s why this was right yes exactly
and I’m like if there’s an ability for you to decelerate your aging process why
not why give in oh I’m just aging oh I’m
just old I I don’t give in to that we can actually decelerate our aging
process that’s so amazing and you look around the world the Russians have
pioneered a lot of work with peptides Australians I’ve met with and it’s
interesting because they use this often times as for their athletes to kind of
recover more rapidly to get back out in the field also there’s emotional issues
that have been benefits a lack and some acts it’s been shown to be bioavailable
nasally much like oxytocin you can just spray it right on the nose I usually
like the little trow sheet which again we’re gonna when you talk about oxytocin
I mean you think about anxiety and a kind of a future worry but these have
been helping people with depression bipolar disorders certainly mi f1 ACTH
dye hexa they all have different names and so forth but again some of them have
really got out to the forefront because the doctors and the athletes and and
individuals who are aging who are looking for what can I do to kind of
deal and reverse this whole aging process and probably one of the big
factors is what’s called igf-1 what is it known to do yes it has like nerve
regenerative factors and capabilities that’s amazing and gdaf2 beneficial and
tissue repair useful and anti-aging potential health drawbacks you always
need to look at any kind of potential side effects or compounding effects and
always start with very minimal dosages don’t go high to begin with really you
know practice some safe logical sense sensible approaches and again work with
doctors who have work these things for a number of years and
that that’s where it’s back so in summary these peptide questions by
listening to what we had to say some of these are already answered in some baked
to be answered at this moment so in summary what’s the first thing so the
first question is that can you make several pet types together in one large
bottle then draw up multiple peptides and each syringe for injection over a
week are you be able to mix you a little cocktail what you mentioned absolutely
some people just simply will draw up the syringe if it’s for themselves obviously
only and they have like three or four or five different vials and they’ll pull up
enough into the into the insulin needle it’s usually that size and inject that
and that gives them kind of this multiple peptide without having to
inject yourself three or four or five times so it can work quite well others
are using kind of a weekly type protocol where they’re drawing up a larger amount
and then each day when they pull it up to to inject say first thing in the
morning if you will there they’re going to see you know just an ease of use just
makes it simple the oral peptides go without saying you just take them orally
comes with directions and again you can get some of these peptides already on
our website and just check it out so we’ll point you to those areas and
what’s the next area I’m doctor Nick so can you overdose on these two peptides
it you know it is possible as I mentioned I mean you think about the
stimulation of human growth hormone the production of your own production but
because it is your own production there are some limiting factors because
there’s what’s called somatostatin there’s what’s called a negative
feedback loop so as a level start to get to a certain level to get up too high
the body kind of backs off says okay wait a minute we’re gonna modify this
and it brings it down to a sensible level I think you know in those people
prone to one is good two is better you got to be careful with those situations
follow what the directions say try it out now I’ve heard out they’d say look
when it comes with the directions I’ve used it it doesn’t work it doesn’t get
me my results what results you want if they’re wanting you know again more lean
body mass more physicality it might require a little bit higher dosages
again don’t do it on your own there’s certainly forms out
that talked about these things but how reliable are they are they doing backup
tests are they making sure their sources of peptides are free of microbials and
you know various byproducts because you know you can be buying something and it
may not be what it is like in the case of human growth hormone there was a
whole example of people buying that turned out to be 8cg which is a much
less expensive more Mon and has some different possible benefits but nowhere
near what legitimate you know say peptides human growth hormone the
various stable factors so yes you know these peptides are stable even when
combined at the same time so the storage is yeah how long can we store it for I
mean how long can you keep these peptides you know so long they’re in
sterile conditions in their powder form before you mix them once they’re mixed
of liquid you need to use them in a regional period but I’ve known of
examples you know again not placing suggestions about your personal use but
what I’ve seen and in the literature and studying with other scientists these
peptides have rather long storage time if they are if anything exposed to
daylight that can make some of the peptides become a little bit fragile but
so store in them in a cool dark place and in many cases these peptides remain
stable for years so it might be that you know you’re able to acquire the peptides
working you know with one of our practitioners or educators and then when
you’re ready and you want to try out you know what protocols work and you get
some guidance at that point so I mentioned it earlier but go ahead on
that last point communication with your healthcare provider is key for them to
customize your peptides and again I feel like these peptides is an adjunct to
your healthy lifestyle right very very important and again I tend to see you
know because these interventions with proper testing make sure their microbial
free free of heavy metals reliable sources they’re legitimate you know lab
reports that we know sometimes it cost a little bit more than the just
Internet I’m gonna buy these peptides type of things but you know your health
is important so you really want to make informed property the effectiveness of
these peptides it has been so exciting in terms of its opportunities I think of
the people and the doctors who they’re really kind of focused in their one area
of say detoxification they’re really good with it but then they don’t quite
get look I find detoxing I got a supplement and what about this
if I’m using fiber I might need a little bit more supplementation or if I’m
exercising I’m perspiring aren’t I gonna need supplementation what are the keys
to really progressing to that next level once you say is this whole cascade of
not just detoxification but nutrifix and the broad selection of herbs and of
course you gotta fortify it you’ve got to give it the right hormones you have
to give it the right stem cells you have to give it the right concoction so you
you can have a better lifestyle better life feel better feel healthier I
respect those people who draw the line says look I’ll do those things it seems
really natural but if you’re looking at peptides look you can try the oral
peptides they are simply peptides there are present in all of our environment
and again many approved many new ones being reviewed and discussed I think
that the important thing about it though is you could do the other steps and if
you’re not doing I think one of the keys of what we call fortification to help at
the chromosomal level the mitochondrial level the gut health to help the stem
cell release and repair because we’re all aging and as we age we have to
rebuild if you’re building breaking down faster than you’re building up it’s a
problem so I know dr. kapphahn Gehringer has seen the live blood analysis dry
blood analysis we’re making this openly available on our online courses to
doctors to learn how we do it how we perfect it and continue to use this
approach for over 40 years because there’s something secure about looking
at your cellar health we’re at you know if you’re absorbing vitamins minerals
peptides and how your immune system is function because we pointed out mini
peptides that play a big role the immune system oh yeah immune system is
key it protects us from everything and just think about in this world of
toxicity and chemicals the risk of overload of these toxins you’ve got to
follow these four steps so once again everyone I’m glad that you stay tuned
make sure you apply these four steps and if you’re unclear follow up and do some
of the hormone questionnaires get some of the readings done look at our peptide
slides and that we’ve uploaded and some of these very special sites and we now
have some very elite coaches that are work ready to work with people we tend
to work in groups with people like this so if you want to share this material
you have questions please be active because as it reaches more and more
people we can really transform lives in a big way together so this is dr. Nick
Delgado n dr. Kathleen derringer believe it or not we’re on Pacific Coast
time we’re gonna have to catch up or sleep because we just got back from a 10
or 11 day trip in in Asia but it’s approaching past 12:00 in on the holiday
but we just knocked out a series of courses we hope you love them please
give us feedback we can only produce quality information we know what you’re
most interested in and once again be well be strong and stay tuned to our
next segment thank you

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